How Organo Gold Beverages can improve your overall health and help you live a longer life

One of the most popular online publications known as the Annals of internal medicine published an article a few weeks ago containing the results of two new studies indicating that individuals who have a routine of drinking coffee often could be associated with reduced risks of death caused by numberless diseases such as stroke, heart attack, hypertension, heart failure and even other cardiovascular ailments. Effects of habitual drinking of coffee either positive (benefits) or negative (limitations) have been studied by scientists by many years, therefore, research for coffee drinking has been in the limelight for a long period of time. Read the reviews at

One of the studies done to over 180,000 coffee drinkers living in The United States of America with different origins such as Latinos, African Americans, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans and even Indian Americans found these individuals to be linked to a lowered risk of death resulting from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, stroke, kidney failure, cancer, heart attack, heart failure or even high blood pressure. Shop now at

The research findings that was conducted for 16 years also indicated that individuals who were drinking two to three cups of coffee daily were at a reduced chance of dying by up to 18% while those individuals who did not drink coffee were at a high risk of dying from countless diseases such as heart diseases.

Similar findings were also indicated by another research that was conducted in Europe to more than 500,000 people drawn from 10 different European countries. They found out that subjects who took a certain number of cups of coffee daily were associated with a lowered risk of death as compared to fellow friends who did not take coffee.

About Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a company that uses the network marketing business model as a mode of conducting its operations both in the United States and all around the world.


The Mighty Fortress Church Both Energizes And Empowers The Faithful

Psalm 46 was paraphrased by Martin Luther who composed the hymn, “Mighty Fortress.” The Mighty Fortress Church (aka Mighty Fortress International Church and Ministries) was founded Bishop Thomas Williams, the Senior Pastor in Minneapolis, MN.

The Might Fortress is unique in that the Church brings together Christians of like mind to safely worship to have a higher appreciation of the knowledge of your faith, to form a special relationship with Christ. Lives are changed by praying with the Bible praising the presence of God. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

The atmosphere of the Mighty Fortress is dynamic and is an open nonritualistic and simple display of your religious life and beliefs. God is brought into your life with a celebration of the choir. The administration of the holy services is made up of worship teams which encourages the church member to witness God through the free expression of your beliefs.

The belief in the words of God bring members of the congregation together through bible studies which change and nurtures your life. The Mighty Fortress Church offers an answer to the most challenging questions of life with the acceptance of all people despite their race and cultures.

Bishop T. R. Williams is president and founder of TRW Ministries, has been a minister for over thirty years. He was educated at the Rhema Bible Training Center located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. North Central University in Minneapolis granted him a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and from Bethel University and Seminary in St. Paul, MN, he received a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership. Both Midwest Christian College and & Seminary and St. Thomas College in Jacksonville, Florida granted Bishop Williams Honorary Doctorate degrees.



He uses his faith to pray for his congregations, and offer religious guidance for those who live in poverty, suffers from racism, sickness, and religious rebellion who questions God’s message. Bishop Williams goal is reconciliation to bring people together through his ministry and his community using outreach programs.

Bishop Williams style of preaching is instructional, and he focuses his religious message on both empowerment and encouragement. The central theme of his own life and his religious instructions revolves around his values which include the community, family, church and the Word of God. Visit to know more.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: A Pioneer Female Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been a practicing cosmetic surgeon for 13 years now. Her specialization and exclusive areas of focus are nose jobs or rhinoplasties as they are referred to professionally, breast augmentations, face lifts and eyelid lifts. She also performs liposuctions in the inner thighs, arms and abdomen and minimally invasive procedures such as injecting soft tissue fillers and Botox.

Dr. Walden is just one of 851 female board-certified cosmetic surgeons from a pool of 8,100 in the country. This makes her a rarity in an industry whose majority of practitioners is male, despite most of the clients being female. Further, she is among only 180 female cosmetic surgeons who are registered with the prestigious American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and only one of less than a dozen female cosmetic surgeons in the state of Texas. This factor has enabled her to interact with her clients and give top-notch professional services and advice, helping her practice grow exponentially in a few short years.

Dr. Walden started her career in the Lenox Hill and Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat hospitals where she attended to plastic surgery. She also served as the clinical instructor for cosmetic surgery at the New York University Langone Medical Center. Dr. Walden started the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center while still in New York but decided to relocate to her hometown of Austin, Texas, a short while later. She has dedicated her time and efforts to her practice since her relocation and has created a name for herself not only in Texas but in the whole country for being a brilliant cosmetic surgeon.

Jennifer Walden was born and raised in the state of Texas. She attained her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of Texas and went on to receive a doctorate in medicine from the same university. She exhibited leadership qualities from a young age, having been elected president of the Texas Alpha Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. To know more about her click here.

George Soros: Donating Towards the Future

A recent article description on discusses the giving nature of George Soros. Soros is a founding member and chairman of the Open Society Foundations. He originally created the foundation with the hope that it would help those who face some type of discrimination based on who they are and how they express themselves. He has used his foundation to support many people and organizations that fight for accountable governments, equality, and the ability to live their lives as the people they chose to be. Soros has little tolerance for prejudice in modern day society, meaning that he uses his power and position to fight back against it.

One of the reasons why Soros is so committed to helping the downtrodden is that he has lived through one of the most horrific events in history. In 1944 through 1945, Soros lived in Hungary through the Nazi occupation. Being of Jewish heritage, Soros and his family were in grave danger. To survive, they acquired false identity papers. The Soros family were not interested in laying down and taking their fate, they concealed their background and went on to help countless other families do the same. This was a time of survival, and Soros looks at it as a defining moment in his life.

Recently, Soros donated a large amount of his personal wealth to the Open Society Foundations. This large-scale donation of $18 billion was intended to help continue to fund the causes championed by the Open Society Foundations and their network of partnerships all over the world. He has been committed to this cause from the very start, with his most recent donation adding to his overall giving contribution of $30 billion. Soros sees his work as not only a personal crusade to fight against intolerance and injustice but as a legacy that will continue as a strong, benevolent force.

Sadly, with every giving philanthropist, there is someone standing there to quickly demonize their actions. A recent article in The Jerusalem Post, entitled “George Soros and the Demonization of Philanthropy” discusses this troubling phenomenon and how it relates to Soros. While it is true that someone of Soros’ giving potential can wield a lot of power, he has only been shown to support socially benevolent causes. It is natural for some to want to fight back against those that may possess an uneven amount of power, but any power that Soros may have is used for the benefit of society. In fact, many conspiracy theories centered around him fail to take his history into account and often feel forced by an authoritarian author.

While Soros continues to be a successful businessman and a giving person, there are those that seek to desecrate what he has worked so hard to achieve. He has pushed through barriers for many of the persecuted, but nay-sayers have questioned his actions and cheapened his cause. It should always be about the work that someone or an organization does, and not the power of large-scale giving that helps make it possible.


Boraie Development to build 250 new rental units in Atlantic City

There have been media reports doing rounds all over the place saying that Atlantic City will receive an extra 250 residential houses for rent. Analysts have termed this development as one of the city’s going rate real estate development project in more than two and a half decades. A section of the media from Atlantic City confirmed these reports by saying that they have been to the site of the project and that there is indeed construction activity going on there.

The project is being carried out by a real estate company of repute known as Boraie Development LLC. The realty firm is said to have invested resources worth in the upwards of $81 million. The complex being developed is expected to serve a huge number of the more than 50,000 individuals who reside, work and do business in the resort town and this is the reason as to why it is strategically situated at the Atlantic, New Jersey and Connecticut and Pacific avenues the reason why the project was dubbed The Beach at South Inlet. Business analysts have hailed this project as a gesture showing that Atlantic City is back in business after a decade-long decline caused by an encroachment of the gaming industry from neighboring states.  Check out his website

About Boraie Development LLC

According to WSJ, Boraie Development LLC is a realty company with a wide-ranging portfolio of services covering all sectors of real estate markets in the urban settlements. The most common services that Boraie Development LLC deals with include Real Estate Development. They do manage clients’ properties and also market and sell properties for other individuals and other real estate companies.

Boraie Development LLC has been operating in Middlesex County and environs for more than 30 years helping homebuyers realize their dreams of owning homes that they can be proud of. They also help businesses of all sizes by providing them with working spaces so that the businesses can focus on delivering what they know best to their esteemed clients.

Their team is always willing and ready to put together a project that fully captures the aspirations of their clients while at the same time employing the best and latest industry technologies and trends. Check out his website

Boraie Development LLC has also developed close working relationships with reputable financial institutions, the crème de la crème of architects and contractors as a deliberate effort of ensuring that all projects they sign up to are completed with success and in time.

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Neurocore is a brain performance company opened in the year 2004 with crucial specializations in depression, ADHD for all people regardless of age, insomnia, and anxiety. Mark Morrison is the president and CEO of Neurocore company. The Neurocore facilities provide brain tests and assessments as well as improving the lives of victims through teaching programs and data valuations.

According to scientific research, the depression and Anxiety symptoms can get improved through Heart Rate Variability and neurofeedback association. The cures are believed to bring non-pharmaceutical participation aiming at signs of depression and anxiety moderation in both adults and children. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Another spontaneous research headed by Elyse K. White issued medical related and psychological investigations. White is a Ph.D. holder working with Neurocore in the brain handling and study. According to the study, a positive health progress got revealed from individuals with signs and symptoms of previously treated depression and anxiety.

Neurobiofeedback is a biofeedback type that displays brain activity using real-time mostly known as electroencephalography, EGH, to enable the self-regulated brain functioning. Usually, sensors get positioned on the scalp for activity measurement which is often exhibited using sound or video displays. It is, therefore, a non-disturbing method in brain training that provides the brain with information as perceived by the EGH and forwarded back to the mind through the auditory and visual signals. Also, ISNR reports that changes in the brain setup are related to positive emotional, mental and physical fluctuations.


Neurofeedback training leads to reduced anxiety and stress, headaches as well as migraines hence improving the quality of sleep, moods, focus, and attention, As well as recovery of brain muscles and energy. Apart from optimizing and modifying the brain in individuals with brain disability, neurofeedback can get put into a treatment form.

According to The CEO of Neurocore, Neurofeedback and HRV training is a critical choice for depression and anxiety. Research findings indicate that over 50% of patients have ceased diagnoses due to the disappearance of symptoms as a result of the natural growth, learning and healing of brain after consecutive sessions of combined neurofeedback and HRV treatment. Follow Neurocore on

Why Rocketship Education Involves Parents So Much In Their Charter Schools

Rocketship Education is a network of charter schools that was co-founded in 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith. The first school started out in a church in San Diego which was opened in 2007. They now have charter schools in a number of Californian cities. Additionally, in 2013 they started expanding outside of that state when they opened a charter school in Wisconsin which has now been joined by other charter schools in Tennessee and Washington D.C.

At Rocketship Education they recognize that parents play an integral role in the education their children receive. Pretty much all parents want their kids to have a quality education so that they have a successful life. At their charter schools parents are very involved, even participating in teacher interviews before one is hired. Parents are also taught how to be a strong advocate for their child’s education. This is very important because as a K-5 charter school system in the sixth grade most of the kids will start attending public schools. Committed parents pushing for a quality education thus carries over to the public school system where Rocketship Education has charter schools established.

Rocketship Education further reinforces the parent/child/school connection by visiting each family’s home once a year. During these visits, parents are given every opportunity to discuss their child’s education and how they are developing. They are also able to provide their input on how they think their child’s unique education needs can be met.

Rocketship Education teaches in a hybrid fashion where part of the time is spent in a conventional school setting and partly where children do work on computer systems. They find that children learn most effectively in this fashion and can progress at a pace and in a way that best fits their learning style.

Additionally, Rocketship Education has many enrichment programs that students engage in. This includes offering classes about gardening, music, art, and similar subjects so that the student attain a broad education about many subjects. The students also learn about critical thinking and how to work with other in a teamwork setting.

The Career Path of SahmAdrangi

An established and experienced investor, SahmAdrangi has spearheaded a huge fund that normally bets on one stock against itself. He works at Kerrisdale Capital where he has been able to come up with a fund that has been described as the first of its kind designed to short the stock of a company that was bound to be publicly traded within a short period. Sahm developed media content with Shane Wilson who is an analyst. The content talked about the new funds and is meant to gather the confidence and support of an investor. Sahm has assisted Kerrisdale Capital in beginning the process of buying stock and also establishing position in the industry.

The worth of Kerrisdale Capital is now estimated to be $10 billion and this is a good reflection of the outstanding growth and success of the company throughout the years it has been in operation. Kerrisdale is known for its efficiency and reliability when it comes to betting against firms. The company now manages funds nearly $500 million. Throughout the years, Kerrisdale Capital has managed to show a lot of consistent returns in different markets which is through a collection of investments linked to the main hedge fund. Part of the success that Sahm enjoys currently comes from his hard work, passion, commitment and above all his extensive educational background. He has been described as a very passionate and kind leader who is also a go getter and a team player.

The experienced and talented investor went for his graduate studies at the Yale University and managed to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Arts. Sahm went to serve in the financial sector just after graduating from Yale University and managed to acquire a lot of experience and skills in the sector. He held his first job at the famous Deutsche Bank where he worked hard and managed to rise through high-ranking positions. Sahm was mandated to manage loan financing while working at Deutsche Bank. He later entered into a business partnership with the Chanin Capital Partners was put in charge of overseeing the restructuring settlements. He also worked as the credit advisory when it came to bankruptcy cases.

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An Interview with Imran Haque

Imran Haque is a well-qualified and skilled doctor who offers medical services in internal medicine department. He has a license in the internal medicine enabling him to operate his business and offer medical services to its patients. Imran ascertained his medical qualifications through having an M.D in the University of Georgia as well as a medical degree from a prestigious university based in Santo Domingo.

He offers his skills and knowledge in the medical fraternity at Horizon Internal Medicine in North Carolina. Imran has been treating several sicknesses for the past 15 years and through that period, he has gained experience that has enabled him to improve his level on the medicine. Imran got the desire to help the community when he noticed certain medical services were not being provided in the region. He decided to offer those services to the people and he got a lot of positive responses from the patients.

Imran joined other professionals in the medical platform to assist the ill as well as gain other knowledge and skills from them. He suggests that his ability of multi-tasking has enabled him to be successful as an entrepreneur and as a doctor. Certain integrities such as kindness and respect has made Imran be where he is since he offers those values to everyone he comes against in the society. Imran guides people to be positive in whatever they do as that will boost them and also being innovative so as to overcome the challenges and competition in the market.

Imran provides services to his patients such as physical exams through the exercises, diabetes, and weight management for the overweight people. Despite that, he operates laboratory and ultra sound services in the office which are his major concerns. Imran was able to graduate with honors in 1998. He is a physician who offers services and diagnosis common ailments that affect his patients. Besides treating his patients, he also provides guidance and support to the fulfillment of making them feel better. Imran goes beyond his medicine boundary to check on the progress of his patients and ensure healing has taken place.


Aloha Construction Top Services

Aloha Construction is a construction company with a well-planned leadership structure, starting from the President and CEO to the installers and supervisors. The company prides in over 7,000 completed projects in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The Construction is focused on maintaining integrity, honesty, and professionalism with company agents, subcontractors, insurance agents, suppliers, and suppliers.

The leadership of Aloha currently rests on the David Farbaky’s shoulder. David is an able leader that has enabled this company to provide quality services making it thrive in the construction industry. David Farbaky is a successful CEO and entrepreneur who believe in giving back to the community. He is the CEO of David Farbaky Foundation, a foundation which he uses as a platform to help the less fortunate in the society.

Aloha has services designed to meet all your home needs. They offer both major and minor repair. Roofs can’t stay forever without being repaired or replaced if need there be. Harsh weather conditions, friction, and speeding wind are some of the factors that lead to aging and wearing out of the roof. Aloha specializes in repairing and fixing roofs to ensure that cedar shakes and asphalt shingles’ lifespan is increased.

A gutter is crucial in a home. It collects and directs water to the required point in the compound. A house with a poor gutter system will experience flooding which will, in turn, lead to ground erosion and wet basement. Aloha also works on windows; they fix windows made of whichever material and in any design. They service all types of homes requiring any form service.

Aloha started as a small family startup managed by family members. The business has grown over time and currently has insured general constructors who offer services to their customers in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin among other areas. They also have offices in Lake Zurich and Bloomington to serve the surrounding areas.

They focus on construction and repair. Aloha meets all roofing replacement needs; be it metal, asphalt, clay or cedar shakes. They also help in all forms of gutters such as regular gutter guards, Omni-style or k-style or seamless aluminum. Aloha is specialized in replacing and repairing siding made of any material, be it face brick, aluminum, wood, or harder board.