Combating Ransomware Issues

Cyber security has become an issue of much concern over the last decade. With the increasing use of internet, the existence of ransomware becomes a harsh reality to all users including the government, individuals, and companies. The severity of cyber attacks is increasing at an alarming rate. The frequency of occurrence is also high thus most businesses are investing in software to minimize its adverse effects.


The exposure of ransomware to data causes damage of information creates room for embezzlement or theft of intellectual property. Other possible dangers are fraud and corruption of vital information among other severe effects to businesses. In governments hacking leads to negative headlines or the exposure of sensitive information which causes negative publicity and hence questions the credibility of the person whose information is leaked or altered.


With increased ransomware, relevant stakeholders such as the government and major companies are investing in the cyber security industries. Rubica is one such company whose primary aim is to restore and maintain safety to its client in digital world.


In partnership with the US Navy, NSA, and the Scotland Yard, Rubica uses special intelligence to stop human threats. It uses a sophisticated personalized and private system to fit and meet the needs of each of its clients. Rubica, owing to its strategic steps against cyber assaults is the only antidote to ransomware.

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Roberto Santiago’s Premier Tourist Destination and What it Means

Roberto Santiago did a lot to make the Manaira Mall one of the best in Brazil and that made things better for people who were visiting the mall. In the past, people would visit the mall if they needed something or if they wanted to be able to help people out with other options. Now, though, the Manaira Mall is a tourist destination that people can enjoy no matter what they are doing. It is something that people travel to Brazil specifically to see. Roberto Santiago did not start out with the idea to make it into something that people would be able to enjoy in that sense but it has grown in that time so that he has made it a premier destination for all of the tourists who were coming to the area. There are several factors that have made it something easy for people to visit and that has allowed it to continue growing.


The location that the Manaira Mall is in is ideal for tourists who want to be able to enjoy the options that they have in that area. It is something that Roberto Santiago knew what he was doing when he made the decision to open the mall. He poised it so that it would be close to other tourist destinations and so that it would be easy for people to access. He wanted to make it close to a beach as well as a city and that helped him to improve all of the options that he had with the mall.


Another major factor that contributes to the tourism at the Manaira Mall is the fact that people can visit the mall for shopping, dining, movies or even a concert. International stars have played at Manaira. This is made possible by the rooftop expo center. Even when there is nothing goin on in the mall or at the center, people can enjoy the Brazil-themed expos that are located there. The mall offers many opportunities for those who want to be able to visit the area and enjoy the mall.


As the mall has been able to cater to more tourists, they have grown. Roberto Santiago knows that it is important to bring growth to the mall and he also knows that it is necessary to move things into more modern times. By doing this, he has given himself the chance to try new things and to make the mall much better than what it was in the past. This has also been something that has allowed him the chance to try new things and to make the mall better than the rest in Brazil. By owning the largest mall in the country, Roberto Santiago gave himself a chance at success.


Tony Petrello’s Executive Leadership Excellence in the Oil and Gas Industry

Anthony, Tony, Petrello is a highly successful and one of the best-paid CEOs in the world. He is in charge at Nabors Industries. He also serves as the President. Nabors Industries Ltd is involved in the design, construction, and maintenance of oil and gas wells. The group consists of numerous subsidiaries including Nabors Drilling, Nabors Offshore, Nabors International and Nabors Wells Services among many others. Tony Petrello is also the Chairman of the board.

Tony Petrello graduated from Harvard Law School with a law degree. He also holds a master’s degree in mathematics from Yale University. He had previously worked for the Baker & McKenzie law practice as a Managing Partner in charge of corporate law, taxation, and international arbitration. He got involved in the consultation to register Nabors Industries in Bermuda. This was a strategy to cut down the company’s tax budget.

The company currently operates from Houston, Texas but is incorporated in Hamilton, Bermuda. Tony Petrello has worked his way up to the top positions. He joined Nabors Industries in 1991 as the COO. He served as the Deputy Chairman from 2003. He was appointed CEO in 2011 and Chairman in 2012. He oversees strategic planning and provides executive guidance. His stellar leadership has enabled the company to grow in a dynamic and highly competitive industry. Click here to know more.

Nabors Industries started in 1968 as Anglo Energy. It went through significant restructuring after it was affected by the 1987 stock markets crash. This gave birth to Nabors Industries. The company services oil and gas wells. It also provides related support services. In 2006, Nabors Industries was reported to operate over six hundred rigs in the US, one hundred and ninety in Canada as well as more than seventy specialized rigs.

Tony Petrello is associated with Stewart & Stevenson as well as Hilcorp Energy as a Director. Additionally, he is also associated with Texas Children’s Hospital.


David McDonald Talks About OSI Group’s Management Strategy

OSI Group runs a global network of meat processing plants. Managing all the eighty facilities owned by OSI needs an outstanding business leader who has vast management experience.

Moreover, it needs an individual who has the vision of enhancing the growth of company to dominate many markets. These qualities have seen David McDonald rise through the ranks to serve as the company’s president. Previously, he rendered his services as the company’s project manager.

David Mcdonald employs a unique approach to run the company. Since the OSI Group has active operations in over 17 countries that have different policies, laws, and taste on food, the executive leader prefers to award each of the subsidiaries a degree of independence. According to David McDonald OSI Group, this freedom allows them to come up with business strategies that are in line with the tastes and preferences of their target market. This way, they can easily penetrate the local market. In addition, OSI hires local talents to manage the operations of the subsidiaries. These professionals have a thorough understanding of the regions, thus perform better than foreign managers.

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In the recent years, OSI Group has enhanced its efforts to conquer and dominate the Chinese market. For over two decades, the company has been operating in the country’s added-protein-products market. They have a large client base. OSI Group Supplies their products to Burger King, Papa John’s, Subway, McDonald’s, and Yum. OSI ranks as China’s largest producer of poultry products. McDonald hopes that the establishment of new facilities in the country will help in augmenting their success story.

OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The company was founded about five decades ago and has remained a leader in the processed meat market. Unlike other added protein producers, OSI does not sell directly to consumers. Its products are sent to retail outlets and top food service brands, who in turn sell them to their clients. This strategy has ensured that the company can conquer more markets with much lesser investments.

David McDonald holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the esteemed Iowa State University where he graduated in 1987. At OSI Group, David works closely with Sheldon Lavin, who is the company’s CEO.

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Tony Petrello: from Math Whiz, to J.D. holder, to Top Executive

Anthony G. Petrello, often referred to as Tony by his employees, plays several important roles in Nabors Industrial Ltd. Nabors is one of the world’s largest natural gas and geothermal drilling contractors. Based in Hamilton, Bermuda, the company operates in the United States, Middle and Far East, and Africa.

Tony, who was instrumental in the development of Nabors Industries, is the President, Chief Executive Officer of the company, he is also the Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee.

Petrello holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School and both BS and MS degrees in Mathematics from Yale University. Tony Petrello started career at the law firm of Baker and McKenzie in 1979, he then became the Managing Partner of firm from 1986 to 1991. Soon after in 1991, he joined as the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors, he then became President the next year. He became CEO in 2012. Outside of Nabors Industries, Petrello is the Director of Stewart and Stevenson, LLC, and Hillcorp Energy Company. Previously Tony was the Director of

Tony is also the current Director and on the Board of the Texas Children’s Hospital and is an staunch advocate clinical programs and research on children with neurological disorders, a cause that is close to his and his wife, Cynthia’s hearts. Tony’s daughter Carena, who was born prematurely, developed cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder, which impacts movement, muscle tone, and motor skills. The couple donated a total of $7 million aimed at finding a cure.

Petrollo made around $27,513,000 in 2015, between his annual salary, bonus, stock payments and other compensations. While he held the title of best paid CEO in 2013 that was not the case for 2014. Nabros changed compensation policy in 2014, limiting the severance payments and splitting the CEO and chairman roles, while also giving a chance for 5% of the compensation to return to the shareholders. With these changes, Tony was not names as top paid CEO.

Tony’s college roommate remembers him as n extremely smart young man and math whiz. Likening him to Will from the movie Good Will Hunting. He recently called Tony up for advice, after learning of his amazing success.

From Sleeping in a Van to a Millionaire, Nick Vertucci’s Journey

Your past does not dictate your future is a great philosophy used by Nick Vertucci. Nick grew up in a loving family where he got all his basic needs. Though his needs were met, it did not mean that he was excessively well off. Things became tough when his father died while Nick was only ten years old. The mother had to support Nick and his siblings which was not easy at all. She worked for long hours; Nick remembers how she would go home late while they were already asleep. At the age of 18, Nick was living in his van and life became even harder. His luck changed when he started selling computer parts. Having his own business was fun, he enjoyed having free time that came along with being his boss.

It is while working on his small business that he got married and had three beautiful daughters. Things at work and home were running well smoothly until in 2000 during the dot-com crash. Nick had not invested for the future; the crises made all his finances dissolve. During the time, a friend asked him to attend a real estate training seminar. At first, he was reluctant; he could not bring himself into spending his weekend at a forum that couldn’t earn him money. The friend explained it was worth listening as he had benefited from such a forum before. Nick Vertucci notes that attending the seminar was the best decision he ever made in his life. He was attentive to the speaker, and he soaked what was taught. Though he did not understand all that was said, something clicked while he was in the seminar. He knew from that moment that he found the solution on how to solve his financial problems. The teaching for the seminar inspired him; Nick Vertucci continued to read and absorb what he could on real estate. It took Nick more than ten years to gather the information he needed. The journey was long, and though he almost gave up, he eventually developed a system that made money in real estate. This system is simple and straight forward, and he vowed to teach others so that they too will become millionaires.

About Nick Vertucci Company

The Nick Vertucci Company Inc. provides a solution to challenges one faces when embarking on a career in real estate. The NV Real Estate Academy which was also founded by Nick provides education on real estate investing. The Nick system is earning people money and is available to all who wish to change their financial goals.

A Look At Nick Vertucci And NV Real Estate Academy
Nick Vertucci is a big believer in that what happened in the past should not determine your future. Mr. Vertucci describes how he grew up in a family where both his parents were able to provide a comfortable and loving childhood for him. This was until his father tragically passed away when Nick Vertucci was only 10 years of age.

After his father, who was the breadwinner of the family died, Nick’s mother had to work overtime to support herself and her children. Mr. Vertucci describes how he would often recall his mother working from early in the morning to late at night to provide for her family. She would come after he and his sibling were already sound asleep.

Nick describes how when he was 18, he had moved out of his mother’s home and was living in a van. This is what he calls his lowest point in life. A few years later, his low point ended and Nick found some great success on LinkedIn. He managed to start his own business selling computer parts and accessories. Things looked good for him. Nick got married, had kids of his own and was now living the American dream. He was also his own boss, which he felt extremely proud off.

Mr. Vertucci would hit another low point in 2000. This was when the famous dot com bubble burst. The money Nick had made and his business had almost disappeared with the dot com bust. In hindsight, Nick now realizes that he did not invest his money wisely and was unprepared for a major shock wave in the economy on

For the next year and a half, Nick Vertucci accumulated more and more debt and was struggling to earn a living. He nearly lost his house and was looking for a stable source of income. A friend then invited Nick to join him on a real estate seminar on Nick was hesitant at first but eventually decided to come along. What did he have to lose?

Mr. Vertucci decided to come to the real estate seminar with an open mind. He describes how he let what the speaker said at the event soak into his mind. Despite not understanding everything completely, Nick said he felt something click in his mind. He then became hooked on real estate and spent the next 10 years investing and perfecting his real estate investment techniques.

The culmination of his testing and success was NV Real Estate Academy. Having become a millionaire, Nick now wanted to share his knowledge with other people who may be struggling like he was many years ago. This is at the heart of the mission of his real estate seminar academy program at

Goettl the family legacy in Arizona

Article: Goettl Tells All: Even Though You Live In Norcal, I Bet You Didn’t Know This Trick about Your HVACs System

In this article, HVCA leader Goettl advises the reader on the tricks they need to know to keep their home cooler during summer. The tips are:

  1. Weatherize your home- replace the old insulation in the home and seal all the cracks and gaps with weather stripping and caulk. This will ensure that none of the conditioned weather escapes outside.
  2. Keep the weather conditioning unit under shade, as the air in shady areas is cooler there than it is in other places. The unit will not have to work so hard to keep the air cool
  3. Keep thermostats away from heat. This can be attained by ensuring that the thermostat is not subjected to direct sunlight or sources of artificial heat. When the thermostat faces heat, the system is tricked to assume more heat is needed, taxing it more.
  4. Applying window films_ invest in low- emissivity windows or apply tint film in your windows to deflect the sunshine from inside the house.
  5. Turn up the temperature: for every degree below 78 degrees that the temperature is turned down, there is an 8% rise in the energy used. To save energy keep he thermostat set at 78 or close to 78.
  6. Check the air filter at least once per month, as during summer they are subjected to dust, allergens, and other particles. In case you need to replace it do so.


Goettl is a HVAC industry leader that help shape the air conditioning and heating industry. The company provides the best HVAC services to its customers who are mainly based in Arizona and other communities.

Goettl brothers, Adam, John, and Bill, began the company back in 1926 in Ohio. The brothers then moved to Arizona during the great depression, Goettl Air Condition was then founded, and it became a pioneer in the production of coolers and other facilities in heating and cooling industry. Adam and Ted the grandsons of Adam Goettl also founded the Goettl High Desert Mechanical. The company continued the family tradition of serving businesses and homes in Arizona

Lori Senecal Hands The Baton To The Next Generation At CP+B

Lori Senecal is an advertising executive who joined Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B) in March 2015. She has served as the company’s Global Chief Executive Officer overseeing their international offices and advertising campaigns. Having set in motion the changes that changed the company from a domestic concern into one with an international reach she has announced she will step down from her role at CP+B as of the end of 2017. She will continue her other position at another advertising firm, MDC Partners Network, where she is the President and CEO.

One of the big accomplishments that Lori Senecal had at CP+B was bringing in American Airlines as a client. This airline had been with TM Advertising for 25 years so snagging them away was a big event in the advertising industry. Additionally, she landed the advertising business of Pay Pal and Hershey. She was also instrumental in helping to create the next generation of leadership at CP+B. The co-founder of CP+P and its Chairman of the Board, Chuck Porter, said that he and Senecal have been working together to internally develop key personnel into having the skills and knowledge to take over at the agency. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Lori Senecal has been in the advertising industry for over 14 years. She has served in executive roles in a number of advertising agencies in New York City including McCann Worldgroup, Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners, as well as MDC Partners. She has received industry awards over the course of her career including being recognized by Advertising Age as a “Creativity Innovator of the Year”. She was also named by the same publication an “Agency Executive to Watch” in 2016, one of only four people to be so named.

When asked about how she approaches leadership at the organizations she has worked for, Lori Senecal said that she applies her vision and focuses on following through. While an idea can be great, only if it is followed through is anything accomplished. Due to this, she focuses on executing the great ideas that she and/or her team comes up with so that they are realized.

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Clients Applaud Equities First Holdings for the Newly Relocated Melbourne Offices

Clients of Equities First Holdings could not hid their joy as the company relocated to a more spacious and accessible area in the city of Melbourne, Australia. The former office of the company in Melbourne has proven to be too small and difficult to access for the ever increasing clients’ base of the company in the city. EFH is a leading financial lender of the business in the world.

Staff of the Equities First Holdings is not left out among those commending the decision to change the location of the company in the city. The Managing Director of the company in Australia, Mitchell Hopwood, pictured the mind of the entire staff with this statement:

“Our Australian business is continuing to grow and relocating our Melbourne office will give us a better space to accommodate our current clients and staff with room for expansion.”

Although Equities First Holdings increase the number of its business locations in Australia from the three existing ones (Sydney, Perth and Melbourne), the company has extended the space of these offices particularly the Melbourne regional office to create additional room for the overflow of clients. The new Melbourne Regional Office address is at Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, telephone: +61 3 8688 7191.

So far, Equities First Holdings has been able to position itself as a leader when it comes to global alternative shareholder financing solutions. Many businesses at the point of liquidation had been resuscitated by the stock-based loans the company provides. One attractive point of this type of loan is the fact that it is unrestrictive. Borrowers are free to put the loan to whatever purpose they like. Also, the non-recourse feature of the company’s stock-based loans has always been irresistible to borrowers because in the event of a default in paying back, borrowers only lose the stocks use as collateral.

Nine9 The UnAgency Believes That If You Seek You Will Find

Nine9 is the UnAgency and has some advice to those wanting careers in acting and modeling. The majority of people that follow their dreams to the entertainment industry in California quit. According to the Nin9, everyone leaves too soon and have ignored the adage of hard work and perseverance as the key to entering Hollywood.You will not be found if no one knows where you live. That statement seems so simple, but it is true. Those who are employed in the entertainment profession, at any level, are preoccupied, like most people. Every rock should be overturned and network.Before you knock on doors every day, make sure you have something to say. Learn your trade. Take acting classes and workshops. Find a community theater. Commit yourself to bettering yourself and face criticism.

If a door does open, you must give the person something about yourself. You must go to all agencies that will permit you to leave a headshot and some introduction to yourself and your talent. The head shot must be your best image. There are some costs you will have to pay.Do not ignore Nine9’s recommendations and quit. Look at sources such as which publishes casting calls for actors. Stand in line at every auction. If offered work at the audition, do not refuse. Take any work offered which is your best form of networking.

The Founder and CEO of Nine9 Anthony Toma is eager to hear from you. Nine9, the UnAgency, is not a talent agency and does not take a fee. However, Nine9 will provide you with guidance such as books, materials, photographer referrals, and places where there are casting calls to help your quest. Nine9 will point they way because it follows the advice it gives to the acting and modeling dreamers.