Is Visual Search Software the Wave of the Future for Online Shopping and Social Media Browsing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer something found solely in science-fiction movies. AI is the focal point of scores of interesting and innovative programs. The arrival of “deep learning software” has led to scores of enhancements in image recognition tools. This is why the world is seeing more of these programs. Originally, image recognition programs were intended solely for retail websites.

The Toronto-based company, Slyce, greatly popularized image recognition software when it improved upon a scaled-back version devised by Amazon. Slyce raised millions of dollars in investment capital to produce a smartphone app designed to help consumers search for products based on a match of the image. Slyce’s release proved wildly successful.

The social media platform Pinterest has opted to integrate visual search software to help take its site to the next level. People are a little bored with being stuck typing text to search. With AI-rooted visual search technology, drawing a circle on a image in Pinterest sets up a search for a similar-looking item. The technology is so advanced it can skim through billions of images and find what it is seeking relatively quickly. Only a year or two ago, this was not even possible. Today, it appears the future has arrived in the form of this type of software. The powers-that-be at Pinterest are very much convinced people are going to eventually demand this type of software on a platform. Hence, Pinterest is getting a jump on integrating the software.

There are quite a number of other venues in which the software is going to be welcome. has opted to utilize visual search technology. Surely, the site thinks visitors are going to react very positively to the presence of the software. Visual search software is going to make it a lot easier for consumers to find the shoes and other merchandise they are looking for. Clearly, and other retailers have the potential to make big money thanks to the presence of product recognition programs.

Slyce has reported a toy retailer it works with is experience far larger earnings than originally expected. Slyce hopes its new wave of software will reduce the instances of customers not finding what they are seeking. This also translates into more revenue for retailers.

Top-Notch Dog Food

The recent spotlight on healthy dog food has new dog food companies, like Freshpet, striving to perfect their healthy dog food formulas by using fresh ingredients and healthy preservatives. The already existing $23.7 billion dollar pet food industry seems to have room for new competitors with new companies taking a special interest in healthy dog food. Traditional companies that offer healthy dog food consisting of typical meat blends have been around for years. But with new companies, like Freshpet and Blue Buffalo, re-defining what it means for dog food to be healthy, traditional companies have relied on marketing to set themselves apart from these fairly new companies. A good example company is Purina Beneful dog food. Purina Beneful was founded in the early 2000s and has been a big player in all things regarding dog food and dog treats. Apart from their healthy dog food products, Beneful also offers a wide range of dog treats from typical snacks to dental snacks for a “healthy smile”. They stand behind the quality of their products with strict tracking systems on the raw ingredients all the way to the finished products and offer 100% satisfaction guarantee or get your money back with all their dog food products. With a customer satisfaction of 95% and 39 pet products in total, I’d say Beneful is the perfect example of a traditional company. As a constant innovator, Purina Beneful has paved the way in creating specialized dog food such as Bright Minds, a special formula which contains ingredients that are easier for older dogs to metabolize which saves energy. They also have a customizable option on the beneful website that allows you to choose and personalize your dog’s food blend addressing your pet’s nutritional requirements. Purina Beneful definitely cares about both the quality of their products and customer service which explains why they are a successful company and the innovators of the healthy dog food industry.

Shaygan Kheradpir ushered back into Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir was recently named the new CEO by Coriant optical transport vendor following his high-profile exit from Juniper Networks. At Juniper Networks he was the CEO and served for a ten months period. He came into Coriant to succeed the former CEO Mr. DiPietro.

Coriant was founded by the private Merlin Equity company and this was through the merging of Sycamore Networks, Tellabs and optical unit of Nokia. Coriant has so far been recognized globally having placed its market widely. Some of the markets placed include electric utilities, mobile and fixed line service providers and content providers, submarine network operators and even in government agencies. At both local and global levels, Coriant’s services have been termed as excellent.

Following the original release on;, DiPietro stepped down for Shaygan following his executive experience having worked in technology and finance industries for the past 28 years. DiPietro later on became the vice chairman at Coriant with Robert Leggett the chairman. He also resumed to his role as an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners.

Contributing to his industrial experience, Shaygan worked at GTE and Verizon communications. Shaygan has also held positions as the chief operations and technology officer at the Barclays Bank.

Nevertheless, Shaygan Kheradpir is walking in to Coriant with knowledge of the running things in the organization. This is after having worked with Coriant’s senior management team holding on to the role of an Operating Executive to Marlin Equity Partners. He has also gained much recognition and executive experience working with financial service, telecom and technology industries.

DiPietro expressed his honor in welcoming Shaygan to Coriant stating how privileged the company was receiving such an executive of his caliber. The company is looking forward to benefiting much from the guidance and strategic insights focused on execution of operations from the new CEO. Hence, Shaygan is expected to drive Coriant to high levels of growth.

Image Recognition Helping Customers Who Are Out Of Luck

Many can relate to the frustration of finding a perfect item online only to find it is currently out of stock. Now, a solution to this problem hopes to keep customers from wanting to “abandon their cart” after receiving an out of stock notification.

Slyce Link
New image recognition technology allowing online retailers to present items similar to those currently out of stock are starting to hit the internet. Slyce Inc., a company that offers image-recognition software, is in beta testing with a certain retail client after a year of development.

Keeping Customers Happy
Market research shows 75%-85% of users leave websites after coming across out of stock notifications. Software able to relate inventory and users together may help businesses from losing those customers by finding realistic alternative choices.

Slyce Link’s Future
Placing similar items in out of stock situations is not the only way Slyce hopes their software will help other businesses. Retailers now have access to search engines that understand much more about content than previously possible with older search software.

Relying on what a product actually is and not parameters typed into the system will allow for items to be categorized more efficiently for users. Slyce link will allow similar items to be found more efficiently and intelligently. Websites are gaining the ability to see the items that are being sold through actual images, and are learning about the users who buy those items.

Company Behind The Technology
Slyce Inc. creates and works with image recognition software. The programs that Slyce produce have the ability to learn and remember users and images. This technology is allowing for a more fluid user experience. The company is changing the way people shop with apps like Skout from SnipSnap that is able to recognize items and offer lowest prices based on images taken from smart devices.

Slyce is also creating places for people to find the information they want with Flipora. Flipora is a unique way of finding content on the net. Flipora works to learn the user so all the user has to do is click on the site where only relevant articles will be found. Image recognition software is changing the way people internet.