Dick DeVos Gives Back in a Big Way

Dick DeVos, comes from a long line of Amway executives and is a product of his Michigan values.

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

One of the biggest values that he continues to follow is that social clout comes not from how much money you have, but what you do with it, specifically how much you give away. As such, he and his family have founded several different family foundations designed to help organize and control the way they give away their money.

The DeVos family recently revealed to MLive that combined they had given over 1.2 billion in lifetime giving, and 94 million in 2014. They were listed as #20 on Forbes list of 50 top givers of 2014, when the list was released last year. Although the DeVos family is very generous, they also are careful about who they give to.

The DeVos family gave to a number of conservative politicians, including think tanks, that were not included in the numbers that Forbes reported. They also gave a large portion of their money to eduation, in particular local public schools. Although none of the DeVos family member attend or attended public schools, they firmly believe that a good education for everyone is a benefit to society at large. Dick has given a significant amount to his self-founded aviation high school, West Michigan Aviation Academy. DeVos is an experienced helicopter pilot himself, so his passion for aviation and education make a happy experience for those that attend his school.

The five foundations that the DeVos family created and supports are focused on the greater Michigan area where the DeVos family lives. Each of these five foundations helps to decide how the money is divided. The other causes that the DeVos family supports include health and community services and the arts.

The DeVos family also participates in civic and community affairs by serving on various non-profit boards. Members of the family serve on the board of the Whitney Museum of American Art, National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, and the Kennedy Center board, among others.

Dick DeVos is a prominent member of the DeVos family and holds dear the same values as the rest of the family. He works hard as an Amyway executive and uses his expertise to make sure that Amway is run smoothly and fairly so that both customers and employees can be satisfied with the thriving caring business. Before becoming an executive at Amway he was the owner and manager of the Orlando Magic. Learn more about DeVos’ career by visiting the following link: http://www.newnetherlandinstitute.org/history-and-heritage/dutch_americans/richard-dick-devos-jr/

Like the rest of his family, Dick DeVos believes that his biggest contribution to society and his life’s work is his philanthropical work. He is the biggest supporter of the charter West Michigan Avation Academy and supports the Grand Rapids, Michigan Arts Prize.

Tips To Avoid Contracting The Zika Virus From Dr. Sergio Cortes

Pregnant women in Brazil live fear the Zika virus, now that the virus is positively linked to microcephaly, a birth defect characterized by severe brain damage. An National Public Radio Goats and Soda’s article tells the story of Marilia Lima, whose son was born with microcephaly, after she contracted the Zika virus while she was pregnant. Marilia says that the Brazilian government needs to do more for babies born with microcephaly; they require constant care, probably for the rest of their lives. The State Health Secretary of Rio Grande do Norte, the state where Marilia Lima resides, admits that the hospitals are not equipped to deal with an influx of infants with severe brain damage.

Families are overwhelmed as well, points out Marilia Lima, between caring for a baby with severe brain damage and finding rehabilitative services for their child. Unfortunately, the physical and mental damage from microcephaly is irreversible. It’s vital that pregnant women are kept informed about the latest Zika virus news. Dr. Sergio Cortes of sergiocortesofficial is working on that, he uses Twitter to keep the public up-to-date on Zika research. He also mentions in one of his tweets that some pregnant women may not be aware that they have contracted the Zika virus; therefore, they should seek medical attention even for very mild flu-like symptoms.

There’s no Zika vaccine or antidote, therefore pregnant women must avoid mosquitoes to escape contracting the virus. DINO reports that Dr. Sergio Cortes is hopeful that work done at the Butantan Institute in Sao Paulo will produce a vaccine with 80 percent effectiveness again Zika and similar viruses. The doctor’s LinkedIn profile shows his extensive experience in public health matters, therefore, Dr. Cortes is frequently quoted in news about the Zika virus. Crunchbase lists Dr Cortes as executive director of Rede D’Or, a large hospital operator, and former Secretary of Health in Rio de Janeiro; the people of Brazil trust him to help keep them safe from the effects of the Zika virus.

According to the doctor’s blog, mosquito nets in the home are essential for pregnant women, as is mosquito repellant when they go outside. Dr. Cortes also warns pregnant women to avoid going near any stagnant water and to stay inside, if possible, when mosquitoes are likely to be out. He also urges the families of pregnant women to educate their neighbors and friends about how to avoid attracting mosquitoes by removing anything from their yards that will hold water, including old tires. While the Brazilian government is working to eradicate the mosquito, avoidance is currently the only option available.

How A New Approach In Men’s Fashion Trends Could Change The World

Imagine buying $1,000 men’s leather shoes for only $350 to $400 and ask yourself how they can maintain quality while at the same time lowering prices. As initially reported on Bloomberg, Paul Evans co-founders Ben Earley and Evan Fript set out to do exactly that and streamlined the entire process from order to delivery. Here’s how they accomplished creating a business model that cuts out the middlemen.

When Ben and Evan first started Paul Evans, they wanted a comfortable and stylish men’s dress shoe that did not cost a fortune. They set about researching the details and realized several places where the expense involved levels of companies that only served to increase the retail price. By cutting out those middlemen, they tapped into the magic of e-commerce for startup businesses.

Making a shoe might sound simple until you get started trying to build one, and then you realize the number of parts involved in the finished product. From eyelets to shoelaces there is a company which sells only those parts and in the process creates additional expense. But then came the question, how would anyone sell such shoes if they are not available in major department stores.

E-commerce was the answer. They just followed the trail of parts and pieces and found a well-known company to handle manufacturing. The rest was a website where they sell Made in Italy, Designed in New York, men’s high-end dress shoes at nearly one third the expected retail.

Paul Evans offers a full line of footwear that includes men’s dress shoes, Oxfords, loafers and boots. To find out more about how they manage to sell shoes from a website, read up on the ideas at Bloomberg. Their bravery offers to change the way the world does business.

George Soros: Confronting Europe’s Primary Concern


George Soros, hedge fund mogul and founder and chairman of Open Society, has predicted that the current market situation is reminiscent of 2008. Soros’s prediction stems from Eastern Europe and Russia, where a college in northern Russia has burned 53 books linked to a George Soros charity, signaling a continued, hard-line Communist position, and perhaps a targeted one.

In October of 2015, Soros wrote an article titled ““Ukraine & Europe: What Should Be Done?”“, where he cited five crises that Europe faced: four internal ones—the euro, Greece, migration, and the British referendum on whether to remain in the EU—and an external one, Russian aggression against Ukraine. Soros makes a strong argument for Ukrainian support. “The new Ukraine seeks to be the opposite of Greece,” writes Soros, “and, although it is not a member, it is actively defending the European Union against a military and political threat from Russia.”

Soros references the Minsk II agreement, and writes that “President Putin exploited his advantage by keeping the text of the agreement deliberately ambiguous.” Since Ukraine cannot prevail militarily over Russia, it must, at the very least, maintain its newly formed morality and integrity, and the best to uphold such an important geographical and seemingly spiritual position, is for the European Union to give Ukraine precedence.

Clearly Soros’s strong position against Russian aggression in Ukraine, as evidenced in his 2015 article, his strong support of Ukraine, his proposal to toughen Russian sanctions, have influenced the Kremlin’s recent decision to burn Soros charity books. Propaganda and political positioning are nothing new within such circumstances. Currently, however, the threat of global, economic turmoil is very real, and uncertainty is beginning to develop much like in 2008, as Soros has alluded. Perhaps we would be wise to stop skirting the real issues, as Soros has suggested, so that we don’t find ourselves forever at the bottom of a hill, a can at our feet.

A Leap Ahead for Secure Inmate Communication Company, Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the best inmate communication services in the criminal, and civil, justice industry. The company provides services that improve the safety of the public, corrections, monitoring, and investigating issues. The company has recently released THREADS 3.1 which is some of the most innovative Big Data tool in the market today.

The new design of this tool will allow the company to upgrade the way in which the user interface is used. The interface is now integrated with some of the most recent web – based technologies. THREADS is now more user friendly and also runs smoother than before. It is now easier to search and navigate through the program, and Securus’ customer support offers a plethora of online help. I have found that the new design is faster when trying to work through tasks related to Securus. 

I am now able to integrate other Securus programs directly to recent products such as their video visitation software . Past products such as their secure inmate phone calls platform are now easier to use with THREADS. It is also easier to have support during investigations because the program has been designed with tools that are more proactive. 

THREADS 3.1 is loaded with even more key features. We now have the ability to hear inmate phone calls while the application is in use. There is also a real-time analysis as well as mapping and printing that is customizable to the user. The program has now been labeled as a platinum level program. With the new update, we will continue to have the same, high quality, program that Securus has always provided it’s customers with.

Check out the latest of Securus Technologie’s inmate communication advances on their site: https://securustech.net/

Getting Into New York City Now

New York City has always been a hard city to get into but there are new major changes coming to the city that now makes it easier to find a home that you love at a price that you are able to afford while you are shopping around in the city. It is important that you be able to find what you want and the new changing market allows you to do just that without having to skimp on things that may be important for you to find while you are looking for luxury real estate in New York City.

An article that was published by The New York Times talks about all of the ways that the housing in New York City is having a major change right now. In the past, the city was basically filled to the brim. It was nearly impossible to find an apartment or home in the city. What was even more impossible was finding one that did not cost the same price as a small island. The market has changed and you will now be able to find a home in the city that is easy to love and affordable for you to enjoy.

Finding a home in the city will now be easy but doing the shopping for that home can be hard for you to do. By hiring a realtor like Town Residential to help you find your New York City home, you will give yourself the best chance possible at getting a great home for a great price. Town Residential works with some of the best people in the city to ensure that they are able to give you the best options when it comes to the homes that you want to be able to have. Town Residential works to make you happy while on your real estate search.

Town Residential is a company that is committed to providing the best of the best for their clients. Even as a company that worked with premium luxury real estate clients, they managed to thrive even when the market was tough for realtors in New York City. With the recent change in the market in the city, they are working even harder. Town Residential will be able to help you find the home that fits right for your life and is the best price to be able to fit into your chosen budget.