SKOUT Gets the World Involved in Giving.

Recently, SKOUT, the global app meant to provide a safe way to help you find friends and make meaningful connections, polled almost 3000 of its users in regards to random acts of kindness. Participants were asked how often they perform these types of acts and how often they receive them. How the recipients feel and the perceived value of some of the more common acts was even taken into consideration. The survey revealed that among college students, these types of ‘brotherly love’ gestures are quite common. Just over half stating that they perform one such act on a daily basis, and almost all (93%) say that they have extended themselves in kindness to a stranger at least once.

SKOUT asked the group of students to rank common acts of kindness on how meaningful they are. Meaning, of course, is subjective, not objective. The rankings of the acts would, of course, be based on personal needs and values rather than on measurable data or statistical fact. Not surprisingly, number 1 on the college student’s list of meaningful acts was “pay it “backward” at a coffee shop or drive-thru.” Most students are broke and struggling for food other than ramen noodles and use caffeine as fuel for those all-night study sessions. Number two involved texting nice things to a friend while number 5 on the list took us to the gas station to fill a friends tank with fuel. Number 10 was rather benevolent. It said to take flowers to a nursing home and ask that they be given to someone who does not receive many visitors.

February 15-20 is random acts of kindness week. During the week, SKOUT asks the world to step up to the plate and apply the age-old adage to ‘do to others the way we would want them to do to us.” SKOUT has also gotten involved in applying the rule, hosting a food drive to benefit the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank while employees perform other random acts of kindness all over the city. But SKOUT is not just limited to the California area, they are all over the world. The app boasts 16 languages and users in 180 and countries. Their goal is to make a better world through connectivity, safety, and random acts of kindness. Get involved.
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Buy Beneful Treats To Reward Your Dog

Is your dog special to you? If your dog means a lot to you, then you should have no problem rewarding your dog with a special treat. I recommend buying Purina Beneful Dog Treats. My dog loves their Baked Delights. Baked Delights come in a wide variety of flavors that dogs love to eat. I buy the Baked Delights in the Stars variety. Stars come in two different flavors that I am aware of. They have some that are made with chicken and cheese, and another Stars is made of beef and cheese. These treats are great for rewarding your dog, and they work well when you try to train your dog, also.

Other Foods Besides Treats

Your dog needs more than just a tasty snack. If you are someone that loves taking good care of your dog, then you should know that premium foods, like Beneful, are full of nutritious ingredients. If you take time to read the ingredients information on the labels of the packaging in the dog food aisle of the pet store, then you will see that Beneful is one of the only brands that uses real meats and real vegetables. Beneful Chopped Blends comes in 20 different varieties. There is a different kind of Chopped Blends for every dog out there.

My dog loves the Chopped Blends that is made with real salmon. He’s a picky eater, so I always make sure to get him what he likes best. Beneful’s Chopped Blends smells great, so there is no wonder why he likes it so much. It smells good enough for me to eat it, but I haven’t tried it yet. I open up the package of Beneful’s Chopped Blends, and I’m surrounded by a fragrant aroma of real salmon, tomato, carrot and real rice.


The Success of a Leading Online Reputation Management Firm

For businesses and public figures alike, one of the most important resources to have is an online reputation manager for the purpose of containing negative feedback as well as promoting positive feedback if any scandal were to surface. One company in particular, though a recently formed company, has become an internationally renowned company for online reputation management. This particular company is called Status Labs and is a company that utilizes the web browser in order to promote positive feedback concerning their client.

Recently in news, Status Labs has announced the name of the company’s new Board of Advisers. This new Adviser is Mike Paul who has also been nicknamed as the reputation doctor. Mr. Paul has been considered to be one of the top crisis PR experts and will be sure to provide expert insight to Status Labs’ growing clientele list. Darius Fisher, leader of Status Labs is excited to work with Mr. Paul as he has dedicated his life to building a reputation management empire that has attracted thousands to his services.

Mike Paul, when asked about Status Labs, stated that he believes Status Labs is a company that has set itself apart from unethical business strategies. He beliefs that Status Labs understands the importance of values, character, honesty, as well as transparency to each individual or company that requests their assistance.

With Mr. Paul’s positive outlook on Status Labs’ success, he is excited to work with Darius Fisher who he believes is a rising star within the reputation management industry. What makes Status Labs a unique company is that each decision to improve a reputation is done so to be exactly tailored to the customer. The customer combines SEO with positive feedback on the browser which will result in positive feedback from the public.

At Status Labs, the expert workers understand how important it is for SEO to be used in order to build a reputation. With that said, they find the web browser the most beneficial source to improve a reputation due to the fact that the first page on Google is always read by the public.

Bruce Levenson Proves His Business Skills With Atlanta Hawks Sale

Bruce Levenson managed to do something most people int he NBA did not think was possible over the course of the last few decades in turning the Atlanta Hawks into a championship contender. The Maryland based businessperson has been an impressive figure in the NBA for more than a decade, but now hands over the reigns of the franchise and the keys to Phillips Arena to billionaire Tony Ressler and his backers. Bruce Levenson of UCG is always on the lookout for a good opportunity to enjoy the help the businesses he operates and the people in his local areas to improve their position, whether that is in a business sense of by making some of the many charitable donations he makes each and every year.

The success of Levenson and his wife Karen in terms of philanthropic giving has led to the couple seeking to assist in a major education program at the University of Maryland, which focuses the work of a dedicated school of philanthropy and not for profit programs. Bruce and Karen Levenson have worked to develop the school for the future as both donors to the program and as well known fund raisers. The school has now begun providing graduates for not for profit programs across Washington D.C. and Maryland; the future goal of the school is to provide educated workers for programs across the globe who can be of great help to those in need on different continents. So far the school has begun sending students to learn more about programs operated in India and across the African continent funded by the work of Bruce and Karen Levenson.

Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson has been showing off his skills as a dedicated philanthropist for all to see in his work with the Atlanta Hawks and the many programs the NBA operated in and around the U.S. The NBA franchise of the Atlanta Hawks was in a difficult position in 2004 when Levenson and his group took control of the team that had failed to add to its single championship won in the 1950s. Over the course of his career at the NBA Levenson became the public face of the franchise and led them from the very bottom of the standings to the number one side in the east by the end of the his final regular season in charge. The sale of the Hawks gave the Levenson group a large profit and showed the skills the group had as negotiators and business people within the sports industry.


Brazilian Furniture Giant Eucatex Scores Big On Sustainability

Major industries in the world are hopping on the sustainable business practices bandwagon now, but Brazil based company Eucatex has been a pioneer in the field since its inception. Eucatex was one of the first companies to develop environmentally friendly solutions in the furniture industry, and is known worldwide for their commitment to the research and development of sustainable alternative solutions.

Modest Beginnings Followed By Expansive Streak

Eucatex was founded in 1951 with a relatively low scale production limited to fibre plates and acoustic ceilings made from wood of the Eucalyptus tree. Just a few months in business saw Eucatex expanding to exports in Europe and adding insulation to their line of products. Since then, in 60 years of business, Eucatex has emerged as the frontrunner of eco-friendly business practices in the furniture industry. One of their most popular line of products are paints and varnishes manufactured from Eucalyptus wood, which boosted their exports to over 40 countries.

One Man’s Mission To Sustainability

Eucatex is headed by Flavio Maluf, son of famous Brazilian politician Paulo Maluf. Flavio began working with his family-owned company as a fresh mechanical engineering graduate, rising through ranks to become President in 1997. Over the years, he has developed eco-friendly business techniques by combining his business administration and rural management degrees.

Flavio is also known for numerous philanthropic engagements and for talking about education, including charities and volunteer organizations based locally. He takes his passion for sustainable product development around the world by giving presentations and talks at global meets.  That’s something he tweets about frequently.

Sustainable Production Techniques Have Led To Steady Growth

The current need of the hour is manufacturing techniques that leech from the environment as little as possible. With buyers and sellers worldwide willing to invest in environmentally conscious businesses, it is no wonder that the products of Eucatex are gaining popularity. The company recently launched alternative wood block panels in the market made from natural resources and waste reduction techniques to massive global orders, yet another example of how green business techniques are in increasing demand globally.

Giving Back To The Environment

Eucatex has also been lauded internationally for taking measures to protect the environment. In addition to research, Eucatex also works to replenish Brazil’s forest cover of the Eucalyptus trees. The company has dedicated over 10,000 hectares of land to developing nurseries and plantations of Eucalyptus to reduce the effects of deforestation. This has also resulted in the the overall expansion of the company’s raw material resources, since their dependence on the naturally existing forest cover is reduced significantly.  Flavio Maluf has also talked about what chemical companies will be doing in the future.  Not to mention how the Rubbermaid merger is going to affect Brazil’s economy.

“Queens Of Drama” Brings Soap Opera Icons Back To The Screen

The scripted reality TV show “Queens Of Drama” is looking to bring back to the small screen some of the best known faces from the soap opera genre. A group of female stars have joined forces in the show to bring a soap opera back to the small screen despite the shrinking numbers of episodes appearing on network TV each day. The number of soap operas produced is consistently shrinking and prompts the group of female performers to form their own production company under the leadership of former “Knot’s Landing” star Donna Mills.

One of the major areas that has been drawing viewers into the “Queens Of Drama” is the fictionalized versions of the stars appearing in each episode. Donna Mills plays an extreme version of herself and is joined by others who bring a small amount of the characters they were known for to their onscreen persona. Hunter Tylo and Crystal Hunt are two of the stars who see the characters they played on soap operas return to their onscreen personality. Instagram superstar Crystal Hunt is well known for appearing as a star of “Guiding Light” and “One Life To Live”. The “One Life To Live” character of Crystal Hunt is perhaps her best known role as the often menacing character of Stacy Morasco.

After leaving “One Life To Live” Crystal Hunt has been attempting to remove her persona as a soap opera performer, and spreading her wings to include a wide range of characters in her latest roles. Despite being best known as an actress on the small screen Crystal hunt is looking to alter her image to allow her to take on more roles in movies, which has begun to take hold after her performance as the character of Lauren in “Magic Mike XXL”. Crystal Hunt has looked to create a well rounded career that takes in much more than simply an acting career, instead she is also proving herself as an entrepreneur who is a successful pet boutique owner.

The “Queens Of Drama” has become a major source of entertainment for many viewers who have bought into the premise of the all female production company looking to extend the life of the soap opera on U.S. television. The chance to see the ideas and skills the cast has picked up over the course of their long careers in television acting is a major part of the show. The return of some of the iconic figures from soap operas of the past is something that everybody can enjoy as legends, including Joan Collins return to U.S. television screens for the first time in a number of years.

Adding Some Extra Natural Flavor to Dog Food

People’s view of food has changed quite a bit in the past few decades. Convenience had been king for quite some time. And as a result the fast food industry suddenly became one of the most popular options around. But over time the results of this kind of lifestyle began to become apparent. This shifted society’s view of food into a healthier, tastier and more natural direction. But a report by the Daily Herald shows that people are starting to apply this to a different area in life as well. Just as people are looking after their own health, they’re looking after the health of their dogs as well. The article focuses on a new trend in dog food. This high quality gourmet food on Amazon is far closer to how people would cook for themselves than it is to older styles of dog food. One of the biggest changes is that it shows more of a focus toward the ideal of meals rather than flavoring. For example, early on in the article the reporter was given a tour of a dog food facility. The people providing the tour took a quick break at the end to bite into the chicken and turkey dog food. And the reason they were able to do so is because the dog food really was made with chicken and turkey. Nothing different than what people would make for themselves. Of course while this is new to most companies, it’s hardly new to them all. In fact, one company known as Purina Store’s Beneful has been putting together similar meals for dogs since around 2001. Beneful’s mission statement has always been centered around the meaning of their name. They wanted to create high quality dog food which could provide the full range of nutritional benefits to pets. Beneful by Purina knew that the best way to make nutritional dog food was by using fresh, natural and healthy ingredients. So they devised recipes which would use the same kinds of fresh foods that canines love in the wild. In fact, one can simply open up a bag of Beneful dog food and see the chunks of real chicken, beef and other fresh ingredients within it. And this makes dog food that’s not only healthy, but delicious as well.