Kyle Bass Makes Time to Warn Investors After Review Patents Were Rejected by U.S. Patent & Trademark

Kyle Bass, hedge fund manager and founder of Hayman Capital Management L.P., was in CNBC News on February 10th, 2016 about a letter sent to investors warning them of considerable equity losses in China. In 2015, Bass filed reviews, known as IPR petitions through his organization, Coalition for Affordable Drug to challenge drug patents of pharmaceutical companies. Pharma businesses claim the IPR petitions were part of a scheme to nullify patents, allegedly for the purpose of investment strategies. While this was happening during the year, investors with Hayman Capital hadn’t received advise on hedge fund investments in two years. Is it possible that Bass was occupied resolving patent controversial issues and sanctions issued by the Patent Trial & Appeals Board?

According to the letter written by Kyle Bass and put up on Wikipedia, investors are warned that China is headed towards an economic crisis worse than the 2007 financial downturn. He is basing his prediction of the government and economic activities, including careless risk taking, in excess leverage, and arbitrage regulation. Bass believes China banking system will lose over 400 percent, compared to the United States banking system during the Great Recession. Ten year ago, China’s system was $3 trillion in asset and presently, it has increased to $35.5 trillion. Bass explained that the reason was because credit grew quickly to fund the infrastructure spending program.

Kyle Bass also told the investors that if the banking system in China loses 10 percent of assets, the banks will most likely lose nearly $3.5 trillion in equity. If that happens, it will force Beijing to devalue the yuan and recapitalize the banks. That means China will have to print over $10 trillion worth of currency. Once the loss cycle rises, Kyle wrote that he believes the renminbi will depreciate 30 percent set against the U.S. dollar.

According to Wall Street Journal, Kyle Bass hadn’t written the investors in two years. In 2015, he was busy with the Coalition for Affordable Drugs filling inter partes reviews against patents of pharmaceutical businesses. Reuters reported that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office refused to review two Acorda Therapeutics patents on August 24, 2015. Kyle started filing the reviews in February of last year against Acorda, which resulted in stock price dropping to 10 percent.

Kyle Bass successfully predicted the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis in the U.S. Time will determine if he’s accurate about China’s equity crisis, based on the letter he wrote to his investors. Bass is presently residing in Dallas, Texas where he manages hedge fund investments of Hayman Capital. He received a Finance & Real Estate Finance degree from Texas Christian University. Hayman Capital Management L.P. was founded in 2005 and is registered with SEC.

About Stephen Murray’s Philanthropy And His Achievements In Life And Business Sector

Fortune reported Stephen Murray passed away in mid-March last year after 52 well spent years on earth. Stephen Murray was born on August 2, 1962. This business mogul pursued his early education in various schools around the country. He later joined Boston College for his higher education. Stephen Murray graduated with a degree in economics from this institution. He went further and pursued his post-graduate studies at Columbia Business School and graduated with a master’s degree in business administration in 1989. Stephen Murray left a good legacy in the institutions that he studied at. After his successes in the business sector, he went back and supported various initiatives in this institutions. At Boston College, Stephen Murray gave a notable donation to the school to fund its projects. He also had made numerous donations to the Columbia Business School.

Apart from the former educational institutions he attended, Steve Murray has also given financial assistance to New York Metro’s Make-A-Wish Foundation, Lower Fairfield County’s Food Bank and the famous Stamford Museum. His philanthropic dedication has also given him an opportunity to sit at Boston College trustees board as the vice chairperson. At Make a Wish Foundation, Stephen Murray was a member of the chairperson’s board. Stephen Murray was an expert business person who based his career in the private equities sector as an investor. He reached the peak of his career at CCMP Capital as this firm’s chief executive officer and president.

CCMP Capital is an internationally acknowledged private equities industry’s leading firm. This J P Morgan spinout firm has majored in growth equities transactions and buyouts. CCMP Capital became independently operational in August 2006 after it spun out of J P Morgan. Stephen Murray assumed leadership of the firm in 2007 and was able to make the firm very successful in the global private equity markets. CCMP Capital has been very successful in North America and Europe markets so far. CCMP Capital has emerged as the leading partnership management team that operates in leveraged proprietary markets. This firm boasts of helping numerous firms in the market grow to global entities. CCMP Capital strives to give its clients satisfaction in their needs by offering the best market services in the industry. CCMP Capital also conjoins its operating resources with that of its clients to help its clients grow. This firm also offers top-notch investment advice on different industries to help its clients investments be profitable.

It was under Steve Murray’s management and leadership that CCMP Capital rose up to the top of the business industry. The firm’s community shared its condolences to his family after his death. The CCMP Capital community said that his contributions to the success of the company will never be forgotten. Stephen Murray was a very supportive executive at CCMP, who helped the firm’s staff achieve their best potentials in their work and life.

John Kasich’s Presidential Campaign Acquires Major Funding from George Soros

The political climate is getting warmer after John Kasich (Ohio Governor) received a record $488,375 from a group associated with Forbes billionaire George Soros. The Soros fund managers consisting of Stanley Druckenmiller and Scott Bessent termed the funding as “soft money”. This means that the Ohio Governor will still be in the Republican presidential primaries. This funding has caused mixed reactions among the conservatives.
Funding pattern

Being an active participant in bloomberg politics, Soros is a strategist who plays his cards well. He has been funding both republican and democrat candidates. This has created confusions since most people do not understand his stand. He has spent an enormous amount of money in creation and funding of organizations like, Pro-amnesty association, and ACORN. After heavily funding Congressional Democrats, He supported Hilary Clinton’s company with over $8 million.

George Soros opinions

Soros is an advocate of an open society. He believes in the fair treatment of every individual in the society. He is opposing the over emphasize on border security, an agenda present in the manifesto of candidates such as Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Despite the idea of funding Kasich causing speculations from the conservatives, Soros believes that the presidential aspirant has an agenda tailored towered addressing the needs of the American people. Kasich is also receiving support from Senator Marco Rubio.

Soros has topped the list of funders pushing for the opening of America’s borders. His team is reported to have given over $100 million dollars to support organizations that champion ‘immigrant rights’ in the US. Organizations that benefited from the funding include La Raza, Amnesty International, Immigration Equality, as well as Immigrant Legal Resource Center. The original article was published on political insider;

George Soros, the terrific Investor

Born on August 12, 1930, George Soros is a self-established billionaire running successful business and funding established organizations that support human rights. He is a national of both United State and Hungary. Academic wise, Soros holds an undergraduate degree and a Master’s degree in Philosophy. He is an alumnus of London School of Economics. Considering he started as traveling salesperson and rose through ranks to an established and respected investor, Soros is admirably well spoken. He is the Open Society founder as well as the chairperson. Open Society consists of a group of connected foundations, projects, and partners in over 100 countries.

After establishing Open Society, Soros began his active humanitarian activities in 1979 targeting youths in South Africa that were under apartheid rule. He helped most of them to turn their higher education dream into a reality. He played an integral role in helping Eastern Europe to transition peacefully from communism to capitalism. Being a champion of quality education, George Soros founded the Central European University to create a pool of independent thinkers in the society. He has expanded his humanitarian activities to Asia, United States, and Africa. George Soros has spent over $8 billion funding networks associated with Open Societies across the globe. The Open Society has offered tuition fees for thousands of talented students such as those originating in areas associated with armed conflicts, marginalized groups, as well as young Roma.

Billionaire George Soros Will Hit The $13 Million Mark Donation Soon With The New Latino Strategy.

 Big time political funder and billionaire George Soros, is expected to hit the $13 million donations soon with the new strategy to will Latino support for the Republicans in place. The billionaire is expected to give an estimated $5 million to Immigrant Voters Win PAC. This is a super PAC that concerns itself to rallying immigrant voters such as Latino and Asians to vote. This will mark George Soros first 8 figure donation totals after his 2004 donation of $20 million. In this year, George Soros was supporting campaigns against the then President George Bush reelection. This $5 million donation by George Soros will bring home the Democrat hero of massive political spending.

George Soros has also pledged to donate another $5 million to fund legal campaigns against restrictive voting laws. This campaigns are lead by Democrats and touch on voting laws in states like Ohio, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. George Soros $5 million donation towards Latino campaigns is among the $15 million donations scheduled by other liberal donors towards the same campaigns. They plan to use this funds to mobilize Latinos and other immigrants in the coming November elections to vote for Democratic candidates for both Presidential and Senatorial seats.

According to statistics, this will be largest voter turnout mobilization campaign in the history of the Democrats. Latino and immigrant voters are thought to make for up the coming elections. This campaign will mainly target voters in Colorado, Florida and Nevada and states with huge numbers of Latino and Asian populations. This voter group is considered the win determinants for the presidential race. The Democratic campaigns hope to win over 400,000 new voters to support them in the November elections. Most national pro-immigration or Hispanic-oriented groups are against Donald Trump and his Republican policies that would see to it that immigrants are deported and restricted from the country.

George Soros had already endorsed Hillary Clinton as his Democrat presidential candidate of choice. He already has donated over $8 million to fund Hillary Clinton’s campaigns through her campaign super PAC like the Priorities USA Action. George Soros has also been quoted saying that he and Hillary Clinton have been great allies, and he likes her open forum policy approach. He says that leaders like Hillary Clinton, who are mindful of the well-being of others despite their economic status, race or origin is what America needs. He says that the country is currently made up of more than three races, and none of the should feel more privileged in the country than the other. The Open Society Foundation founder also said that he will continue being a proponent of good leadership and governance. He strongly criticized Donald Trump and other Republicans enemies trying to personalize the country. He says that he hopes the entire American voter population will choose leaders who foster national unity and growth and not those who focus on divisive politics.


Women Can Become Successful Business Owners With QNET

I think women are finally making real strides in achieving independent success with their own direct sales businesses, such as QNET provides. In the USA, the Agency of International Development in the U.S. (USAID) has made a strong statement in support of women’s progress in self sufficiency. “Progress cannot be delivered in a vacuum. For societies to thrive, women and girls must have access to education, healthcare, and technology. They must have control of resources, lands, and markets. And they must have equal rights and equal opportunities as breadwinners, peace-builders and leaders,” was the statement that USAID issued.

I have read that QNET is one of the few companies that actually benefits more women than men in their business model. Over 74% of their associates who own their own sales businesses are women. QNET’s Regional General Manager, Khaled Diab, believes direct sales are a great area for women who have a ethic of hard work and the right attitude. The flexible scheduling that direct sales enable gives women flexible work hours so they can still take care of their family obligations without losing their dreams of achievements in business. There are increasing opportunities in the area of direct sales that enable women everywhere to find new and lucrative opportunities.

#RYTHM #QNET ❤️❤️❤️

A photo posted by QNET Official (@qnetofficial) on

If I understand what I have read, QNET is one company that has become a great support for women in their direct sales. This policy has made QNET a top direct sales company in Asia. The company also is quite involved in celebrating International Women’s Day. This is a very progressive and wonderful way to do business, in my opinion. QNET sees the importance of women in business. Hong Kong is the original headquarters city for QNET, although their new manufacturing and marketing efforts in India, as I understand, are giving Hong Kong a run for their money. Some of QNET’s products are directly supportive of women.

They have skin care products called Physio Radiance and a makeup brand named Couleurs. They offer services and products in several different countries, including India, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia. There educational services and healthy supplements are becoming well known and liked. And QNET now has 25 offices in a hundred countries total, even including Abu Dhabi, Mussafa, and Dubai. I first found out about QNET on their Wikipedia page.

CHIEF & Regional V Partners in our Bangkok office, checking out what we have in store FOR YOU in #VCON16. Expect to be completely blown away. 😉

Posted by QNET (Official) on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Learn more about QNET’s employee satisfaction by viewing their page on Glassdoor reviews.

Helane Morrison is Shaking Up the Corporate World

Helane Morrison is Maintaining Ethics and Integrity
Helane Morisson has maintained a high set of ethics and a high integrity level throughout her life. She is a competent and highly intriguing woman. She is from Brooklyn. Her background is in journalism. She had obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. She attended Northwestern University, Illinois and then continued her education at the University of California Berkley School of Law. Ms. Morrison is a well-rounded, knowledgeable lady who has placed ethics and integrity first. Helane Morrison is a competent individual. She holds the following positions at Hall Capital Partnership:
* Chief Compliance Officer
* Managing Director
* General Counsel
* a member of this firm’s Executive Committee

Accountability in the Corporate World
There is a lowered trust within the financial sector at this current time. The overall mistrust is widespread in America. Americans have lost faith in Wall Street. There is a need for solid accountability in the overall corporate world. This may raise the trust level for many. The Chief Compliance Officer is the one who will enforce rules, regulations, and accountability. It may be viewed as a challenging yet necessary position. Shaking up the corporate world just may be needed at this time. The enforcement of clear guidelines and rules might prove to be the key to accountability for everyone. The role of a compliance officer is similar to that of a watchdog. Watching to make certain that trading regulations and security laws are followed by everyone. Educating others is included in this role. Helane Morrison is a Chief Compliance Officer who takes her role and position very seriously.

Helane Morrison is Informed of Laws
Helane Morrison does have a solid background in law. She has had worked at the US Court of Appeals as a law clerk previously. Ms. Morrison had developed a passion for equality during her career. She is well-informed of laws in numerous areas and ways thanks to her time working with the SEC. Her skills were well-honed here according to WS Journal which endorsed her for her knowledge and expertise.

To learn more about Helane’s career, click on this link.

Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah has been in the investment business for many years and has much experience when it comes to running companies. As he is responsible for founding over three dozen companies across the world, he has most definitely conquered the entrepreneur business side. He started Solo Capital after successfully working for different banks throughout the region and decided he was going to resign from his everyday job and start his own business. Solo Capital is a finance Services Company located in London and Dubai. He founded and started the company in 2011. It is regulated in the United Kingdom but its headquarters are in London, England. He started with just one office with a few people to help him get the business started. After five years of hard work he has many locations spread out through the region of Dubai and London. His business creation model applies to the companies that he owns in a way that has allowed each company to gain success from the next company. Many of the companies he has started are to help benefit the company before and then the company after. One controls the business aspects of Solo Capital, and another control that one. Clever business practices have helped him achieve a lot of success. Solo Capital has entered into the million dollar market, allowing Shah to retire and enjoy some other aspects of his life he is passionate about.

One passion of his that he has been working really hard on is his charity called Autism Rocks. He has recently hired two of his buddies back from the university days to help him manage the financial side as well as the music industry side. Autism Rocks is a charity invite only concert that helps raise donations as well as awareness for the communities and families dealing with the neurological condition. It has become an epidemic in the world today, as more and more people are diagnosed with the condition. With studies today and the help of Autism Rocks, the research that is being conducted will be of great value to many trying to cope and understand the condition. There is no cure for autism, but there are certainly ways that specialists and researchers can help. Shah has been able to donate much of his donations to universities and their research projects as well as their programs that are geared towards helping patients and their families cope with the condition. Shah understands that not every family or patient has the financial stability to get the help that they need, and hopes that Autism Rocks can help with that. He has many more future concerts that are set up to collect more donations to aid in the research process.

FreedomPop Takes European Market

FreedomPop is the well-known service that provides free voice, data, and text plans to their customers. Of course, the amount is limited. Heavy users will usually upgrade to one of their paid plans. However, those with light usage are happy with the free plan. Watch out European mobile phone carriers. FreedomPop is invading your shores. A recent article appeared in FierceWireless about FreedomPop’s plan to launch their service in Europe with 25 carriers. This reach across the ocean is due to the extra funding that the company acquired. Nicholas Constantinopoulos, is the man that is watching over the European expansion. He states that the FreedomPop model really works. They are making profits.

Freemium or the free plan is a way to introduce the service to potential customers, stated Constantinopoulos. Once they are on board, the customers usually like to sign up for a plan with wider options. European customers have access to a sweet free plan. They receive 200 MB of free data in the supported countries. The plan is easily accessible on any smartphone. Of course, the free plan users are offered the option to buy more data, for a very affordable price. FreedomPop is also launching a hotspot service along with a SIM card available for purchase on the FreedomPop site.

The good news for FreedomPop is that most of the people that come on board with the free service, eventually switch over to the premium services. However, a small percentage remain with the free service. Still, it is a very small percentage and price to pay for gaining ground in various markets that were dominated by other traditional mobile services that did not offer free plans. The good news does not stop there. FreedomPop also has plans to expand to Asian markets, South American markets, and eventually world-wide.


Watch this FreedomPop Review

George Soros Disturbing Predictions about the Fall of the EU

George Soros is a rare person that is able to analyze a situation and be correct about its outcomes in most cases. This billionaire magnet from Hungary has used his keen observation skills to help build his fortune and to become one of the leading European analysts. Soros is now making some really bold predictions about various European crisis that is threatening the whole stability of Europe. Here is a look at what Soros has to say aboutthe matter.
Soros says on Bloomberg  his biggest concern with the EU has to do with the migrant issue. Close to 2 million people have flooded across Europe’s eastern and southeastern borders and the influx of people is not slowing down. Millions of people are fleeing Syria, Afghanistan and other unstable regions to find a better life inside of Europe. Soros is quick to point out that this type of behavior will quickly ruin the EU and cause many countries to collapse.

Soros wants the Germans to step in at the forefront of this current crises. He believes they are the only qualified country in eastern Europe that is capable of handling this crisis. Soros wants the German government to be more proactive in implementing border patrol policies. He is also depending the EU as a whole to make sure that Europe’s nations are responsibly handling the crisis. Some governments have even declared that no migrants will be allowed into the country once the number surpasses a specific amount.

Another reason why Soros does not want migrants coming into Europe has to do with the terrorist attack that happened in Paris back in November of 2015. Many European governments know that Islamic terrorists were behind this strike and so do the enemies of the west.

ISIS and other militant Islamic regimes realizes what is happening with the migrant situation in Europe. They are sending extremist across the borders with other migrant people. As a result, there is no way that European officials within different countries can screen them all. The bottom line is that a few will get into Europe and there is nothing that can realistically be done about this. However, countries can slow down the migrant influx and thereby reduce the chances of another major terrorist attack.

The EU is also facing other crises such as the UK’s expected departure from the EU. If the UK departs then the EU will be weakened. The UK is major player in the EU and their contribution to this political union cannot be contested. The EU has to keep the UK in otherwise this combined organization of states will fail.

Soros also vocalizes some other strong reasons as to why the EU is headed on a downward spiral. Readers can look at the article The EU is on the Verge of Collapse – An Interview to find out more about Soro’s predictions.