Focus on Dog Food Varieties from Beneful

Beneful is a dog food manufacturing company by Nestle PurinaStore that promises to deliver the best varieties of food for your favorite pet. The company believes in filling the bowls of your best buddy with the goodness of health and joy of happiness. Beneful foods are made using ingredients that are balanced and also complete like vitamin rich veggies and real meats. This ensures that your pet benefits from a wide range of textures and tastes that will nourish their bodies inside and out. Below are some of the varieties available from Beneful for your pet dog.

Healthy Puppy

It is a dry dog food variety and comes packed with real carrots, chicken and peas to boost your puppy with a calcium rich formula. It has DHA that supports the development of a healthy brain as well as vision in your puppies. It is available on Wal-Mart groceries in bags measuring 3.5lb, 6.3lb and 15.5lb.

Chopped Blends

This falls under the wet dog food category. The chopped blends are made using beef, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice to ensure that your dog enjoys every bite of this food. The food comes in various textures in order to make the mealtime to be more fun. The chopped blends are small in terms of size but highly rich in flavor.

Healthy Smile Dental Ridges

These are dog treats [] from Beneful that are meant to play some important functions like reducing the buildup of plaque and tartar, freshen the dog’s breath and the development of strong bones. They are manufactured using real parsley and savory meats make their middles to ensure great health and joy to your pet dog. They are available in packs of different sizes i.e. mini, medium and large.

Originals with Real Beef

Originals with real beef are a variety of dry dog food and they are made to offer your pet dog with basic nutrients and anti-oxidants to ensure that they thrive well. This food comes in the form of tender bites and mixed crunchy of salmon, chicken, beef that is accented with tomatoes, avocados and carrots. This food ensures your pet dog gets everyday health goodness for its well being.

3 Tips on How to Increase Employee Job Satisfaction

If you’re a business owner, one way you can keep the business running smoothly is to have happy, hardworking employees. If employees are happy, they will work better and have less turnover.

Darius Fisher, Co-founder and the President of an online reputation management company, Status Lab, gave us some tips.

Darius Fisher offers his employees incentives for reaching quarterly goals. He uses incentives such as tickets to a music festival, gadgets, home cleaning service, and an oversea trip.

To have a successful incentive program for the company, Fisher says that it is crucial to find out what the employees like. If they are offered something totally irrelevant to their interests, then budgeting for those incentives may not be such a good idea.


Who doesn’t like receiving awards? Who doesn’t like being recognized for doing something good? People like positive encouragement and recognition, and your employees will like it too.

Even if it is something as simple as a thank you note or an email, they will feel appreciated if someone acknowledges their hard work.

Employees want to feel like they are part of the company because, in truth, a company cannot exist without employees! Employees want to know what is going on in the company and stay in the loop.

What Fisher has done for his employees at Status Labs is he has created a monthly company newsletter to keep his employees up to date on things such as new hiring, big accomplishments, and any other important changes or events that has happened. He also holds monthly company meetings to keep his employees “in-the-know” and answer any questions or comments employees may have.

Darius Fisher is the Co-founder and the President of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm. He helps companies with public relations and digital marketing that will boost their search results and sales.

Fisher has graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in economics.

More information for Status Labs:

Twitter: @fisherdarius



Shaygan Kheradpir is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the president of the Coriant, an optical transportation Vendor. He was former CEO at Juniper Networks and the predecessor to Pat DiPietro.

Mr. Kheradpir attended Cornell University, where he graduated with bachelor’s, masters, and a Ph.D. He is a respected business person and technology oriented leader with over 28 years’ experience in the field of technology, telecommunication, and financial industries. Also, served in the U.S National Institute of Standards & Technology on the advisory board as well as in the Cornell University Engineering Council.

Mr. Shaygan career began at GTE Corporation and was later appointed as chief information officer & Verizon’s EVP and also as a member of the Executive Leadership Team which specialized in System Efficiency, Modernization, Innovations and Pioneering of products initiative.

Mr. Kheradpir also worked as an executive member of FiOS, which is one of the largest infrastructure program in the United States which has a capital investment of over $20millions.

Shaygan later joined Barclays bank as the Technology Officer and Chief Operations as well as a member of the bank’s Executive Committee. While serving in Barclays, he was responsible for overseeing the creation of the transform company program, which describes a historical transformation of the Bank.

After successfully serving with Barclays, he was later appointed the CEO of the Juniper Networks where spearheaded significant projects. He is acknowledged with the development of Integrated Operating Plan and the enforcement of the markets of Cloud Builder & high IQ Networking.

Shaygan later joined Marlin Equity Partners as an operating partner in which he specialized in technology and strategic telecommunication investments.

Beneful and High Quality

Beneful is the brand by Nestle PurinaStore that can be counted on and trusted by every dog owner. Beneful provides a large variety of nutritious and tasty dog foods for every dog. Beneful has a professional team who will stand behind their products. This is a team who enjoys serving your pets high quality meals with a touch of taste in every bite. If your dog has a special diet need, you will find the right food to feed your beloved dog. Special dietary needs are taken into consideration. Dog food is made with care at beneful. Pride is placed in all meals. Beneful is a brand that believes in researching all of the ingredients. Beneful has a nutrition research team in place. These are experts who are informed of safety.
Delicious Dry Foods
If your dog is a dry food lover, then you will be excited to discover the large selection of delicious and nutritious flavors that are available on Wal-mart for your dog to enjoy. Every meal will be delightful with Beneful Dry Dog Food served.

Real Beef in Every Bowl
Antioxidant-rich dry beef food will offer a crunchy mixture of healthy and delicious beefy bits that will be devoured by satisfied dogs. If your dog just cannot resist the flavor of beef, you can choose Beneful Dry Dog Food with real beef in every bowl and bite

Real Chicken Choice
Your dog may prefer foul over beef products. Your dog will love antioxidant-rich chicken nutrition in this crispy and crunchy dry dog food with the real chicken included

A Playful Life the Beneful Way
There is a Beneful Playful Dry Dog Food that provides 100 percent of needed nutrients. Your dog will enjoy dining and added variety in their bowl. Real beef and egg mixed in one meal will be most tasteful. This is Beneful Playful Life Dry Food that will keep your dog playful and energized

A Healthy Weight With Beneful
If your dog has a weight issue, you will be glad to know that there is indeed a dry dog food option. Your dog can be fit and trim with Beneful Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food.

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The Tried and Tested White Shark Media

Any other company or business entity will take pride in its clients’ satisfaction. Besides aiming at making impressive profits and balance sheets at the end of the business year, a company must aim at first of all satisfying its customers. White Shark Media Complaints is not any different and its core commitment as it takes the lead in Adwords management is to at all times leave its customers at most satisfied with its service delivery which will go a long way in establishing long term business relationships together with helping its clients improve in their respective business’s performance.

White Shark Media has met the stringent regulations, eligibility and training requirements set by google, and the company equally takes pride in having proved AdWords expertise. All its staff is certified by internal and external standards. Among its staff, it’s got 81 AdWords certified individuals, 57 Bing Ads Accredited and 52 google analytics certified.

The company has always valued its clients’ feedback and has always taken in the complaints positively and endeavored to improve on them. At the start of its business, it recorded quite a number of complaints from its customers who were in one way or the other unsatisfied with its services. The company took in the necessary steps so as to remedy on the same. This has at length helped in the end of the day improving its service delivery.
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White Shark Media values their Clients and their Employees
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One area that White Shark Media Review had initially received complaints on and has improved on it is with regards to communication with its clients. To improve on this, the company has first of all allowed its clients to directly call its contact persons at any time together with putting up scheduled monthly status call with GoTomeeting with its clients which is an online conference tool. Another complaint was that after a client has signed in, one ended up with a contact person who did not understand their needs. The company has improved on this by ensuring that there is a smooth transition phase and the Senior SME consultants actually track every client right from signing in through to optimization process.

As a result of taking in its clients’ complaints and building on them, the level of customer satisfaction has tremendously improved. The testimonials from the company’s satisfied clients will tell it all. Among its clients is Master Jeff Wade who said that White Shark Media Complaints has outperformed any other company he has dealt with. Another client who is a practicing attorney said that the conversion rate ever since he started engaging with the company is what had impressed him. In the end, the service delivery at White Shark Media has really improved and this is owed to the commitment of the company to better service delivery and constantly improving on its clients’ complaints.

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Multiple Facets of Virtual Communication


Talk Fusion, led by CEO Bob Reina, works worldwide to strengthen businesses through patent-pending video technology. In addition, the company cooperates with Independent Associates to market products in 140 countries and distribute them between person-person.

The services offered by the company includes the following:

1. Video Email- Market products/services in the form of video content

2. Video Newsletters- Boost reputations with news, promotions, coupons, announcements, etc.

3. Sign up forms

4. Live meetings- Create online meetings that include webinars, corporate presentations, workshops, board meetings, training sessions, and video seminars.

5. Video Chat- Allows employees, clients, managers and business to video chat from remote locations.

Video Chat

Since 2007, Talk Fusion had much of its success upon the release of its communication apps, particularly the Video Chat.

Several benefits to the application include its compatibility on multiple devices. Devices that run on Android, Apple and Mac are prime examples. Despite the price of the app, users can install a 30-day trial that’s free. The availability of the free-app builds and attracts international web feed on the main webpage of the company.

In order to access Video Chat, the app has to be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play. Once the app is installed, the option titled “free-trial should be selected. All users can create an account on the main site

As Video Chat continues to thrive, it will “Have success as a foreshadowing of the greater impact free trials will soon have on the market.” This is expressed by VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts.

Venezuela Needs International Aid

Robert Kahn of The Council on Foreign Relations just reported on the economic and social chaos besieging Venezuela right now. Without any clear strategy from the country’s government on how exactly Venezuela can recover from this downward spiral and avoid becoming a failed state, there are increasing calls for outside governments and organizations to intercede on the country’s behalf.

Part of the assistance that is needed immediately is an influx of capital to address the food and medicine shortages. As reported on a article, there are serious humanitarian crises in Venezuela right now that threaten to take the country right over the edge if they are not addressed immediately. In the background for the country to deal with, is the mounting debt that the government looks less likely to pay back than ever before.

Assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) would be crucial according to Open Corporates in renegotiating the debt terms and getting the country in a position to address its more immediate needs of food, medicine and power. China is currently the largest creditor of Venezuela, so it will need to play a significant role in backing any restructuring plan and working with the country to manage repayment terms for its debt. The debt according to expert Jose Figueroa Venezuela owes to China is backed by oil, which continues to be a problem because of the plunging prices of crude oil that are reaching record lows in recent months. Venezuela is also dealing with hyper-inflation.