How to identify the best cleansing conditioner in the market

With so many adverts on cleansing conditioners in the market, it can be confusing trying to identify what will work for your hair. The WEN hair cleansing conditioner by Chaz Dean is a 5-in-1 formula as it works as a shampoo, conditioner, detangler, and styling treatment. Since we all have different hair types, WEN hair by Chaz [] comes in different formulations to suit different hair needs. Identify what you need for your hair and its type, and then choose a WEN version that suits you. Visit the sephora website and choose the variety for you.
Wen hair recommends applying 10-16 pumps for short hair, 16-24 for medium and 24-32 for long hair. You can increase the amount for thicker or longer hair. It will not lather on the scalp because it does not contain aggressive chemicals like sodium laurel sulfate. To get the best results, use half of the pumps for the initial cleanse and repeat with the remaining half.

WEN cleansing conditioner will give you instant results. After a day of using the product, your hair will start showing the effect by being extra shiny and bouncy. It delivers on its promise to a full body and beautiful hair. For best results, use the conditioner during morning shower for a lustrous look all day.

If you have not used the WEN by Chaz before, you can start by experimenting with a 7 day trial to see the effect. Follow instructions as given by the manufacturer. Particularly, be keen on the quantity to use depending on the length of your hair. The right amount will deliver instant and expected results. Whether you want to cleanse, add body, style or treat your hair, WEN by Chaz Dean is one-stop product for hair care.

WEN Hair Care products are also available at Ebay.

How U.S Money Reserve Plays a Critical Role in Securing Wealth

Eric Dye, who is a presenter at the Enterprise Radio of the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network, recently hosted Philip Diehl at his entrepreneurship show. Mr. Diehl is the U.S Money Reserve’s President and a former Director of the U.S Mint.

He was interviewed on the program, and he informed the listeners on various issues. These include his management experience, forecast on the potential of the gold markets and the superb services that clients of the U.S Money Reserve are offered. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Mr. Dye’s program is beneficial to owners of small businesses and developing entrepreneurs since they get useful information from leading business magnates of how to achieve prosperity. The show also offers a platform for sharing the latest business ideas, products services, and strategies.

Philip made significant achievements at the U.S Mint during his tenure as the company’s director. He helped the firm to create its pioneer platinum coin that is issued by the U.S government and also assisted in making the 50 State Quarter scheme a success. Philip was critical in revolutionizing the firm from an organization that was very backward to a highly productive agency. He led the U.S Mint during six years that it dedicated itself to improving customer service.

As the current President of the U.S Money Reserve, Philip Diehl is focused on ensuring that all customer requirements are satisfied. This has raised the firm to be among the top in the precious metals supply business. A self-directed IRS program was recently initiated by the company to enable client secure their fortune in the form of gold and make profits when gold prices chance positively. The PR Newswire indicates that the U.S Money Reserve recommends it clients, only to buy U.S made silver, platinum, and gold coins since they have a precise content, weight and purity.

The U.S Money Reserve is a company that supplies gold silver and platinum products that are U.S government issued and is based in Austin, Texas. The company was started in 2001 and has served more than 300,000 clients who have trusted it to help them in changing their wealth and securing it in the form of precious metals. The enterprise is one of the top suppliers of precious metals in the United States, and this has been achieved by employing highly proficient employees.

The U.S Money Reserves’ website states that the company has skilled numismatic and coin research specialists, who have outstanding market information and can decide on what products can give the best profits. The firm is focused on strengthening its relationships and building trust with its customers. The U.S Money Reserve is giving back to the community, and one of its beneficiaries has been the Austin Police Department.

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How Securus Improved Their Software To Make It The Best Available In The Industry

Threads 3.1 is the latest version of the analytical software developed by Securus Technologies to analyze data relating to the corrections industry. Securus uses this software to facilitate the operations of the services they offer their clients and the upgrades included in this new version make the system much easier to use and streamlined than it was before. Unnecessary features have been eliminated to make interacting with the software more efficient. Upgrades to the platforms and interfaces that the system uses mean the software is more stable and able to operate at the same speed and capability of other newer and upgraded systems.
Threads 3.1 as explained by is primarily used as an investigation tool. Administration and security teams of corrections facilities have to be able to monitor the activities and communications of the inmates they house without violating their rights or any privacy laws. With Securus’ software these professionals are able to effectively do their jobs without worrying about data breaches, malfunctioning equipment, or any mistakes being made due to human error.

The new features of Threads 3.1 include its ability to work seamlessly with other Securus Technology software like the interface uses to enable the video visitation system that the company produces. Making their products compatible and accessible through one another is another way that Securus has streamlined the process and made it simpler to understand and use. This is an added benefit to clients who get to have state of the art, cutting edge equiptment with the latest and best in investigative technology but without needing to take on the expense of re-training their employees on how to use the system.

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Personalized and Social Emotional Learning Theories using ClassDojo App

If you are a parent, student, or teacher and want to learn more about the development of growth mindset, ClassDojo is an app that builds quality classrooms online in our digital era of advancing educational software. While based in San Francisco, Calif., ClassDojo has teamed up with Stanford University Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS). Together, they are creating videos focused on growth mindset for online teaching and learning. With this in mind, their objective and goal is to improve student learning in an online environment.

To begin with, ClassDojo is a communication platform for students and parents to interact with teachers with a purpose of teaching students on being more productive in an online classroom environment. By creating a positive culture in classrooms and schools, ClassDojo’s platform is a tool used to encourage teachers to promote effectiveness on learning outcomes. Notably, ClassDojo is used within 2 in 3 U.S. schools today. In fact, executive director of PERTS, Dave Paunesku, says that his group teamed up with ClassDojo because of their scale in the number of teachers involved with ClassDojo app. He said even though PERT has made efforts in reaching out to parents and teachers, working with ClassDojo is the first effort they have made using a more student-centered approach with animated videos.

The first thing to remember is that growth mindset is based on being able to learn through empowerment, meaning we can learn and use what we all ready know in any learning process. Therefore, growth mindset is about being able to know that your current knowledge (i.e., intelligence) can be developed further because our brain is growing as we learn, as found in studies by Harvard University researchers Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D, Lisa Blackwell Ph.D., and Kali H. Trzesniewski, Ph.D, says Mindset Works, Inc.
For the most part, ClassDojo’s mission is to change education around the world from the ground up by creating communities involving parents, students, and teachers, where they can share classroom activities and school events online, states ClassDojo’s Linkedin page. Another key point to know about using ClassDojo app is that it is a tool for teachers to facilitate personalized learning on digital skills based on individual learning strengths, as well as social emotional learning (SEL) to teach life skills. Given these points, personalized learning and SEL are learning theories that help motivate students to interact and learn in an online classroom.


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