Why Brian Bonar is a Decisive Figure in Finance

Dalrada Financial Corporation’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Brian Bonar was recently named the most influential personality in the financial services industry. Bonar was named Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance.

This is a high-status mention because only two female and male professionals from each discipline are honored every year. The selection committee of The Cambridge Who’s Who selects the honorees by virtue of their career and academic accomplishments, and leadership abilities.  Read more: Brian Bonar / People / MG2

Brian has three decades of professional management experience within the financial industry. This has given him the ability to oversee the operations of the Dalrada Financial Corporation. He has successfully served in this position for more than ten years. His work at the firm is to oversee a wide range of employer and employee benefits.

The company supplies its clients with numerous employee programs whose aim is to increase business efficiency. These programs include risk management insurance, employee benefits, business management, and financial management. Bonar’s role at the firm is therefore to ensure that all client mandates are fully met.

Brian Bonar in Brief

Brian Bonar is a widely recognized business executive. During his illustrious career, he has played a role in the success of numerous corporations. He is particularly renowned for the creation of business structures that have the ability to withstand turbulent market forces.

Brian trained to be an engineer at James Watt Technical College. He received his postgraduate mechanical engineering degree from Stafford University. Mr. Bonar begun his career at IBM, where he was a procurement manager. He later proceeded to QMS, where he served as the director of engineering, overseeing over 100 departmental employees.  Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.spokeo.com/Brian-Bonar

Brian Bonar made his first foray into entrepreneurship when he formed Bezier Systems, a firm that has gone on to be a huge success. While managing his firm, he continued working as a Sales Manager at Adaptec. The experience garnered during this time greatly contributed to Bezier’s success.

According to Whitepages, Brian Bonar worked for a host of other companies before being brought on board by Dalrada. He has gained specialty in mergers and acquisition transactions. He has similarly become notable for his highly personable and creative approach to business. His acclaimed approach combines an engineer’s technical genius with a financial analyst’s creative power. This has endeared him to his employees and fellow executives.

Apart from his work at Dalrada, Bonar sits on the boards of numerous organizations. These include Solvis Group Inc., Greenland Corp., Truecept Inc., Smart Tek Automated Services, Tradeshow Products Inc., American Marine LLC, the Alliance National Insurance Company, and Warning Management Services among others.

Besides this, he holds an honorary title in the United Kingdom, Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff. Away from his engagements, he enjoys playing golf, going for boating trips, and spending time with his family


Wengie’s Travel Beauty Routine and Skincare

Wengie first shows us the best kind of travel pouch to bring (a gorgeous one, from MOR), as well as how to pack it. From there, she starts in on the actual products that she uses for her routine. Although there are still a fair amount of products, she has it pared down nicely for travel.

The first important product she brings out is a moisturizing mask to counteract the effects of air conditioning. She also points out that once the mask is off, the excess lotion can be used to give yourself a face massage.

Next up are toner-soaked cotton pads, which she uses to freshen up her face in the morning instead of washing. She follows that up with two products by SK-II, an essence and a cream. Then comes a light sunscreen from Hada-Labo.

Then she launches into some makeup instruction, beginning with a powder cushion and some blotting powder. She moves from foundation to eyebrow care next, using a brow pencil and brow mascara combo to really make her brows pop. Her eyeshadow is next and comes from The Balm Travel Palette. She then shows us how to apply that to our eyes, and finishes with a pen liner.

On her cheeks, she puts Bal Cheek Blusher by A’pieu in a lavender color. Also by A’pieu, is her lip tint, which she then finishes with a glossy balm.

Wengie wraps up the video with some gorgeous shots of the finished makeup and an adorable shot of her pretending to be a seal.


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Shaygan Kheradpir and the Coriant Comeback

Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London but grew up in Iran. After completing High School, Mr. Kheradpir moved to the United States to earn his bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree in electrical engineering at Cornell University. Shygan’s first job was at GTE Laboratories in 1987 where he worked on network routing management and control. After years of working hard, enhancing his expertise and showing off his skills Mr. Kheradpir eventually became chief information officer at GTE Corporation. In 2000, GTE and Bell Atlantic merged into one company that would gain popularity amongst consumers worldwide known as Verizon Communications. It was then Kheradpir was given the opportunity to serve the company as president of Verizon’s e-business division.

In 2001, Shaygan Kheradpir decided to form small teams out of the 7,000 employees he was managing. He also enforced a system that entailed a 30-day prototype cycle to rapidly test and modify new technologies consistently. Doing this enabled him to give each team the responsibility to create and develop new product ideas at a fast yet very consistent pace. By breaking his employees into smaller teams, he was able to accomplish relieving some stress as well as some of the duties he was obligated to at that time. Since Verizon became known as one of the most face paced places to work, the positions there become very high in demand.

According to lightreading.com, a vendor had reported that Shaygan Kheradpir had been working very closely with the senior management team at Coriant during the time he was employed at Marlin Equity Partners. Some sources has also stated that Mr. Shaygan is a recognized business and technology leader who has over 28 years of executive experience across the telecom, technology and financial service industries which is why it was so easy for him to take on a new position at another multi-billion dollar company very quickly.

Over all, Coraint is very happy to have Kheradpir lead their company due to the amount of experience and the success he has brought to some of the companies he managed during his career. Most of his success comes from the strategic insight and guidance on focused operational execution he possess, which of course Coriant sees very valued for future success of their company. So for now, Shaygan Kheradpir will be leading Coriant, the owners, other managers as well as the employees to a brighter future.




Huffington Reports How One Company Was Able To Repair Their Online Reputation

Status Labs is highly regarded for helping people manage their online reputation. Unfortunately, one department executive threatened to tarnish their online reputation and Founder and CEO Darius Fisher decided there was no need to hire a professional because this is what Status Labs was made for and he applied his companies techniques to repair his online relationship. Status Labs is based in Austin, Texas. They have successfully helped over 1,000+ companies build or repair their relationship as a crisis reputation repair management consultant company. Status Labs decided there was no other man fit for the task of helping them repair their online relationship other than themselves.

During the national snowball effect of what the executive had done Status Labs to the relationship with their online clients they decided to apply the change in behavior method as their first course of action. This is one Status Labs most popular advice options. It is believed that a changed positive behavior pattern will allow your customers to still believe in your brand. For example, according to this situation that Status Labs faced a positive changed behavior resulted in dismissing the executive. They also advise being active in the local community. Status Labs have techniques to help you successfully engage with the public. There PR representative was there to backed them up all the way during their crisis. Status Labs also offers high end professional PR relations to their customers.

Status Labs incorporates a team of professionals willing to assist you in removing negative comments, negative articles, or bad press. They lost a few good employees because of the actions of one executive, but they were determined to use this as a time to build. During the rebuilding stage they used this as a time to strengthen their team. They continued to let their employees know it was a rough time, but they are an important part of the companies success. Status Labs admits that valuing your team is a part of repairing your online reputation. After the numbers came back Status Labs had did a successful job of professionally repairing their online reputation.

GTL has acted improperly in Louisiana

Securus is a leading name in the prison communications industry. They are proud to work with prison officials, investigators, prisoners, and prison family members to provide the best possible communication services. They believe that calling your loved ones and your attorney is a fundamental right, and they are proud to offer prisoners this opportunity. Securus has always run their company with honor and integrity, but they know that several companies choose not to operate with honesty. Recently, Securus found that a major competitor was acting improperly.

GTL is a major force within the prison communications field. They provide prisoners throughout the country with phone calls. Unfortunately, GTL uses several sneaky business practices to maximize their profits. GTL regularly charges customers for time they do not use. They also double bill some customers and charge more than the price they quoted. These misdeeds really add up. Recently, investigators found that GTL had overcharged prisoners in Louisiana by more than a $1 million dollars. People should be shocked by these horrible actions, but many people do not know about GTL.

Securus is shocked that another member of the industry has acted so poorly. When they discovered the depth of GTL’s actions, they knew they had to act. Recently, Securus issued a press release. Within the press release Securus stated that they knew GTL had wronged the people of Louisiana, and they knew about other states where GTL was doing wrong. Securus intends to fully investigate every action GTL has taken in recent years. Every time Securus makes a new discovery, they will issue a new press release to reveal GTL’s actions. They feel that the public has a right to know, and they will keep issuing new press releases to fully inform the public.

GTL’s actions are shocking, and they require action. Hopefully, people will demand action against GTL.

Solo Capital’s Making of Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah was served a cold dish of public distaste when he, a star performer in the stock market, was downsized along with thousands of other Financial District Londoners working there. For Shah, it was perfect timing. He says that he had grown quite tired of dealing with opening investment accounts for many of the “big houses” of the money investments world. And don’t get him started about the futility of his daily commute from his family in the suburbs to the frantic city core; every day the same tedious, sometimes dangerous, drudgery of that trek wore him down.

This was on top of working full 10 hour days, sometimes working himself to the point he would think: “What’s the point!?” He had already decided that he must somehow get a business running on his own. And, that is exactly what he did when he was laid off. He immediately started Solo Capital, based in London. Under his expert management, the company rocketed to success! What began in a little room Shah rented in a place outside of London, became the support for thousands of workers, buildings for them to work in, and amazing profits.

From his profit, Shah bought other clever companies, and he continued investing in start-ups, which are located around the world in locations such as Dubai, where Shah is now living the retired life with his family. He claims retirement, however, he has actually been quite busy with a number of philanthropy projects. Not the least of these is his founding and continuing involvement with the fundraising charity: Autism Rocks. They not only help increase autism awareness around the world, they also fund basic research through a program at Cambridge University in the UK. Autism is an important issue to Shah, as his youngest son has been diagnosed as being autistic.

After his family moved from Kenya to London when Shah was quite young, he attended primary and further schooling in London. His family lived in a quite well-to-do neighborhood of London. Shah had at first decided to study medicine and become a regular General Practitioner (GP) Medical Doctor. However, while he was in medical school, he came to the realization that he was much more turned on by the world of finance. He made the hard decision to quit medical school and work in finance.


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Goettl Hot Dogs

In a recent release from air conditioning specialist Goettl, they provided tips on how to ensure that the family pet doesn’t become barbecue this summer. As we all know, the summer heat can be very uncomfortable, and even dangerous in certain conditions. Now imagine that same heat, but now you are forced to wear a winter coat everywhere you go. You can that this is how the family pet must feel when it has to step outside into the blazing heat.

Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Tips for Protecting Pets from the Heat
There are a number of things that pet owners can do to make sure that their pet is safe during the summer. Pets should avoid stepping on pavement during the day as their paws are susceptible to damage from the heat. Pets should be groomed regularly to regulate body temperature, and pets with shorter coats should have sunscreen applied in order to prevent sun damage. Pets should be kept away from the garage if there are leaks as harmful chemicals that leak from cars during the summer can prove fatal. Most importantly, pets should always have an adequate amount of water. In addition to always having the water bowl filled up, it is good to keep pets cool by letting them go for a swim in the pool or spraying them with the hose.

Goettl Air Conditioning, a company created in 1939 by Gust and Adam Goettl, is an air conditioning company located in Arizona and Nevada who’s mission is to bring the best quality air conditioning to its residents. In addition to quality air conditioning, Goettl also specializes in heating, indoor air quality, energy efficiency and commercial HVAC. Unlike many other companies, Goettl makes sure that it delivers on its promises which can be seen from the incredible reviews that they have had. In other words, the people at Goettl are truly masters of air quality.

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FreedomPop Goes Unlimited for $20

What more could FreedomPop offer its customers? How about “everything”? FreedomPop has launched a new $20 “Everything Unlimited” plan. FreedomPop originally launched as a free service. The company has expanded its offerings to include inexpensive boosted options. The new $20 plan means users can make all the calls and texts and use as much data as they wish. The brilliant new plan, a plan detailed on CNet, should draw even more customers to the FreedomPop fold.

FreedomPop has grown by proverbial leaps and bounds in a very short period of time. The Los Angeles startup’s ability to deliver tremendous deals to consumers has absolutely contributed to the incredible growth. After making a huge splash in the United States, FreedomPop moved onto other territories where it did well. Both mobile service and Wi-Fi hotspots have played significantly into FreedomPop’s success. Per TechCrunch, FreedomPop has released a $5 unlimited Wi-Fi plan in the United States. The Wi-Fi plan – based on a similar one overseas – allows users to connect to 10 million hotspots in the U.S. They number of hotspots is going to grow substantially in the future.

In recent months, $50 million was raised in investment funding to further plans for growth and new projects. Based on how the company has performed in the past, the new endeavors planned by management and developers are sure to yield further success.

The $20 “Everything Unlimited” plan is sure to appeal to FreedomPop’s customer base. People who want to save money on their phone services are absolutely going to find this deal an exceptional one.

The company has even chosen to sweeten deals for new and existing customers by offering fantastic new smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and Victory are just a few of the awesome phones available. With these excellent phones, the total FreedomPop experience is going to be a positive one.

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Marie Claire Covers Fabletics And Kate Hudson

Marie Claire has been covering fashion for a long time, and they did some coverage of Fabletics and their founder Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson wanted to make it easier for women to get dressed in the morning, and she knew that she would need to take steps to make a whole new line of clothes. The line of clothes that she came up with is just like something she would use because it is not very complicated. She does not want to spend all her time wondering what to do about her clothes, and people who are wearing swimwear by Fabletics will have everything they need in their gym bag.

The clothes from Fabletics start with simple sports bras and tights, but they progress into more complex pieces like dresses, tops and skirts. A woman who wants to wear something like this will be able to use the brand to make the most of her clothing choices during the day so that she does not feel like she is wasting time. A lot of women are going to need something that is very easy to pack like Fabletics, and they will stuff those clothes into their gym bags when they leave the house.

A woman who wants to make her life a lot easier can just wear these clothes when she wants, and then she can change them out when she wants. Her clothes will be easy to interchange, and then she will not have to worry about how her clothes look because all her Fabletics clothes match each other. She can come up with an outfit that will take her to the gym, take her to a meal or take her sopping. She will be bathed in the athleisure styles of the day, and she will be wearing something any woman can appreciate.
 Source: http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/