Magnises Brings Luxury To Your Social Life

Facebook rules the digital world right now and that is pretty much not up for debate. As social creatures, the internet has given rise to a social networking culture on Crunchbase. We are always expected to be connected with our friends and family members. We are always going to be sharing material on our various social networks. One CEO with a wide vision for changing the world saw this social culture and decided to bring it to the next level. Magnises CEO Billy McFarland started his company with one simple mission in mind: create an offline social networking group that is similar to Facebook but fulfilling in a real and physical way. So what IS Magnises, exactly?

Magnises is a name that Billy McFarland came up with which he insists means, “leveling up your life“. Magnises is a club that people can join by purchasing a VIP card from their online store. The VIP card can be had for a monthly fee or an annual price. The Magnises Black Card gives you access to a variety of special discounts as well as admission to exclusive, member only events such as concerts and even social networking parties. What the aim of this card is, is simple: networking. The Magnises Black Card puts you in possession of a key that can proverbially get you in the right room with the right kind of people. Magnises aims to put people who are focused on luxury and a higher level of living in a room together. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

While Magnises hasn’t yet turned into a national product, it is already taking some of the biggest cities on in the United States by storm. Magnises launched back in 2013 and since then it has seen a meteoric rise in popularity. Right now there are over 12,000 active members of the Magnises network with the majority of them centrally focused in cities like New York. Let’s talk about what an average night out as a Magnises member can be like.

So one of the biggest benefits of a Magnises membership is that it puts you in possession of a digital concierge service that is available for your usage at any time. This concierge service can help you set up a night out from beginning to end. Let’s say you want to take out some clients for a night out at a great dining spot. Magnises can hook you up with a fine dining restaurant that is partnered with Magnises and offering discounts. From there the concierge service can point you toward a Magnises members-only club in the area where you can find a calm environment to discuss whatever it is that you want to discuss.

Billy McFarland’s goal with Magnises is pretty simple. He wants to build a platform that connects young professionals together in the city that they live in. McFarland himself knows what it is like to be a young professional as he dropped out of Bucknell University to become an entrepreneur and so far that is working out pretty well, we would say.

Twenty Three Layers Tips on Hiring an Event Planner

Planning a special event is time consuming, and sometimes hiring an event planner is the answer. What questions or information do you need to provide an event planner with before you hire them?

Start by writing down the reason for the special event and the purpose of the special event or party. Once you determined the purpose decide on a theme for the event and perhaps the type of decorations and food that you want to feature.

What type of restaurant or catering venue do you want to use? Do you want to have it at your home and need some special decorations and food made? Design a budget for this event so the event planner can help you plan it better.

Look for an event planner with experience that has organized events for companies and friends that you know. Experience and education is important to successful event planning. Word of mouth is a good way to get the name of a good event planner .Check professional associations, chambers of commerce, or local colleges with hospitality programs for recommendations of successful event planners.

It is suggested that you interview three planners before deciding. Give them your budget and details of the event. They should ask you questions to find out what you want and need. Try to meet with the event planner in person and check references of the work they have done. Read information about their business.

Listen to their ideas about your event and be sure to get a written estimate of the costs of the event before making a decision. Review fine print and work out the cost and details with the event planner once they have been hired.

Twenty Three Layers is an upscale event planning and design company in New York that caters corporate events and personal celebrations. They help with venue selection, catering, flower arrangements, decorations, entertainment, photography, lighting, printing, and workshops. Some of their clients are Prudential Real Estate, Douglas Lynch Foundation, Time Out North America, Jaguar, and Rare Bar and Grill.

Jessica Boskoff and Sarah Friedman have years of experience planning events that translates into a one of a kind experience. Contact them to learn more about celebrations, weddings and showers, business and corporate events, birthday parties, or photo shoots and workshops. Contact them at 646-837-5902 today to learn more.

Keith Mann Reaches Out To Help Some Graduating High School Seniors

There is a story behind every person who graduates from college and earns a college degree. Some of the stories are heart warming such as a single mother who somehow on a minimum wage job is able to send her child to college and help her child pay for school. While many stories of people who have graduated college and earned a degree are not life changing stories, each story is special.


 There are many people who go to college and earn a degree through the help of scholarships. The college expenses that are paid for by scholarships often go unnoticed because there is not a face associated with the scholarship money. However, the people who provide the scholarship money to the students in need of assistance to attend college are special people. Most of the time, the people who provide scholarship money never actually get to know the students who receive the scholarships.


One of the people who makes attending college and earning a degree possible for many students is Keith Mann. Recently Keith Mann established a scholarship at Uncommon Schools for graduating high school seniors from the organization’s Brooklyn High Schools. Uncommon Schools is an organization that provides management of 44 schools ranging from K-12 throughout three states, which are New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.


The scholarship established by Keith Mann will be awarded to one graduating senior a year from an Uncommon School based in Brooklyn. The scholarship will be for $5,000. Students interested in applying for the scholarship will have to write a 1,000 word essay.


Keith Mann is the CEO and founder of Dynamics Search Partners. Mr. Mann handles the day-to-day business activities for the firm. Dynamics Search Partners is an executive search firm that helps companies in a specialized industry find quality executive talent for positions that need to be filled.


Keith Mann has acquired a large amount of executive search knowledge through his many years of experience in the executive search industry. With his experience and knowledge, Keith Mann through his firm is able to offer and provide clients with a rare combination of executive search services.

How Technology And Fashion Work Together

If there is one mix that people don’t necessarily expect, it is the mixture of fashion and technology. However, fashion and technology has always been together. For one thing, there are gadgets that people wear in order to help them tell time, or monitor their health. As a matter of fact, wearable technology is becoming popular. As a result, people are more able to protect themselves and plan according to what their technology is telling them. A lot of fashion comes from filling a technical need. For instance, there is a need to be warm and protected from harsh elements. Fashion provides people with the warmth and protection.

Among the people who have a lot of knowledge when it comes to fashion and technology is Chris Burch. While he is an investor and a runner of the firm, Burch Creative Capital, he is also knowledgeable about plenty of other topics. For this reason, he is able to get the information that he needs so that he can make more intelligent decisions when it comes to making investments. He is able to look at many proposals and figure out how they are going to work. He is also able to work with the companies that he is making investments in so that they can make the needed improvements to their business plans.

Chris Burch is also a good writer. He provides a lot of insights with his well written and research articles. In this case, he is especially able to give people the type of information that they need so that they can move forward with their goals. He is also able to provide information to people on some of the best wearable technology they can use so that they can live the best life that is possible. Chris Burch is someone that loves helping others.

Softer Lips With Evolution Smooth

Charles Browne Fleet was the first individual to manufacture Lip Balm in the 1800s. Although, Linda Maria Child was said to be using earwax on cracked lips forty years before. She described all the uses for ear wax in her book The American Frugal Housewife. Lip Balms helps to alleviate pain and soothe lips that are chapped. Some have beeswax, lanolin, paraffin, petrolatum and so many more ingredients. They also contain dyes, fragrances, and even sunscreens.

Balms are manufactured mainly to give protection to the lips from the elements, such as cold temperatures and the wind by sealing in moisture. The skin on the lips is easy to become dry because it is so thin, these balms help to protect them. To know if it’s a great lip balm, when applied it should soften and smooth almost immediately.

So if you are tired of chapped cracked lips, Evolution Smooth maybe the answer. Their lip balms come in all sort of delicious flavors. The ingredients are vitamin E, antioxidants, shea butter- which is the main ingredient and jojoba oil. Their products are said to be tested by dermatologists and are labeled as hypoallergenic. EOS doesn’t use any parabens or petrolatum.

Their products are considered to be organic. And are sold on eBay and Ulta online stores. There are so many different flavors to choose from, such as passion fruit, blueberry, honeysuckle honeydew, pomegranate and so much more. Designed not only to shimmer and soften but also to moisturize. They are also reasonably priced, making it quite easy for everyone to afford. Visit:


White Shark; the Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Company

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that helps its clients who are mostly small and medium businesses to grow their business through online marketing. White Shark provides Ad word campaigns and Searches Engine Optimization management services that are crucial in increasing traffic to a company’s Website. Increased traffic means that many clients are attracted to the business products.


Their marketing campaign aims at online users who seek different services online. White Shark Media has developed excellent skills that attract the right traffic using a Search Engine Optimization management structure that attracts the online users.


To attract more traffic to the website of their clients, White Shark Media’s marketing professionals design a search engine optimization management strategy that helps customers to understand various brands by engaging them online. Besides, they help their clients to develop a website that attracts more customers.


Due to their distinguished service, White Shark Media agency is one of the Google Ad words Premier Partners. For a company to win a Premier SMB Partnership with Google, it has met the strict eligibility and training sessions organized by Google.


The partnership program was started to assist small and medium sized businesses who needed advertisement campaign services. Chosen companies provide expertise on the many customer needs that are crucial for the growth of their client’s company.


Once customers sign up to White Shark Media services, they stand assured of free AdWords performances assessment. The assessment will be carried out by an expert from White Shark Media who will use a client’s business strengths and weaknesses to tailor an efficient marketing strategy.


Furthermore, the management plan will entail specialized AdWords campaigns using an affordable price. White Shark Media agency’s staffs are well experienced having successfully assisted customers from a broad range of industries ranging from those offering cleaning services, e-commerce, consultancy services, pet services, landscaping services law firms and much more.


Most of their customers have achieved a positive impact on improved sales, market growth, and increased profits. For instance, a Canadian consultancy firm revealed that it had achieved a 120% growth in market operations after contracting White Shark Media.


White Shark has been able to rise by helping its clients improve their sales. They make sure if their sales and returns were rising, then their clients had to be performing better than when they had not joined White Shark Media.



Due to their quality services, white shark Media was ranked by Inc. Magazine at position 527 out of 5000 fastest growing companies based in United States.


Find out more about White Shark Media:

ClassDojo Gets $21 Million to Build an App for Parents and Teachers

ClassDojo recently announced that they have received $21 million funding to build an application that will bridge the communication gap between teachers and parents. Once it is successful, the app will make parent and teacher physical meeting a thing of the past. The funding is part of the Series B round of financial assistance to the tech company that is seeking to create a technological revolution in the country’s education sector.


The app forms a communication platform that enhances the connection between teachers, parents and students. This means that the new tech will make it possible for parents to have a real-time experience of their children’s daily learning activities without going to school physically. Through the app, teachers will now be able to post pictures of classroom activities to parents. The teacher can also record videos and share it on the app’s platform easily.


The round B Series of funding ended last year, and the company will now use the money collected to develop a team of experts to figure out additional contents and features the app should have. According to ClassDojo co-founders, the app will have a lot of features that enable parents and teachers to communicate not only during the school days but also when they are at home.


About ClassDojo


ClassDojo is a technology company that provides technical solutions to the education sector. The idea behind the formation of the company was to change how parents, teachers and students communicate by introducing applications tailored for each party. The company was co-founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don in 2011. Since its inception, ClassDojo has made milestone achievements in American education sector. The company now offers services to 2 in 3 American schools. Over 85,000 schools are already in its client database.


The company is not only a domestic education tech provider but a multi-national entity. It has diffused in more than 160 countries, and the number is expected to increase in the next few years. ClassDojo prides itself on a mission to reinvent classrooms in order to improve learning experience. In a bid to expand its territories, the company struck a partnership deal with Stanford University to teach students about the “Growth Mindset.” It has come up with series of videos available to students that put across new concepts of intelligence. The firm has received over $30 million in total equity funding since it started operating.


Find out more about ClassDojo:

Geoffrey Cone – A New Zealand Law Firm You Can Trust

When you read about the recent media coverage concerning New Zealand foreign trusts, it sounds much more thrilling than it actually is. To begin with, New Zealand is not the tax haven that some think they are. New Zealand has never been featured on the list that OECD maintains concerning tax havens. To clarify, tax havens do not impose taxes and if they do, they are nominal. There are also laws that prevent any information exchanges among other government bodies.

New Zealand has been able to show leadership when it comes to tax transparency because of the way they handle all foreign trusts, as well as the requirements that are placed upon the trustees. In 2006, new rules regarding this area were put into place by Michael Cullen. According to this rule, any a trustee of any foreign trust in New Zealand must turn in a Foreign Trust Disclosure form. They must also keep track of all financial records for tax purposes, such as the trust deed, any details of a settlement and distribution. Distribution reports must include the recipient’s name and current address, any assets and liabilities concerning the trust, and the money that the trustee actually receives and spends. All records must be in English, as there are heavy penalties if they are not.

Those who are involved in foreign trusts should always employ a lawyer who knows the law in and out, such as Geoffrey Cone and his law firm. Geoffrey Cone is well schooled in both commercial litigation and the tax and trust advisory field. Cone is a graduate of the University of Otago in New Zealand. He graduated with LLB honors as well as a post-graduate diploma in the area of tax and trust law. He started his practice in 1980 in Auckland, New Zealand and then later became a partner in a well-known law firm. Geoffrey Cone represents clients in the courts at all levels as the lead counsel, which also includes the Privy Council. He worked in the British West Indies for about two years as a litigator before returning to Auckland to continue practicing.

By 1999, Cone had established his own law firm, Cone Marshall Limited. His law firm specializes completely in tax planning and international trust and is the only law firm in New Zealand to focus on these areas exclusively. They also provide trustee and trust management assistance to the public through their affiliated companies.

The Success of Organo Gold

Organo Cold is an international corporation that is dedicated to created different products that are not only focused on promoting health and well-being, but is also dedicated to providing information to the four corners of the world about the importance of healthy living with strategies to coincide with this education that is given.

Organo Gold is a company that was founded within the last eight years by Bernardo Chua, a knowledgeable businessman with a passion for not only healthy living, but also with a passion for business. Within the last few decades, Bernardo Chua has been developing more and more products that encourage both healthy living, as well as being active.

Mr, Chua’s new empire that is known as Organo Gold has become exponentially popular over the last several years to now be the number one choice across several countries among millions of consumers that have a love for healthy living as well as energizing products.

Bernardo Chua’s main passion is for coffee as well as tea which is why Mr. Chua has created a new and innovative way to consume these products while also promoting a healthy way of eating. Bernardo Chua has accomplished this goal by adding a special ingredient to his products that help the consumers relax and also energizes the consumer for those long work days.

The special ingredient that Bernardo Chua has centered his company around is an ingredient that is known as Ganoderma, an herb that is specifically found in Asia that Bernardo Chua found during his many travels.

According to The Street, Bernardo Chua has successfully created an international coffee empire on behalf of not only his excellent product that he wants to share with the world, but also by his business model of sharing his wealth and success with everyone that wants to be a part of the company.

Anyone who has a love for the Organo Gold product is encouraged to become a part of the company to sell the product. Not only does this increase the reliability of the product, but this new opportunity has given jobs to millions that are looking to increase their income or be their own boss.

Can Norka Luque Just Sing?

Norka Luque is one of the most popular singers who sings in the Latin genre and comes, originally, from Venezuela. She is a Latin singer who has many influences on her singing life and who has music that comes from many different parts of the world. She always makes sure that she is getting the most out of her career and that she is working to make sure that she knows all of the ins and outs of singing. She has many other talents, too, that come from the years leading up to her music career because of the way that she wanted to choose different things in her life.

Starting out, she wanted to be in business. She went to a business school in France because of the way that it allowed her to learn more about business. She excelled in school. She eventually graduated from the business school with a degree in business. She quickly learned, though, that she would not be comfortable in the business environment. She knew that it would not allow her to be as creative as possible. She wanted to do something different in her life because of the creative side that controlled a large part of her.

Since she knew that she was going to want to do something creative, she decided to do it in the kitchen. She went to culinary school. Unlike in other countries, culinary school in France is a huge deal. This is something that is difficult to get into and even more difficult to pass. She dedicated all of her time to the school and she wanted to be able to graduate. She graduated despite the challenges that were put in front of her. She learned, though, that the culinary world wasn’t quite right for her.

With many different things under her belt, Norka Luque wanted to do something different. She was found by a band who could hear her sing and wanted her to be a part of them. The band needed a female singer who could bring something more to the table. She made the decision to work with the band to help her learn what it was like to be on the stage and be confident in the way that she acted on the stage. She used this experience to be able to sing on stage. She took the experience and went solo with her career.