US Money Reserve on Oil

Oil is one of the most important commodities in the entire market. There are few things that affect the price of all other goods like oil does. Since 2014, the price of oil has been decreasing until it recently bottomed out. A lot of nations in the Middle East are talking about reducing output in an effort to cut the production of oil. This has temporarily caused crude oil prices to increase, but few people think that it will last. The price of crude oil recently became a topic of conversation on the US Money Reserve podcast.


US Money Reserve

The US Money Reserve podcast is one of the best on the internet today. Over the past four years, the podcast has won a variety of awards. They have done a great job of connecting with customers on the subject of finance. If you want to learn more about finance and investing in general, this is a great podcast to listen to. There are many people who are excited about the future of their finances after listening to the show. If you want to take your investing to the next level, they have the advice that you need to get there. For many people, investing is a scary subject with all of the volatility in the market. The price of oil is a fun subject to listen to with them.

Final Thoughts

Overall, personal finance is a vital subject to understand. If you want to increase your knowledge in this area, US Money Reserve has a great show to listen to. They have knowledgeable guests on every week, and you will be able to learn a variety of things by tuning in. This is one of the biggest reasons why the show is gaining listeners every week. Investing is typically not a fun subject to listen to, but US Money Reserve does a great job of making it entertaining. On the price of oil, there are a lot of variables to consider in the future. US Money Reserve can help shed some light on the difficult subject of investing in this area.

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Former Hawks Owners Sue Insurance Company Over Ferry’s settlement

Bruce Levenson is a prominent American businessman, a Forbes billionaire, an active philanthropist, and a former NBA team owner. He is a former co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC, which was originally Atlanta Spirit LLC. The company runs the famous Philips Arena and the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. Before joining Atlanta Hawks, Bruce co-founded the United Communications Group (UCG) in the year 1977.

The Sale Of Atlanta Hawks

Levenson hired Danny Ferry in 2002 as the general manager and president of Atlanta Hawks. Ferry had a massive experience in basketball having played for the Cleveland Cavaliers before serving as their general manager. He was also the vice president of operations at San Antonio Spurs before joining Hawks.

Levenson announced his plans to sell his majority shares of the company’s ownership in 2004 through an investment bank.

The Former Atlanta Hawks Ownership files a lawsuit against AIG Insurance

The previous ownership of the NBA franchise has sued an insurance company in New Hampshire for breach of contract. The suit involves the settlement of claims tabled by the former general manager and President Danny Ferry.

Bruce Levenson is part of the former Hawks ownership group due to his controlling partnership. However, the current ownership has distanced themselves from the suit since they are not in any way involved.

AHBE claims that the company took up a policy that covered losses related to employment malpractices including, but not limited to “Workplace Torts and “Wrongful Termination.”

According to the suit, despite the insurance firm’s obligation to pay Mr. Ferry’s claims and the acknowledgment that the claims fell within the AIG’s policy coverage, the insurance company has failed to settle the claims. The justifications given by the firm is an act of bad faith.




Gooee is Revolutionizing Smart Lighting

Technology has proved to be a great deal all around in our lives and the future as we can see finally here. Everything is smart, from smart farming, smart automobiles, and smart watches, just to mention a few. Lighting has also evolved with various forms of smart lighting taking form. The need for efficient lighting systems in our homes, offices and other areas has brought the idea of smart lighting to life. Smart lighting incorporates technology and other human-made aspects to provide the best for its users. This concept allows lights to interact and form different patterns that can light up a room.
For instance, there are smart bulbs that are more efficient, environmentally friendly, energy saving and wireless. This compared to LED bulbs prove to be more efficient in the sense that they can be controlled from anywhere using mediums such as Wi-Fi. Smart lighting also performs other functions such as ensuring rooms are well utilized, hence ensuring savings are done. There are two types of smart lighting; sensor integrated and non-sensor integrated.
With smart lighting still evolving and yet to reach all parts of the world, there is a company that has been specializing in this concept. Gooee is a company of professionals who provide smart lighting solutions, professional advice and research on the possible future of smart lighting.
Gooee integrates software and hardware technologies to deliver the best solutions for their clients, in this case the users, service providers and lighting companies. They also have a cloud platform that connects them to their users as well as providing communication, sensing and control layers for effective connection.

Brian Bonar – The Successful Financial Executive

When it comes to finance, Brian Bonar is very popular. He is an executive and leader in the world of finance. He is the current president of Trucept, Incorporated. He has an outstanding amount of skill in leadership. He has worked as an acquisition and mergers officer in various companies. He has a proven track record of performance, especially with the Dalrada Financial Corporation.

He had a very technical background in his early life. That explains the reason why he is good at building working and substantial business structures. He attended James Watt technical college and attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering. He later on went to Stanford University to pursue his Masters Degree. His excellent education background laid the foundation for him to become a genius in the financial world.

His long career history extends in the business community and accomplishments. He worked as a manager at IBM, U.K. Ltd. after that, he became the director of design and engineering at QMS, Incorporated, and managed over 100daptec, Incorporation, he worked as the sales manager and strived towards moving up higher in the ladder of success and business in the world of finance. After working as a manager and leader in numerous companies, he decided to create his firm and named it Bezier Systems.

Mr. Brian Bonar has specialized in approaches that can be emulated by many in the financial world. He has a creative mind that makes him stand out vigilant amid all his workmates. His combines his technical genius and the power of an architect. And that to his specialties that include acquisition and mergers, and you have a lucky person.

Just because Mr. Bonar is a genius in business and finance, it doesn’t mean that he is all labor and no play. He is a man of the family and loves going for boat trips, golfing, and spending time with his lovely family. Trucept, Incorporated is where you will find Mr. Brain Bonar now. He is its current president. Trucept Company does bring solutions to companies.

An example is when your company needs help in payroll; Trucept will come in handy and manage your payroll. Trucept also helps in managing employee benefits and human resource administration. Trucept helps in operating companies, so the company will have all the time to focus on business and let Trucept do the remaining part of Human Resource. They are also good at assisting firms that need help, suggestion, and plans.

Trucept also provides staffing solutions, tax issues, and help businesses with human resource documents. It is very essential for a company to develop a risk management structure if it wants a maintenance of a successful business. That is the work of Trucept, Incorporated.


Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredits Securus Technologies

One of the largest facility providers, Securus Technologies, was recently accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Securus provides justice technology answers for investigations, public safety, corrections, monitoring, and they serve over 1,200,000 inmates across North America. The main focus of this company is to connect what matters. They are a gateway for emergency response, biometric analysis, inmate self-services, the monitoring of products and services, public information, investigation, information management, incident management, and communications to make the world more secure. This company possesses some of the best licensed ingenious thinkers, designers, engineers, and technologists that have helped build their profile as being one of the most high-tech software solutions providers nationwide.

The BBB, Better Business Bureau, works with corporations to measure the rationale of statements made by companies to their customers and media. That is precisely what Securus did voluntarily with the BBB, and was appointed a rating of A+. There are many standards to get such a high rating by the BBB, and Securus met all qualifications. The standards that are to be covered and judged are to build trust between clients, advertise in the most ingenuous way, be transparent, honor the promises you state to clients, be responsive towards any disputes that needs resolving, safeguard your clients privacy, and to embody integrity. With every one of these standards met, Securus was given such a high rating.

Securus took many steps to ensure such a rewarding rating. It is a company with one of the highest domestic call centers in the industry that has up to 220 seats. This helps increase and boost customer service to about 25 million family members and friends, and this helped with the customer review rate of 4.3 out of 5. With that the first-call resolution rate was up to 99 percent at a call average of 2.5 million calls per month. This significantly helped execute the meeting of the BBB standards for accreditation. With help of the BBB, Securus is now one of the largest full-spectrum solutions provider nationwide.


Betting on the NFL Made Easy

It’s easy to forget that there is a teeming world of gamblers underneath the popularity of the NFL in America. Gambling on the NFL has been a part of the sports’ history for as long as you can trace it back. Nowadays everyone is focused on Daily Fantasy Leagues and while those leagues are fun to play, we are still far more interested in working with the spread. Today we are going to talk about how you can place an informed bet on an NFL game by consulting the spread and statistics related to it. For the maximized usage of this guide you should pull up as a reference for NFL betting odds, statistics, and spread facts.

When it comes right down to it the game of football is relatively simple: have more points than the other team by the time the final whistle blows. That is essentially what the spread is all about. The spread is the number of points by which team A is predicted to beat team B. When you have a high powered team with Super Bowl aspirations playing against a team of scrubs then the spread can be notable. When two evenly matched teams play one another you’ll find that the spread remains pretty tight. These tight spreads are hard to bet on as they leave you with precious little wiggle room when it comes to winning. This is especially true when betting on Super Bowl odds. There are fewer teams to pick from during the Super Bowl so the scope of the spread is much smaller.

The way that a team does with the spread will be revealed underneath the box scores of each NFL game on That is why you will want to pay attention to the ATS stats for each team. Every time that a team covers the spread it is marked as a victory on their ATS. Every time that a team fails to cover it is listed as a ‘loss’. You want to bed on teams that are reliable but you also want to take advantage of certain situations. Let’s look at a situation where you’d want to bet big on the underdog.

Thursday Night Football puts teams on the field after a short week. If the favored team played on Sunday night then they’ll have less time to rest and prepare. If the favored team has to travel this makes it even likelier that they end up playing below expectations. In this situation you would be profitable, at least more likely, if you were to bet on the underdogs.

How Cyber Conversations Can Affect Your Online Reputation

The world has grown into a global village, thanks to the internet and more connectivity through devices and applications. With access to many platforms like social media, the global citizens community is able to express their views and demand accountability and transparency. Companies have realized the great ways they can reach customers and engage them, all at no cost through social media. Life has become easier and convenient to many people, so access to feedback from customers has also become easy since they can post information or comments on different reviews sites.

Every business that is aware about the effect cyber conversations could have on its performance will strive to ensure any information that paints a bad image is mitigated before it reaches many customers. The online world can ruin a business just because of a small mistake, so having a clear online reputation management strategy-could prevent losses.

According to, most of the conversations that happen online are not confined to certain borders and there is need to have a sound strategy that looks into mentions posted online about a business so one can understand what information is shared and the impact the details may post to a business.

Embrace monitoring technology

Taking too long to respond to an issue posted online about your business could send a message to the clients that you don’t care about their problems. You should have several monitoring tools like Google Alerts, which will notify you whenever someone mentions your business online. Issuing a fast and positive response could prevent loss of customers and would reinforce the trust customers have in your brand. Don’t let bad feedback to soil the image you have built for a long period.

Handling customer complaints

One of the conversations that can affect the image of a business is constant complaints from customers. On this you need to be careful when replying to ensure the feedback issued answers the questions the customer has submitted with a lot of zeal. Note that responding to a negative comment with negative feedback may not augur well with your brand and may force you to employ other expensive methods like hiring online reputation managers.