Entrepreneurial Prodigy Billy McFarland Has Come A Long Way In Little Time

Billy McFarland has become a huge success today, managing to start up two highly successful companies by the age of 25. While this is young to most, it was actually a long time coming for Billy, as he had a strong focus on business while he was still barely a teen. He even managed to started a small business when he was 13 years old to help outsource work for businesses.

According to INC, Once Billy McFarland had finished his basic education, he went on to college, studying at Bucknell University under a computer engineering major. It wasn’t long, however, before he was spending more time on his business ideas and ultimately started off his own company while in college, a company known as Spling.

Spling is primarily an advertising and reputation enhancing company that helps businesses spruce up their ads and the image of their brand. To date, Spling has working with some big names, such as Universal, Warner, and Discovery.

Billy’s most significant accomplishment and company is Magnises, which he started up back in 2013 within the Washington DC and New York City locations. Magnises functions as a social club and meeting ground for successful millennials of the generation.

The black card that Magnises released in 2014 allows all members to take advantage of special discounts and rewards for using the card around the city, including special access to events.

In order to obtain a membership in this elite club, an individual must fill out an application online to be approved by management. The target audience for Magnises is young hard working millennials, or typically individuals between the age of 21 and 35.

The annual fee to remain a member and use the black card is $250 dollars, but the huge number of discounts and perks that come along with the membership more than makes up for the fee.

Millennials with active social lives will get some of the best that life has to offer with Magnises, and many people are beginning to catch on to this, which is why Magnises has amassed more than 10,0000 members in just a few years.

Billy has big plans for his company and plans to expand into new territory soon. the time is now to take advantage of the opportunity.

Capital Group Finally Chooses a Chairman Successor

After the death of former chairman, Jim Rothenberg, Capital Group began looking his a qualified successor. The front-runner was Tim Armour. Tim has been with the company since the start of his career. After graduating from college, Timothy Armour was accepted into Capital’s Associate Program. Ever since then, Tim has been a part of the Capital Group family. The board members hope that Armour will take a prominent role in rebuilding the company and its fund managers.

Capital suffered some minor losses following the death of Rothenberg. The company, which once managed over $1 trillion in assets, began falling behind. As Capital mourned the loss of one of its chief officers, a new generation of passive fund managers claimed the markets. One of the key attributes of the new chairman would be the ability to rebuild the company’s market share and make up those losses. Capital hoped to promote from within the company, meaning that management positions would be reshuffled.

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Timothy Armour was the front-runner for the chairmanship a reason. He was Chair of the management committee and worked closely with Rothenberg. He was also one of the leading team members that led an in-house research team to determine what long-term benefits could be expected from certain kinds of active fund management. He was also a major player in Capital’s decision to diffuse some of the secrecy surrounding the company. He pointed that public relations could be improved by engaging the media more openly and frequently.

After allowing Armour additional influence, Capital began seeing an increase in profits. The company rebuilt and sharpened its sales operations based on modern data. Capital was soon enjoying the fruits of its improvements. In less than six months, the company took in more new money than any other company. Capital was flying high and showed no sign of slowing down. It was soon clear to the board that Armour was the only choice for Rothenberg’s successor.

After 30 years with the company and proving himself time and time again, Timothy Armour has been named Capital Group’s new Chairman. He plans on continuing to offer the best options for success that he possibly can. He admits that it greatly saddened him to have lost Rothenberg, but he’s excited to accept his new role with great dedication. He looks forward to continuing the company’s 84-year legacy.

See: https://www.facebook.com/public/Timothy-Armour

Why Has WEN by Chaz Conditioners Taking Over The Market

No matter the race, color, or creed of an individual, everyone just seem to love their hair. Besides being a protectant barrier for the scalp, hair makes us all much more attractive to the naked eye. Having soft beautiful follicles are the end goal, but many things have to be taken into consideration. First things first; the hair is suppose to be taken cared for with gentle products. Unfortunately many of the brands and products on overstock.com are loaded with sulfates and parabens. These are literally chemicals, though they can give you a specific appearance, underlying issues takes place below the surface. These sulfates and parabens are basically synthetic, meaning that they’re man-made. Most things that are man-made especially for health, usually give it’s users side effects at http://jillcataldo.com/wen_haircare_week_4_and_5/.

WEN Hair by Chaz has taken over the game as in recent years. This brand uses the finest of ingredients such as lavender, rosemary extract, wild cherry bark, cucumber, fig, sweet along oil, aloe vera leaf, pomegranate extract, panthenol, glycerin, and more. There are numerous formulas to chose from as well such as:

Winter Vanilla Mint Cleansing Conditioner
Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner
Bamboo Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioning
Mandarin Italian Fig Cleansing Conditioning

These revolutionary products on Ebay.com are unique and differ from other brands such as Head & Shoulders, Pantene, L’Oréal, and others. These brands ca offer you results, but those results comes with a hefty price tag which takes place down the line. Parabens, sulfates, and other chemicals are added to make up the formula and these chemicals can give you dry itchy scalp, breakage, and hairloss in extreme cases. WEN Hair’s Conditioners are from a simplistic origin that’s organic. Mother Nature’s very own nourishing ingredients are what sets this brand apart from the competing brands on Twitter. These leave-in treatments makes hair more manageable thanks to their soothing and calming actions. No longer will you suffer with tangles or rough dry hair. The scalp is primed for growth with the smallest of application. Leaving a healthy lifestyle is great for better hair health and founder Chaz Dean personifies this best. The product line of WEN Hair is an actual reflection of healthy living at it’s finest. Chaz Dean has been in the business for many years as a celebrity hairstylist and he implements all of his knowledge into these contemporary products and this is how WEN by Chaz has taken over the market.

Mesmerizing Flavors of Organic Smooth Sticks from EOS Organic Lim Balm Collection

EOS is considered by a Facebook review among the most popular and trendy beauty brands in the USA. With their impressive collections and quality standards, they have already made a strong fan base of millions including young and adult. But this is not the end for EOS here as they are continuing to mesmerize their customers with their new products that include Lip Balms, Hand & Body Lotions, Shaving Creams and much more. However, their Lip Balm collection is amazing and they have a number of flavors which are tailored according to diversified taste and preference of their clients. Among them, their Organic Smooth Stick collection is the most popular one.

EOS has a number of flavors in their Organic Smooth Stick collection that includes Pomegranate Raspberry, Vanilla Bean, and Sweet Mint. Each of them cost $3.29 only on Amazon, and you can buy them from the local shops or EOS online shop. These lip balm sticks are 95% organic, and there is nothing unnatural in them. They are packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil which keeps your lips soft, moist, and smooth for a long time. However, all of these organic smooth sticks lip balms are explicit regarding their distinctive flavors, ingredients, and appeal. https://well.ca/brand/eos-evolution-of-smooth.html

The Vanilla Bean flavored lip balm has a sweet fresh vanilla flavor for a refreshing and long lasting moisture. For the vanilla flavor, they have used Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract which is 100% organic. On the other hand, their Sweet Mint flavored lip balm has a refreshing minty flavor which has been made with organic component of Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) oil. Last but not the least, their Pomegranate Raspberry stick has a perfect Pomegranate Raspberry flavor with organic component of natural flavor. However, regardless of their flavors, all of these EOS Organic Smooth Lim Balm Sticks will give you long lasting moisture in the harshest weather and keep your lips shiny.

For more information, visit evolutionofsmooth.ca.

Bob Reina: The Man In Charge

Sometimes in this world, there are people needed that are going to take chances and go the extra mile. They are in charge and they are not afraid to take the bull by the horns. That is because they know that is what is necessary to get ahead in life and more importantly, get ahead in business. Talk Fusion is about to reach a decade in 2017, which is quite an accomplishment when one sits down and thinks about it. What makes it even more amazing is the fact that the company has grown, each and every year, and they keep improving.


That is why they have won two awards this year, and that is why they have so many satisfied customers. They also have satisfied employees, which is very important. After all, it is imperative to have good morale at a company and have a group of people that enjoy working for the company. Bob Reina might be the face of the company, but his staff also represents the company as well. They are the heart, body, and soul of the company. They make things go and they are working around the clock to make sure everything is up and running smoothly.


Bob Reina could not be more proud of the advances the company has made in the past decade with their video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. All of these aide aspiring businessmen and women that are looking to advance their career in a new avenue. They feel as though they are being trapped at their jobs and they have a lot more to offer to the public. They want their skills to be properly used and properly utilized. By having their own business, it offers them freedoms they did not have in the past. They don’t want those freedoms to go to waste, that is for sure.


They also know that when they use Talk Fusion, they are supporting a company that is all about giving back to the community and the people in it. Bob Reina made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Humane Society, which is one of the nicest things a human being could do for the animals there.


Securus Technologies Makes Christmas Better

I recently discovered an interesting video made by Securus Technologies. The video highlighted communication technology known as video visitation for inmates. I find that the technology was a real blessing for prisoners. It offers inmates a chance to communicate with their family through a simple video technology. I watched the promotional video of an inmates spending time with his child during Christmas period.

The video created a good time and made families remain united. During the video call, the boy was talking to his father. The young boy went down the steps as his father watched him via phone. The experience was enjoyable for both the parent and child. It was a lot similar to his father being there as his young son watched.


Regarding prisoner communication services, Securus Technologies avails its facilities for both phone call and video calls. Cost for calls are usually catered for by the inmate’s friends and family. The Securus Video technology has eased communication among friends, family, and prisoners.


The video calls has also been highly advantages for people working in correction facilities. It reduces the need of physical visitations. The videos have reduced congestion and long queues in correction facilities. Families have taken off the inconvenience of long queues during prison visitations. The online video visitation system is simple and straightforward. A family or friend can schedule an online visit and wait for the right moment.


Securus Technologies is a company that specializes in communication services. It provides phone services in multiple correction facilities. Securus has created a unique opportunity for inmates. Inmates and correctional facilities can take advantage of services rendered by the company. They have accessed highly advanced and efficient communication systems. Inmates can now make and receive calls. Additional features such as video calls through a televised screen is highly beneficial.


Started in 1986, Securus Technologies has grown to be a leader in prison technology. The firm is based in Dallas, Texas. It deals with technology development for law enforcement within correction facilities. Securus is a leading provider of prison communications and parolee tracking. Apart from its head office in Dallas Texas, Securus has additional offices in other locations. It has offices in Texas, Allen, Carrollton, Georgia, and Atlanta. The company employs more than a thousand employees to demonstrate its grip in technology. Securus has contracts in over 2,600 correction facilities within the United States and Canada.