The Relationship between Fashion and Technology with Chris Burch

Chris Burch has been a billionaire since the year 2012. He is well-known for co-founding Tory Burch LLC and Burch Creative Capital. One of his earliest investment is at the Guggenheim Partners. Chris Burch was born in a middle-class family in Wayne, Pennsylvania and discovered his love for fashion and technology at a young age. He went to college at Ithaca College where he founded his first business known as the Eagle Eye Apparel with the help of his brother. They would buy sweaters at $10 and resell them at $15.


On his insight about fashion and technology, Chris Burch says that there is so much commonality in fashion and technology. The two experience a lot of changes but the good thing is that they grow together. He says that looking into the past, present, and future of these two industries is the only way we can understand them. Chris Burch talks about the way technology and fashion have influenced each other in the field of music. In the 70s, there was the boombox that was less fashionable. It was then replaced by the cassette come the 80s.On the onset of the 90s, the Walkman replaced the cassette. Later on, as technology continues to advance, the whole music industry has been revolutionized by the iPod.


Integration of technology and fashion is happening today. This is according to Chris Burch who says that designers are coming up with products that sell. Funny enough, the only way to tell whether a product will sell is through the use of technology. One fashion designer compared technology with a playfield where fashion designers get to experiment their inventions. Technology and fashion can work hand in hand to protect humanity. For instance, he talks about the airbags that have been developed by designers to help replace the bike protection. The airbags will only pop up in the case of an emergency. On the same issue, Chris talks about the hand groves that have been developed for firefighters. The gloves are fashionable and allow the firefighters to communicate with each other while doing their work.


Technology, on the other hand, has been used to develop amazing fashions. For instance, recycled material has been used to develop t-shirts and fabulous jackets. The two can also be used in the generation of electricity. Other than technology, Burch has invested in the real estate as he owns the Nihiwatu Resort. He is also a shareholder at the Voss Water.

Wengie Shows Her Audience How To Trick School Mates

In a recent video Beauty and Lifehacker blogger Wengie shows us how to make edible school supplies pranks that are convincing and tasty. She gives 8 different scenarios and projects that you can try that will convince your classmates that you have lost your mind by eating your school supplies. Some of the ideas that she gives include making edible crayons, edible flavored markers, edible erasers, edible glue, and edible pencil shavings.


The edible crayons are created using flavored gelatin and then pouring it into a straw mold. She cuts the wrapper evenly off of a real crayon and tapes it to a gelatin straw that has been shaped to look like a crayon. She says that it will surprise your friends when you eat it. She also shaves Brazil nuts in a pencil sharpener to replicate real pencil shavings that are delicious and nutritious. The most realistic trick that she shows her audience is an edible glue stick. She removes the glue and cleans the tube with warm water and soap. Next, she twists the base all the way to the top. She unwraps Starburst candy and presses hard in the middle. She repeats using three different flavors. They perfectly form to the tube and look like real glue stick but taste much better. Her edible school glue trick is the most simple of the bunch. She pours out the clear glue and cleans out the container thoroughly. She then replaces the glue with glucose and it is a perfect match. You can trick your friends into thinking that you are really eating your glue.

Wengie always has great hacks and tutorials, which is why her fans love her videos so much. She is fun and friendly and always entertaining. She also has a popular Instagram and facebook with millions of followers.

What Makes WEN By Chaz Unique?

Wen hair care has a number of advantages that make the hair noticeably healthy and shiny. All the products are made from natural plant extracts and essential oils and are free of harsh chemicals that can damage the hair. A number of celebrities have even endorsed the Wen brand and state that the products have made a huge difference in the look and feel of their hair.

Wen’s conditioners are filled with smoothing and strengthening ingredients, and the conditioners can be combined with water to be used as a leave-in treatment after washing the hair. Wen conditioners come in three varieties–sweet almond mint, lavender and pomegranate. Sweet almond oil helps to smooth the hair and eliminate breakage, and is recommend for color-treated hair. Lavender is essential for scalp health and removes debris and dandruff effectively. Pomegranate conditioner is ideal for dry hair, since it adds moisture and volume. The conditioners take the place of shampoo and can also be used as a detangler, which makes Wen products perfect for thick or curly hair.

In addition to the conditioners Wen offers, customers can purchase styling creme, which is used after washing the hair. Wen also provides products that will protect hair during heat styling, as well as styling products that are ideal for hair that has been colored.

Ingredients like glycerin, which helps to thoroughly cleanse the hair, as well as rosemary for soothing the scalp are found in many Wen products. Items from the Wen line also feature beneficial ingredients like wild cherry bark to thoroughly condition the hair.

For more information on the benefits of Wen,

The Impressive Securus Technologies

It is not every day that a company receives the highest rating from the Better Business Bureau, but Securus Technologies has done just that in Dallas on May 12, 2016. They are extremely proud to have received this high honor from the BBB.


The company worked hard to make sure that they met the requirements of the BBB to receive the highest rating of A+ by achieving several different goals. Some of the goals that they had to meet were integrity, honesty, trust, privacy and transparency. Having met these requirements for the BBB, the company is very proud of all of their staff that are committed and dedicated to the safety of others.


Securus Technologies has also developed a high volume, call center to provide a customer service that is to be rivaled. They service over 25 million people. The staff in the center is highly trained to give the best experience possible to the people that call in. They are able to answer questions and solve problems at an alarming rate, making them extremely valuable in the industry.


The company is the leader in their industry. They service both the civil and criminal sectors of justice. Since there are over 1 million prisoners that they deal with on a regular basis, they use a variety of techniques to induce safety. Investigations, videos and public information are just of few of the ways that are increasing the public’s safety in North America. In the future, they intend to do even more with their latest technology and techniques to make the world a better place for everyone.



Various Products Made by Wen by Chaz Allows You To Continue Styling Every Day

Having healthy hair these days is just so hard to do with all the different products on the market. When you walk down the aisle of your local superstore, do you find it overwhelming to know which products are good for you and which ones are not? If so, you need to find something that will work to clean your hair while allowing you to style it like you normally do. With Wen by Chaz, you are able to have healthy, CLEAN hair each morning. There is no need for you to walk down the hair care aisle of your local store any longer when you switch to Wen by Chaz.

So you spend time each morning styling your hair and preparing your hair for the day ahead of you right? If you do, maybe you should know more about the products sold by Chaz. His products, see, will allow you to still continue to style your hair like you normally do but without the use of the products that have harsh chemicals in them. All of his products are going to naturally allow you to style your hair but with things like avocado oil or sunflower oils. There is no more harsh chemicals that are used to harm your hair while styling your hair.

If you like the idea of using products that are healthy for your hair, you might want to check out the various products offered by Wen. There are products that used for straightening your hair while protecting it, there are cleansers that can be used to rid your hair of any kind of buildup, there are mousses that help you to retain curls in all types of weather. Anything that you might normally use is also made by Wen. There will be no need for you to go into your local store and purchase hair care products anymore, because Wen products are available online on and at the website.


Squaw Valley Issues Statement About Water Quality On Upper Mountain Water

Recently, E.coli and coliform bacteria was found in Squaw Valley’s upper mountain drinking water. The company released a statement, but they recently released an extended statement.


Early November was when the potential health issue was reported to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. Since being reported, the water has been treated on a regular basis. It is also showing improvement. Currently, three out of four wells that serve the site are showing no E. coli present and low levels of coliform.


However, restaurants are still closed and visitors can’t drink the water due to the issue not being fully resolved. With that said, a few weeks ago, the company’s public relations director, Liesl Kenney, has released a statement.


The statement discussed how a number of water systems in Placer County were affected by unusually heavy rainstorms, which led to an inundation of a water system installed over Gold Coast and High Camp. This caused a contamination in that system.


It continued to say the company detected the issue during a routine test. Once they discovered the issue, the appropriate authorities were contacted and notified about the problem.


The spokesperson said they also met with water safety experts and then they took steps to take care of the issue. In the statement, the spokesperson said the company will do what it takes until everything goes back to normal. The water usage at Gold Coast or High Camp will remain limited until the issue has been fully resolved and when they’ve been assured by the appropriate authorities.

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Dr. Weisfogel: Steering the Fight Against Sleep-related Disorders

Dr. Avi Weisfogel was born on March 7, 1972. He is the founder and owner of Dental Sleep Masters, a New Jersey-based facility that diagnoses and treats patients with sleep apnea. He has a degree in the fields of Biology and Psychology from distinguished Rutgers University. He is also a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) graduate from the New York University College of Dentistry.

Accomplishments in the world of sleep medicine

Before establishing The Dental Sleep Masters in 2014, Dr. Avi Weisfogel had accumulated a lot of experience in sleep-related disorders. In his early years of dental practice, he developed The Old Bridge Dental Care, which he managed for more than fifteen years. During this period, Dr. Avi scooped The Best Dentist Award on several occasions. In 2010, he established The Healthy Heart Sleep, an organization that worked towards the establishment of sleep labs around the world. In 2012, he founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. This organization trained dentists on ways of diagnosing and treating sleep disorders.

The Dental Sleep Masters has made notable achievements in the treatment of sleep apnea. It has succeeded in bringing together certified sleep physicians and dentists. Sleep physicians run the sleep labs for the patients while the dentists offer their medical expertise in diagnosing and treating sleep disorder. This model has gone a long way in fighting against the disease and in raising its awareness.

Advances in treatment of sleep apnea

Recent surveys indicate that around 90 percent of people suffering from sleep apnea are not diagnosed. When suffering from this disorder, someone can wake up for up to over thirty times a night. If misdiagnosed, this disorder can lead to severe conditions like Diabetes, Stroke and cardiovascular disease. The Food and Drugs Administration has approved patient-friendly treatments such as THN sleep therapy.

In an interview with The Ideamensch in December 2016, Dr. Weisfogel revealed that the idea of establishing The Dental Sleep Masters was born out of his passion for helping sleep apnea patients. He noted that working as a dentist for fifteen years equipped him with skills for developing a meaningful bond with patients.

How Hussain Sajwani is Redefining Entrepreneurial Success

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most recognizable Arab billionaires. He is the brains behind the world-renowned DAMAC Properties, a premier real estate development company. Besides this, Hussain serves as the Chairman of Al Jazeira Services Co. SAOG, DAMAC Holding LLC, and Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co. these roles have elevated him to a senior status not only in Dubai but also the globe at large.


Hussain’s Career History


Mr. Sajwani was raised in a middle-class family in Dubai. He attended the University of Washington from where he holds a degree in finance. From an early age, he stood out due to his incomparable business acumen and enterprising mind. His aggressiveness saw him successfully partake roles that were beyond his job description early in his career when he was a clerical officer.


Hussain embarked on his corporate career in 1982 with the formation of DAMAC Group. The company grew rapidly, and was recording huge profits within the first few years of existence. This growth is mainly owed to Hussain’s ability to form partnerships across the corporate domain. After realizing the need to diversify his interests, he founded ZDICO Invets, a venture capital firm in 1992. He also established Al Jazeira Services Co SAOG, a company whose annual revenues exceed $125 million.


Relationship With Donald Trump


Hussain is a close business associate of US President, Donald Trump. His company, DAMAC Properties has partnered with the Trump Organizations in numerous occasions since they are both involved in luxury real estate development. The two buddies even spent New Year’s Eve together. Their respective families are equally close to each other. His close association with Trump is likely to strengthen economic ties between the US and the UAE. Read more:


Philanthropic Activities


Hussain is involved in different charities across the globe. He has donated millions to different charities. His donations mainly focus on helping deprived children. His companies also have strong CSR efforts, which have led to the improvement of livelihoods in different parts of the world. Hussain acknowledges that a giving hand receives. This explains why he has been actively participating in philanthropy for more than 30 years. Through DAMAC, he also runs a clothing campaign, which helps clothe over 50,000 children every year.

Why Hire An Online Reputation Management Company?

Are you wondering why most business people and companies are relying on reputation management companies to maintain their reputation? There are lots of reasons to enlist the services of an efficient online reputation management company.

Online reputation management is essential for business success. People these days use the Internet to research organizations, products and companies prior to making a buying decision. Online reputation management teams like help monitor and track conversations about their clients, and advise them of how to respond or address the situation.

Credible online reputation management firms utilize organized analysis of the adverse reviews and other online content concerning you or your company in order to create a reliable technique to repair damaged reputation and also provide protection against future attacks. When you consult with a reputable online reputation management company, they will schedule an appointment to go over your needs. You will be presented with numerous options so you could determine what works best for you.

Online reputation management services are not just for dealing with negative online evaluations – they can really help your company gain exposure and build a good online reputation that helps you grow.

Online reputation management is all about being proactive. It is more complicated to regain your positive reputation if you wait until your establishment has accumulated plenty of negative online reviews. Enterprises and professionals who take proactive steps toward online reputation management enjoy increased protection from attacks and the benefit of a solid online reputation.

Online reputation management establishments really help take the guesswork out of taking care of your online reputation. By implementing things like good Search Engine Optimization practices and third-party feedback monitoring systems, an awesome online reputation management company can help automate your organization’s growth.

Whether you’re an organization or a professional, it is vital to recognize the advantages of making use of the expert services to build a great image and reach the success you desire. When you’re all set to find a reputable and respectable online reputation management company, contact do thor0ugh research. Choose a company that has an established history of rendering excellent services to clients.