EOS and Chapstick

There are a lot of different kinds of Lip Balm. Most people will recognize Chapstick and EOS, but what makes them two of the best? There are several things that make them different from the competition and that makes them great to use.


Chapstick is a great option for you to look into if you have a history of chapped lips. this brand is great at protecting the lips from any kind of problems. The issue it has is that is uses a wax instead of other option to make the shape of the chapstick. This makes it hard to use for those that already have chapped lips. It’s good to keep the lips from becoming chapped, but doesn’t work well for those that have this problem before use.

EOS Lip Balm

EOS is a wonderful lip balm that helps all dry and chapped lips to get better. The Shea Butter in the lip balm is helpful for keeping the moisture in the lips and to help them feel and look better. Because this lip balm uses Shea Butter, it is great for most lip healing uses.

There are a lot of lip balms on the market today, but few have the great feeling of EOS lip balm. That is why it’s so important to find the best lip balm for you. EOS has a lot of flavors that you can try if you want to be sure to find a great one for you. Take your time and really look at the options available on Target so you can have the best one for your needs. Chapstick has been around for a long time and most think they are the best, but they may not be what you needed or what you want for your lip balm needs.

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