FreedomPlus Underwrites Loans With Simple Payment Plans

You may have been concerned after hearing about the recent breach at Equifax, which may have affected over one hundred and forty three million Americans. If you are worried that you have been affected, you should go to the Equifax website and find out if you were. If you were, you should immediately freeze credit report so that nobody can use it to take out loans or open up new accounts. If you need to do so yourself, you can simply unfreeze your credit reports. Only you have the ability to unfreeze them.

Another important step is to start reviewing your credit reports. You should also review your bank account activity and make sure that nothing suspicious has been going on. If you see even small payments that you have not authorized, contact your bank immediately. They will be able to stop those payments, freeze the old card, and get you a new card.

FreedomPlus is a company that underwrites loans to prime and sub-prime consumers. They offer simple solutions with simple payment plans. Approval can happen within forty eight hours. They have been featured in The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and other outlets.

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