Fabletics’ Strategy to Concur Retail Fashion

The window shopping experience is currently facing a downward trend. Emerging trends in the fashion industry require the typical brick and mortar retail stores to look for new alternatives to attract customers. With the rising trend in internet usage, more customers tend to shop online from the comfort of their homes. This means fashion brands have to move to an e-commerce platform to prevent themselves from losing out. While you may also acquire an online platform, the fashion brand may face the challenge of having to compete with already established brands that control large shares of the industry and the market.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics brand is one brand that found success in the fashion industry in less than four years. The uniqueness of their online strategy has enabled them to navigate through the tough challenge and raise over $200 million in sales.


Fabletics have been able to achieve success due to their reverse showroom strategy. The technique is based on the customer’s shopping experience whereby the customer can quickly window shop on the company’s online platform for a good deal before making a decision. Through a subscription model, customers can get workout clothes they desire for their gym activities once every month by browsing through the displayed photos. Once the customer is satisfied, they then proceed to do the real buying at Fabletics physical stores. This model incorporates both the online and the traditional purchasing method.


Fabletics’ focus was that purchasing an apparel for women was more of a psychological process to achieve reverse showroom technique. By taking the lifestyle quiz, you may be able to identify an apparel that will fit your needs. This will help build satisfaction and concurrently grow their sales revenue. This method has seen an overall increase in Fabletics members, additionally increasing brand loyalty and forging better customer relationship.


Under Kate Hudson, Fabletics is capitalizing on content marketing to build their brand. Her transition from her famed role in “Almost Famous” was a swift one. The 38-year old actress established the name with the help of TechStyle Fashion Group to fill the gap in the athleisure apparel market. Her understanding is that by engaging consumers on popular social media platforms will quickly translate into increased sales projections. Although Kate is proud of her accomplishments with Fabletics, she insists that she intends to remain an actor throughout but will play a vital role in Fabletics success.