Why Rocketship Education Involves Parents So Much In Their Charter Schools

Rocketship Education is a network of charter schools that was co-founded in 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith. The first school started out in a church in San Diego which was opened in 2007. They now have charter schools in a number of Californian cities. Additionally, in 2013 they started expanding outside of that state when they opened a charter school in Wisconsin which has now been joined by other charter schools in Tennessee and Washington D.C.

At Rocketship Education they recognize that parents play an integral role in the education their children receive. Pretty much all parents want their kids to have a quality education so that they have a successful life. At their charter schools parents are very involved, even participating in teacher interviews before one is hired. Parents are also taught how to be a strong advocate for their child’s education. This is very important because as a K-5 charter school system in the sixth grade most of the kids will start attending public schools. Committed parents pushing for a quality education thus carries over to the public school system where Rocketship Education has charter schools established.

Rocketship Education further reinforces the parent/child/school connection by visiting each family’s home once a year. During these visits, parents are given every opportunity to discuss their child’s education and how they are developing. They are also able to provide their input on how they think their child’s unique education needs can be met.

Rocketship Education teaches in a hybrid fashion where part of the time is spent in a conventional school setting and partly where children do work on computer systems. They find that children learn most effectively in this fashion and can progress at a pace and in a way that best fits their learning style.

Additionally, Rocketship Education has many enrichment programs that students engage in. This includes offering classes about gardening, music, art, and similar subjects so that the student attain a broad education about many subjects. The students also learn about critical thinking and how to work with other in a teamwork setting.