Neurocore is a brain performance company opened in the year 2004 with crucial specializations in depression, ADHD for all people regardless of age, insomnia, and anxiety. Mark Morrison is the president and CEO of Neurocore company. The Neurocore facilities provide brain tests and assessments as well as improving the lives of victims through teaching programs and data valuations.

According to scientific research, the depression and Anxiety symptoms can get improved through Heart Rate Variability and neurofeedback association. The cures are believed to bring non-pharmaceutical participation aiming at signs of depression and anxiety moderation in both adults and children. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Another spontaneous research headed by Elyse K. White issued medical related and psychological investigations. White is a Ph.D. holder working with Neurocore in the brain handling and study. According to the study, a positive health progress got revealed from individuals with signs and symptoms of previously treated depression and anxiety.

Neurobiofeedback is a biofeedback type that displays brain activity using real-time mostly known as electroencephalography, EGH, to enable the self-regulated brain functioning. Usually, sensors get positioned on the scalp for activity measurement which is often exhibited using sound or video displays. It is, therefore, a non-disturbing method in brain training that provides the brain with information as perceived by the EGH and forwarded back to the mind through the auditory and visual signals. Also, ISNR reports that changes in the brain setup are related to positive emotional, mental and physical fluctuations.


Neurofeedback training leads to reduced anxiety and stress, headaches as well as migraines hence improving the quality of sleep, moods, focus, and attention, As well as recovery of brain muscles and energy. Apart from optimizing and modifying the brain in individuals with brain disability, neurofeedback can get put into a treatment form.

According to The CEO of Neurocore, Neurofeedback and HRV training is a critical choice for depression and anxiety. Research findings indicate that over 50% of patients have ceased diagnoses due to the disappearance of symptoms as a result of the natural growth, learning and healing of brain after consecutive sessions of combined neurofeedback and HRV treatment.

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