ClassDojo: A Communication Platform That Connects Teachers, Parents, and Students

Over the years education technology has been on the rise and consequently, its edtech investments have been having an ascending trend from one year to another. However, there have been expected fall shorts and this makes investors and various entrepreneurs in the field be cautious in their investment while hoping things will certainly be okay. In 2017, some edtech startups like Nearpod, ClassDojo, and Introductory coding tool littleBits had a very good year hence debuting rave review kits and over 300 digital lessons.

Gamification platforms like Classcraft were also a great interest of investors which made the school course to a kind of a role-playing game. Every entrepreneur who wants to launch deeper into education market must know exactly what teachers are looking for. ClassDojo seems to have won the medal in this area by creating and building an amazing classroom community. With ClassDojo, teachers can encourage students for any skill so as to create a positive culture, give students a voice where they can showcase and share their learning progress and share moments with parents where they engage their parents by sharing the exciting classroom moments in form of videos and photos. With this toolkit, a teacher has all the classroom tools that heshe needs.

As an entrepreneur, don’t design your edtech not only to be fun to the users but also design it to solve the real problems. In other words, your tool must be necessary for creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. One of the edtech products that have been in the forefront in creating community in the school is ClassDojo. It has always listened to teachers, parents, and students whenever they are creating their product. Thanks to its co-founder Sam Chaudhary.

ClassDojo has been solving the real teacher problem and need which is communicating the progress of the students to their parents without necessarily having a conference. This has made the communication platform to be used in 2 out of 3 schools in the United States which makes 90% of K-8 school districts using ClassDojo. The fact that the edtech is tested and proven by various accelerators and it has plans for being implemented and being adopted has made it very popular in many schools recently.

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Financial Advisor Paul Mampilly Predicts Impending Cryptocurrency Crash

Investor, financial advisor and former hedge fund manager Paul Mampilly is predicting the impending crash of the cryptocurrency market, as he foresees the seemingly infinitely-expanding bubble finally bursting. While Mampilly is making no declarations as to exactly when the crash is due to occur, he is certain it is imminent and will result in investments being wiped out for many.

Mampilly, in his prediction, drew a comparison between the modern cryptocurrency bubble and the Dot-com bubble of the late nineties that saw soaring technology stock prices eventually plummet into virtual worthlessness. This bubble saw stocks from leading technology companies such as Qualcomm rise precipitously; Qualcomm shares saw a 2,619% jump in value in the period before the crash, while more than a dozen other companies saw a jolt in their stock value of more than 900%, with many eclipsing the 1000% mark in value increase. View Paul’s profile on Linkedin.

Mampilly, himself a holder of technology stocks at the time, suspected that the bubble would eventually burst, and based on this suspicion, sold all of his technology shares in 1999. While a period of regret set in following his decision to sell as the values of shares continued to climb, the subsequent crash in 2000 and 2001 proved Mampilly’s intuition correct. Read more articles by Paul Mampilly at Banyan Hill.

A bubble happens when financial assets are traded at rates that outpace their practical value. One hallmark of an economic bubble is when public interest in an asset leads to an upswell of investors, which in turn results in a precipitous rise in value for the asset. Such a rise is inherently unsustainable, and the risks in this case are exacerbated by the fact that the true monetary value of cryptocurrencies is still largely unknown.

The current cryptocurrency bubble is seeing relatively new investors becoming millionaires in months. Bitcoin shares are at the moment valued at over $19,000, making this not only the optimal time to sell, but an indicator of an impending crash according to Mampilly.


How Waiakea Water is Giving Us the Most Pure, Healthy Water That Has Ever Been Available

Waiakea Water was recently highlighted by Premier Gazette due to the fact that the company is making global waves as the first bottled water company to ever produce a bottled water that not does things like hydrate us or provide electrolytes, but one that can actually combat things that attack our bodies every day. Waiakea has been stated to have benefits that have been quoted as “life altering.’ It was also named to the annual list of Ten Best Water as the best Volcanic Water Bottle on the market today. To date, volcanic water and its many benefits has been a highly niche type of water, typically used by people that have very strict views or careers that focus on healthy lifestyles. However, Waiakea Water is looking to change that and to help make the benefits of volcanic water and its incredible, almost magical Hawaiian powers available to a more mainstream group of people.

To date, Waiakea Water has already become available through high-end delivery services and is now slated to roll out at some of the country’s most elusive health food boutique stores as well as more mainstream health-focused stores such as Whole Foods all within the 2018 year. The water comes from just one, completely pure source: a live volcani in Hawaii. As the water rolls down the volcanic rock it picks up natural elements that no other water on the market can compete with.

Volcanic water and its health powers aren’t a simple trend or fad that will fade with time. The power of volcanic water, especially due to its ability to affect the body’s pH level, has been proven to be a water that goes beyond simple hydration or the provision of additional electrolytes. The water does wonderful things for the body that go beyond eating as healthy as possible. Waiakea Volcanic water is located with not only electrolytes but natural calcium, magnesium and multiple other minerals that can help to do things like eliminate free radicals in the body, naturally heal minor ailment in the body and even to prolong your life while increasing your quality of life.

The Roles of Shafik Sachedina In The Institute Of Ismaili Studies And Sussex Healthcare

The Institute of Ismaili Studies was founded in 1977. The aim of its foundation has since been to promote scholarship as well as the learning of Muslim cultures, societies and contemporary with a better understanding of the vast relations they have with other societies.

Additional roles this institute plays in the community include encouraging an independent perspective that is not necessarily confined to normal theological heritage of Islamic society. Behind the leadership of the Institute of Ismaili Studies is Dr. Shafik Sachedina who also heads the Department of Jamati Institutions.

Background Information
In his capacity as the team leader of the institution, Shafik Sachedina organizes interactive events with the intention of uniting members of the department. Additionally, he leads various educative programs that seek to disseminate critical information on the culture of Ismailis, their values and purpose of interaction. With his input in the organization, the board of directors agreed to promote the culture of Muslims in the United Kingdom. More than that, the organization is now able to help people grasp more knowledge on the fundamentals of the Israeli community as all too often, the people attend conferences made to share some of the neglected subjects in the communities.

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For education, Sachedina attended the Guy’s Hospital Dental School where he majored in dental surgery. Later on, he flew to England and established a career in health-care entrepreneurship. With co-joined efforts from like-minded individuals, he joined the Aga Khan Development Network and has since served as a head cheerleader, constantly overseeing the management of finances and other leadership programs.

Where Did Sachedina Begin From?
Sachedina grew up in Tanzania. A few years later, he moved to Britain with his family with the intention of pursuing advanced education. From that moment on, he majored in healthcare and earned a degree after several years of studying. Currently, he is joint chairman at Sussex Healthcare, a nursing home that admits the elderly who need healthcare. At Sussex Healthcare, he oversees the allocation of resources among other roles like deciding on the viable partnership to involve the company in.

The Overview
Sachedina is a team leader and a team player. He applies his skills and expertise in medicine to give better insight to the healthcare department in Sussex Healthcare. With his extensive knowledge in medicine and leadership, he fosters healthy relations in the medical fraternity as well as the Institute of Ismaili.

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Executive-Level Businessman Ara Chackerian Integrates Nature

In business and in life, there is always balance. Angel investor and philanthropist Ara Chackerian knows this very well after many years of experience in creating new companies in both the healthcare and environmental sectors. Ara Chackerian most definitely understands the business side of things, as evident in his creation of the Limonapa Teak company in Nicaragua. As the president and co-founder of the company, he not only understands the balance between creating local jobs for Nicaraguans and selective forest thinning, but he also has replicated this business model in the United States in Michigan. In Michigan he knows that selective deforestation and rotation has created 21 million dollars of revenue to the state budget, in addition to maintaining the longevity of the diverse wildlife of Michigan.




Ara Chackerian realizes that each ecosystem is unique and must be harvested in a sustainable and certain way. For example he knows that some bird species in Michigan, like the kirtland’s warbler, prefer to have trees that are close together and more dense in order to have an optimal ecosystem. Even in places like Japan as well, which have a much more diverse ecosystem than Michigan or Nicaragua, believe in the art of preserving and enjoying nature through “forest bathing”. This is simply the application of spending more time in nature and not totally deforesting all of natural beauty available to its citizens: in order to counteract the high levels of electricity and frenetic energy from life in cities. By utilizing targeted deforestation, he has effectively helped maintain homeostasis in all types of different ecosystems around the world, while creating revenue for local citizens. You can visit



The types of products consumed from the trees in forests are commonly paper products. and not surprisingly, the most common uses for forests other than logging and business ventures is sports and natural beauty-related endeavors. These include running, hiking, photography, bike riding, and the like.


Ara was the CEO of BMC Diagnostics, Executive Chair of PipelineRx, And Executive Vice President at PSS / World Medical. More information on him can be found at



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Sahm Adrangi Bets Against Kodak

The imaging and commercial print company Eastman Kodak recently saw its stock peak in 2013 at almost $40 but quickly slid down to less than 3 in the final quarter of 2017. In what Sahm Adrangi sees as an attempt to stop the free-fall and increase stock prices, they recently announced their own image licensing program and cryptocurrency. The image licensing platform is based on the blockchain technology that’s being used in many online transactions. Sahm Adrangi sees this as Kodak’s attempt to profit off of the fad in digital currencies that has been taking the world by storm in the last couple of years.

While Kodak’s stock may have quickly jumped by about 400% after the announcement of their new products, within a month they were down to within $3 of the initial price. The new products known as KodakCoin and KodakOne are being developed by Kodak in conjunction with the company Wenn Digital. The involvement of Wenn Digital is one of the many reasons why Sahm Adrangi has so many negative speculations concerning the Kodak Eastman Company. Over the past few years, Wenn Digital has been the target of concerns and criticism over their business practices concerning other digital currencies.

Sahm Adrangi doesn’t see any real reason for Kodak to implement the type of blockchain enabled licensing that they have announced. While it sounds good in theory to the artists and photographers that would like to license their images, Sahm Adrangi doesn’t see it actually going much to protect their digital assets in the long run. Coupled with the KodakCoin system that is supposed to be used to pay the artists’ revenue, he sees the future as pretty bleak for KodakOne and KodakCoin.

While the buzz around these new products may have driven up the prices for the company temporarily, Sahm Adrangi doesn’t see it lasting. This is why he and his company Kerrisdale Capital have taken a short position on the stock. If their predictions are right, Kerrisdale Capital and their investors may stand to make a good amount of money off of the company’s failure.