Executive-Level Businessman Ara Chackerian Integrates Nature

In business and in life, there is always balance. Angel investor and philanthropist Ara Chackerian knows this very well after many years of experience in creating new companies in both the healthcare and environmental sectors. Ara Chackerian most definitely understands the business side of things, as evident in his creation of the Limonapa Teak company in Nicaragua. As the president and co-founder of the company, he not only understands the balance between creating local jobs for Nicaraguans and selective forest thinning, but he also has replicated this business model in the United States in Michigan. In Michigan he knows that selective deforestation and rotation has created 21 million dollars of revenue to the state budget, in addition to maintaining the longevity of the diverse wildlife of Michigan.




Ara Chackerian realizes that each ecosystem is unique and must be harvested in a sustainable and certain way. For example he knows that some bird species in Michigan, like the kirtland’s warbler, prefer to have trees that are close together and more dense in order to have an optimal ecosystem. Even in places like Japan as well, which have a much more diverse ecosystem than Michigan or Nicaragua, believe in the art of preserving and enjoying nature through “forest bathing”. This is simply the application of spending more time in nature and not totally deforesting all of natural beauty available to its citizens: in order to counteract the high levels of electricity and frenetic energy from life in cities. By utilizing targeted deforestation, he has effectively helped maintain homeostasis in all types of different ecosystems around the world, while creating revenue for local citizens. You can visit interview.net



The types of products consumed from the trees in forests are commonly paper products. and not surprisingly, the most common uses for forests other than logging and business ventures is sports and natural beauty-related endeavors. These include running, hiking, photography, bike riding, and the like.


Ara was the CEO of BMC Diagnostics, Executive Chair of PipelineRx, And Executive Vice President at PSS / World Medical. More information on him can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ara-chackerian.



Read more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ara-chackerian