Meet Richard Dwayne Blair the Founder of Wealth Solutions

Richard Dwayne Blair founded the Wealth Solution with a belief that

each and every person requires a plan so as to attain their financial

targets. Richard does this by providing planning and management of

wealth tips to his clients in Austin and Texas area. He is focused

towards providing members of his larger society with a financial road

map to guide them through their lives. So as to come up with a good

financial plan, he uses a 3 pillar approach which allows him to know

about the client’s present financial status and their retirement

requirements, to enable him come up with a better plan.

The First pillar entails coming up with the client’s financial road

map, which Richard determines by identifying the client’s risk

tolerance, goals, strengths and their opportunities for growth. This

pillar enables him to establish a strong bond and a lasting

relationship with his clients.

After creating a good and a trustworthy

relationship, it becomes easier for him to comprehend his client’s

personal concerns and goals, hence establishing their expectations.

The second pillar basically creates an effective investment strategy

based on the client’s unique goals and targets. After the

establishment of the client’s financial goals and coming up with

strategies to provide adequate growth is done, then the third pillar

comes in which entails implementation and monitoring. Richard Dwayne

Blair monitors the financial goals of the client by comparing them

with the expectations, historical data and individual goals of either

the client or the company.

Richard Dwayne Blair was brought up in an environment surrounded by

teachers ranging from the mother, the grandmother and his wife too.

This enabled him understand the impact of first hand teaching in

developing one’s knowledge and confidence. After completing his

college education back in the year 1993, he immediately joined the

financial service industry. Later on he established the Wealth

Solutions, which is his own private firm in the year 1994. The firm

has been continuously offering professional and personalized advice to

its clients.

By manipulation of his wide experience and deep knowledge in the field

of retirement and planning, Richard has made positive differences in

the lives of a good number of families, small business people and even


Information About Academy of Art University

Wow! It is amazing that students that attend Academy of Art University, will graduate with great careers. Not only will students land in great careers, but they will be recognized for their success in it.

In 1929, Academy of Art University was founded by Richard S. Stephens, which was once known as Academy of Advertising Art. He believed and said that “students should be accepted into an art institution regardless of an art portfolio.” The University looks forward to the students future rather than now. To add, graduate students can succeed in the professional world.

Jan Philip Cramer, was a graduate at Academy of Art University. He successfully mastered his dream career. The University played a role that helped him professional grow into a supervisor in animation for movies such as Avengers: Infinity War. Jan Cramer received credit for other movies that include Avatar, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Deadpool, and more. The University has stood by their motto which is “built by artists for artists.”

Other than Jan Philip Cramer, other graduate students are recognized for their excellent work such as fashion, art, design, and more.

Academy of Art University is a privately owned for art and design. It has about 12,600 students, and about 58% of them are female. Postgraduate is 4,305 and undergraduate is 8,303. Courses are offered on campus and online. Academy of Art University is accredited that is located in San Francisco, California. It has over 30 degree programs. It has an hands-on for students as well. Further more, education can be continued.

From attending Academy of Art University, to graduating, and landing in great job opportunities; Richard S. Stephens, reminds students that hard work will pay off. He states, “students can learn the skills necessary to become artistic professionals.” Not only this, but their work will leave a mark that will always be remembered. I would recommend this University to anyone that is looking forward to dedication, hard work, success, and for greater career opportunities in the future. After all, Academy of Art University support their students while attending and when finding a career.

The Revolution of 21st Political Campaigns by NGP VAN

The process of organizing political campaigns by aspirants has shifted from the old methods in the 50s, which were majorly labor intensive into refined, software-intensive ones. Unlike on previous occasions, big data is now applied in connecting campaigns to voters, likely to give some backing to a candidate’s platform. This model, therefore, allows Democrats to pinpoint a potential voter base roughly. The model also enhances the final turn out of the voters to vote on the D-day. The most notable case of the success of such big data models was the historic election of President Barack Obama in 2008 and the next reelection in 2012. NGP VAN facilitated the nationwide campaigns.

NGP VAN is a software company that helps Democrats vying for the top political seats. They do so by utilizing every available web and mobile tools to run their campaigns. The company is a web-hosting and voter database company, majorly used by the Democratic Party in the US and The Liberal Party of Canada. They also serve many other progressive organizations. NGP VAN, therefore, gives Democrats a technological advantage by conducting their technology-focused and data-based campaigns.

With technological changes today, planning of campaigns is crucial using such advanced methods. This applies more seriously when reelection campaigns are at stake. The new technologies, which are at the disposal of those who need them, should be embraced at such times to keep up with the current trends. Major political parties are now at the risk of losing to their competitors should they not employ the current methods of technology-based campaigning. Voter mobilization has now been made easy due to users’ ignorance of the digital web platforms, especially the smartphone-based apps. Such technologies that can enable mass mobilization can lead to a campaign win or loss in this era.

NGP VAN recently unveiled their newest software. Updates included in this software are meant to tackle and handle the most hated part of any campaign, which is seeking funds through contributions. The fundraising software comes with a couple of other updates tailored to facilitate reporting. Further, the software is said to improve campaigns and groups’ ability to access their data. For example, it allows a fundraiser to check a candidate’s performance. Concerning its compliance, this software is set to help in the reconciliation of credit card payments.

An Insight on the Future of Africa Professor Kamil Idris

Today, Africa is the second most populated continent in the world. The doubt about this continent growing to achieve the economic force is evident. Notably, Africa sits in a comfortable niche of natural resources. For instance, Africa supplies 99% of the chromium used in the world, 85% of the platinum wants, and 54% of gold needs.

The growth of its economy in the coming years has a potential to bringing about undulating outcome worldwide. As the developing economies gain momentum, millions of Africans are finding their ways out of poverty cycle. This move is wielding influences on the world economy. Bespoken, it is will be difficult to map where this continent will be in the future considering its current stand.

The Current State of the African Economy

African economy can be splinted into two broad categories. This entails the sub-Saharan and North Africa. In 2014, the GDP per capita in North Africa was approximately 3300 USD. On the other hand, sub-Saharan Africa posted 1100 USD GDP per capita in the same year. While this continent is facing a few challenges, Africa is promising to poise an impressive economic growth in the future.

A Message from Director General professor Kamil Idris

Over the recent years, the World Intellectual Property Day has gained significant popularity since it was launched eight years ago. Each day many private and government organizations are collaborating with WIPO to celebrate this day on 26 April every year. However, many people wonder why this day is worth all this effort.

Notably, such individuals should understand that without the intellectual property rights, most of the traditional technical strategies meant to address the global issues will never see the light. This implies that there will be no all these uniting and entertaining sporting activities aired across the globe. This critical day allows the celebration of both distinct powers of social creativity as well as all intellectual rights that aid to succeed it.

Who is Professor Kamil Idris?

Professor Kamil Idris was born on 26th of August 1954. He is a Sudanese diplomat, an international civil servant, and a scholar. He served as the director general of WIPO from 1997-2008. Professor Idris is a holder of a degree in LLB from Khartoum University, Bachelor of Arts in philosophy, economic theories, and political science from Cairo University. In 2005, he was given an honorary doctor of letters from the Indira Gandhi National Open University.

Malcolm Caselle On Wax Detail

The Wax Platform short for Worldwide Asset Exchange is the future of currency exchange in the virtual gaming world that allows users to buy and sell gaming assets instantaneously. Without fraud or security issues this can single handily resolve all problems that come with exchange of currency across gaming platforms. This can also allow more users to participate worldwide with just cryptocurrency.

Malcolm Casselle who is the current president of WAX who holds degrees in Computer Science from MIT and Stanford University makes it sound like a walk in the park. His experience shows more as he is also CIO of OPSkins which is the number one market place for buying and selling items from online video games. He also was Formerly President and CTO at tronc. These are just a few accomplishments which shows his knowledge and power to learn even more throughout his career.

With his excelled entrepreneur mind set, Malcolm is natural born leader. Excepting any task at hand all while creating and making the picture bigger and brighter. Many try to emulate his perspective and original ideas but cannot. He has set in stone what every companies president strives for and thats originality and endurance in the upcoming and constantly progressing digital world.

The world is evolving more quickly than people can create the ideas that can ultimately bring the future closer to us. Malcolm and his ideas seem to push the envelope of the worlds thought process. This is an asset that can bring forth more ideas and the pressure to push more to create. Few people hold a skill to this stature and when you perfect it a person of Malcolms stature is created. WAX will be the future and digital trend that many companies will blueprint off of. The dynamic of the tool will also create a smoother transition in the gaming world of purchases.


The history and success of OSI Industrues

OSI Industries has its presence in seventeen countries and with over twenty thousand employees making it one of the largest firm when it comes to food provision and distribution. The firm’s roots date back to 1909 when a German-immigrant by the name of Otto Kolschowsky established a small butcher shop in Oak Park. This area is on the west side of Chicago. He used this butcher to serve members of Oak Park. During the said time, Germans made up a quarter of the Chicago population. Chicago at the time, was an entry point for immigrants setting off to start farms. After a decade, Otto was able to expand his retail shop to a wholesale venture enabling him to move to Maywood, a Chicago suburb.

After an additional decade, the family business was rebranded to Otto and Sons, this occurred in 1928. The first McDonald’s restaurant was opened before 1955. A handshake agreement between Otto’s sons Arthur and Harry and an individual by the name Kroc enabled Otto’s sons to become the first suppliers of fresh beef. This agreement was the turnaround moment for Otto and Sons. OSI Industries grew through years alongside McDonald’s and is one of its main four suppliers. Since McDonald’s main product was hamburgers, OSI was tasked with making a product that is consistent and affordable. They also had to make sure that the product could be transported for long distances. This was solved when they came up with the invention of using liquid nitrogen to freeze the product, also known as flash freezing.

Having been one of its main suppliers, OSI Industries in the year 1973 built up a plant solely dedicated to McDonald’s. The plant built was located in West Chicago, Illinois. This progress and exponential growth led to the establishment of state of the art technology which was used to flash freeze the burger patties. With this technology, OSI Industries became a local supplier and a growing provider of fresh beef to McDonald’s making it among the largest firms in the world. This growth went on till Otto and Sons rebranded itself to OSI Industries in the year 1975. IN light of this progress, Sheldon Lavin became a partner in OSI.

OSI ventured to the international markets frontier kicking off with Germany and went on to Spain in 1980. From then, OSI has grown to markets in Mexico, Hungary, Austria, Poland and Pacific Rim. This was in the late 1980’s and 90’s. This growth went on to Taiwan, the Philippines, and even Shanghai. This has all been done under the able leadership of Sheldon Lavin as its CEO.

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