An Insight on the Future of Africa Professor Kamil Idris

Today, Africa is the second most populated continent in the world. The doubt about this continent growing to achieve the economic force is evident. Notably, Africa sits in a comfortable niche of natural resources. For instance, Africa supplies 99% of the chromium used in the world, 85% of the platinum wants, and 54% of gold needs.

The growth of its economy in the coming years has a potential to bringing about undulating outcome worldwide. As the developing economies gain momentum, millions of Africans are finding their ways out of poverty cycle. This move is wielding influences on the world economy. Bespoken, it is will be difficult to map where this continent will be in the future considering its current stand.

The Current State of the African Economy

African economy can be splinted into two broad categories. This entails the sub-Saharan and North Africa. In 2014, the GDP per capita in North Africa was approximately 3300 USD. On the other hand, sub-Saharan Africa posted 1100 USD GDP per capita in the same year. While this continent is facing a few challenges, Africa is promising to poise an impressive economic growth in the future.

A Message from Director General professor Kamil Idris

Over the recent years, the World Intellectual Property Day has gained significant popularity since it was launched eight years ago. Each day many private and government organizations are collaborating with WIPO to celebrate this day on 26 April every year. However, many people wonder why this day is worth all this effort.

Notably, such individuals should understand that without the intellectual property rights, most of the traditional technical strategies meant to address the global issues will never see the light. This implies that there will be no all these uniting and entertaining sporting activities aired across the globe. This critical day allows the celebration of both distinct powers of social creativity as well as all intellectual rights that aid to succeed it.

Who is Professor Kamil Idris?

Professor Kamil Idris was born on 26th of August 1954. He is a Sudanese diplomat, an international civil servant, and a scholar. He served as the director general of WIPO from 1997-2008. Professor Idris is a holder of a degree in LLB from Khartoum University, Bachelor of Arts in philosophy, economic theories, and political science from Cairo University. In 2005, he was given an honorary doctor of letters from the Indira Gandhi National Open University.