The Revolution of 21st Political Campaigns by NGP VAN

The process of organizing political campaigns by aspirants has shifted from the old methods in the 50s, which were majorly labor intensive into refined, software-intensive ones. Unlike on previous occasions, big data is now applied in connecting campaigns to voters, likely to give some backing to a candidate’s platform. This model, therefore, allows Democrats to pinpoint a potential voter base roughly. The model also enhances the final turn out of the voters to vote on the D-day. The most notable case of the success of such big data models was the historic election of President Barack Obama in 2008 and the next reelection in 2012. NGP VAN facilitated the nationwide campaigns.

NGP VAN is a software company that helps Democrats vying for the top political seats. They do so by utilizing every available web and mobile tools to run their campaigns. The company is a web-hosting and voter database company, majorly used by the Democratic Party in the US and The Liberal Party of Canada. They also serve many other progressive organizations. NGP VAN, therefore, gives Democrats a technological advantage by conducting their technology-focused and data-based campaigns.

With technological changes today, planning of campaigns is crucial using such advanced methods. This applies more seriously when reelection campaigns are at stake. The new technologies, which are at the disposal of those who need them, should be embraced at such times to keep up with the current trends. Major political parties are now at the risk of losing to their competitors should they not employ the current methods of technology-based campaigning. Voter mobilization has now been made easy due to users’ ignorance of the digital web platforms, especially the smartphone-based apps. Such technologies that can enable mass mobilization can lead to a campaign win or loss in this era.

NGP VAN recently unveiled their newest software. Updates included in this software are meant to tackle and handle the most hated part of any campaign, which is seeking funds through contributions. The fundraising software comes with a couple of other updates tailored to facilitate reporting. Further, the software is said to improve campaigns and groups’ ability to access their data. For example, it allows a fundraiser to check a candidate’s performance. Concerning its compliance, this software is set to help in the reconciliation of credit card payments.