Meet Richard Dwayne Blair the Founder of Wealth Solutions

Richard Dwayne Blair founded the Wealth Solution with a belief that

each and every person requires a plan so as to attain their financial

targets. Richard does this by providing planning and management of

wealth tips to his clients in Austin and Texas area. He is focused

towards providing members of his larger society with a financial road

map to guide them through their lives. So as to come up with a good

financial plan, he uses a 3 pillar approach which allows him to know

about the client’s present financial status and their retirement

requirements, to enable him come up with a better plan.

The First pillar entails coming up with the client’s financial road

map, which Richard determines by identifying the client’s risk

tolerance, goals, strengths and their opportunities for growth. This

pillar enables him to establish a strong bond and a lasting

relationship with his clients.

After creating a good and a trustworthy

relationship, it becomes easier for him to comprehend his client’s

personal concerns and goals, hence establishing their expectations.

The second pillar basically creates an effective investment strategy

based on the client’s unique goals and targets. After the

establishment of the client’s financial goals and coming up with

strategies to provide adequate growth is done, then the third pillar

comes in which entails implementation and monitoring. Richard Dwayne

Blair monitors the financial goals of the client by comparing them

with the expectations, historical data and individual goals of either

the client or the company.

Richard Dwayne Blair was brought up in an environment surrounded by

teachers ranging from the mother, the grandmother and his wife too.

This enabled him understand the impact of first hand teaching in

developing one’s knowledge and confidence. After completing his

college education back in the year 1993, he immediately joined the

financial service industry. Later on he established the Wealth

Solutions, which is his own private firm in the year 1994. The firm

has been continuously offering professional and personalized advice to

its clients.

By manipulation of his wide experience and deep knowledge in the field

of retirement and planning, Richard has made positive differences in

the lives of a good number of families, small business people and even