Barbara Stokes: On Building a Construction Empire

Green House Structures of Alabama scored a new $28 million FEMA deal during the aftermath of Harvey. This newest FEMA contract is one of a recent string of successful contracts gained by Green House Structures Homes of Alabama. Remaining competitive in Disaster Relief Construction Industry isn’t always easy. Green House isn’t just remaining competitive, it’s eating the competition away. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Green House isn’t just eating away at the competition in the Disaster Relief Construction Industry either, they are taking government contracts and private sector work as well. Over the last few years, Green House has completed 262 commercial and residential structures in the private sector alone. This doesn’t include their work with the military which has seen them build structures for both the U.S. Navy, Army, and U.S. Airforce. They have also had some success with universities including Mississipi University. This massive portfolio has helped them become an industry standard in construction.

Barbara Stokes is the CEO of Green House Structures of Alabama and is looking to expand their reach even further. Barbara Stokes graduated from Mercer University (the oldest private university located in Georgia). She graduated with a degree in Biomedical Engineering in 2001 and continued on to work for Pisces and Boeing. This experience in government contracting led her to her well-earned spot as CEO of Green House.


Barbara Stokes isn’t only highly educated and hard-working, she also has a golden heart. Barbara is an active volunteer and donates to multiple charities in and around Alabama. She and her husband have three children together and she splits her time between work and family. Paying attention to three children has made her an expert at multi-tasking a skill that comes in handy when you run a construction company that is facing contracts in multiple areas of expertise.

Green House Structures of Alabama is now one of the leading construction companies in the government contracting sector. Green House has a self-stated emphasis on engineering, modularity, and construction abilities. Green House builds modular units with innovative designs. They quote their manufacturing techniques and abilities as a large key to the success of their company. Green House should continue sprinting head first into the future, especially with new FEMA contracts coming their way. Barbara Stokes is showing that through her hard work and dedication she can build a construction empire. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Alex Pall on The Chainsmokers’ Past, Present, and Future

When Alex Pall began to DJ, he approached the vocation as a hobby, or a side job. He played a few shows here and there on weekends, and gradually his interest in disc jockeying overcame his other jobs and interests. Once a mutual acquaintance suggested he team up with Andrew Taggart, Pall, along with Taggart, realized their potential as a DJ duo. Their gigs became more than just a job or a way to fill a bank account.

Pall talks of his work with Taggart as a very accurately mutually understood partnership. The pair work on all their songs together, and while they each bring something individual to the table, their song creation happens through collaboration. Pall’s depiction of The Chainsmoker’s work extends even so far as to their album art, which what it says about the songs they have created.

Pall also discussed his perspective on the genre or category of the music he and Taggart produce. Pall acknowledges the similarities between different types of electronic music, and even admits to playing into the trend-following aspects that sometimes occur in the electronic music industry. However, at a certain point, Pall says he and Taggart realized that their eclectic music interests should be applied to their creative production.

Pall’s awareness about his music is practical and accurate. He says his intentions were to genre-mix, and the product of such a combination shows in songs like “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down.” In doing so, The Chainsmokers bring together likable characteristics of different genres. Their music is something new made up out of old musical relationships.

Pall also discusses his awareness of the public’s interest and take on his music. He knows that there’s a certain appropriate period of time to wait between releasing songs so that everyone can hear the first song and appreciate it, and then move on to the next one in a way that recognizes Pall and Taggart’s development as an artist team.

Pall speaks to his and Taggart’s collaboration with Halsey on “Closer.” His appreciation of Halsey as an artist reflects his own work: confident and new.

The Chainsmokers Sick Boy Is Bringing Out New Prespectives

On January 17, 2018 the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, celebrated their released their highly anticipated 2018 album, “Sick Boy” with a fiesta dance-rock vibe. They have had some very successful albums in the past, and are well-known for bringing their listeners what they want.

“Sick Boy” is a type of album that will have your mind on a journey, enabling you to create your own personal experience in what you envision. The whole intention behind the Chainsmokers creating this album was to bring to light how social media exposure can alter the way people view themselves. So what this album does is give the listener the opportunity to create your own point of view of yourself in a positive light, and not being who other people expect you to be.

Both Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers, are grateful to have a platform of getting their music out to the masses, and are able to have a positive impact on society by setting the stage for anyone listening to their music, to choose who you are as person, is more important that how you want others to perceive you. “Sick Boy” has made it to the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, and featured on the top radio stations all over the world, taking responsibility for who they are as celebrities, and stress to its listeners that before you worship a celebrity, you should understand everything that it entails to actually be one.

This new music from The Chainsomkers is the darkest music that they have made before, by taking you down a path, that the listener might not of been aware of befor, but at the same time gives new perspectives on traits that are labeled in today’s society, that are misunderstood. Working as a duo, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are having a positive impact on seasoned fans and new, throught France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada and more!

Jordan Lindsey At The Pulse of Forex, Bitcoins and Cryptocurriencies

In a new report warning individuals who invest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Morgan Stanley compared bitcoin to the internet bubble that occurred in the late 1990’s. Based on price trends, bitcoins rally resembles bear markets from the tech boom. In 2009, bitcoin movements ranged from 28% to 92% in price, with a 70% drop from its peak of $20,000 in late 2018.

Even at its current level in March 2018 below $8,000, interest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continues to grow. Forex markets are also widening as foreign exchange becomes profitable. The latest trends in the financial markets give power to individuals who want to diversify outside of the normal financial instruments of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

With a multitude of financial instruments available on various exchanges, profits is only one important factor. Jordan Lindsey, a veteran algo trader and founder of JCL Capital understands the value of supply and demand. It is a key factor in the appreciation of forex markets, bitcoins, and cryptocurrency.

As a self taught programmer and systems architecture designer, Jordan Lindsey, through his weekly performance reports stays on the pulse of forex markets. He presents key technical analysis in the US dollar, Euro, British pound, Japanese yen, Australian dollar and Canadian dollar. He has also brought to life the first 100% transparent trading bot for lending programs as Founder of Bitcoin Growth Bot.

Jordan Lindsey understands the importance of being ready to pivot quickly with a decision when entering or exiting a financial channel. In this new social media era, company announcements and news will continue to circulate within the forex markets, bitcoins and cryptocurrency industry within minutes. He encourages everyone to “pay full attention, be flexible, and ready to let go after working hard.”

Regardless of the number of reports ushered in the coming weeks, real analysis will continue to be the pulse in helping people make sound investment decisions. Just like NASDAQ, Forex, ICO’s, Bitcoins, and Cryptocurrencies will be worldwide names and generate a ton of conversation. It is only the beginning.

Dr. David Samadi Is A Pioneer In SMART Prostate Surgery

Dr. David Samadi is a surgeon, television personality, and activist who is known for pioneering medical advances in robotic surgery. Dr. David Samadi is known for his work with prostate cancer, and for appearing on multiple television programs including his own self-titled television show.Dr. David Samadi was born in Iran to a Persian Jew family. The family was forced to flee the country following the Iranian revolution. They moved to Brussels and then London until finally settling in New York City. Dr. David Samadi went onto attend Stony Brook University where he received a degree in biochemistry. He then went onto attend Sloan Kettering where he was training in treating testicular, bladder, and prostate cancer.

Dr. David Samadi has received a certificate in robotic surgery. This is a technique where the surgeon uses an advanced robot arm to perform an operation that is minimally invasive. Dr. David Samadi is behind the development of SMART surgery techniques that use robots to avoid damaging the nerves during surgery. This technique results in less complications, and it allows patients avoid having the surgery damage their sex lives.Dr. David Samadi has received a number of awards for his surgical practices. He was put on the best doctor’s list from 2009 to 2012 and 2015 by New York Magazine. He has been a member of the American Urological Association since 2001. He has been listed by Castle Connolly Magazine as a one of the best doctors in New York. He received a Vitals Patients’ Choice Award from 2008 to 2014.

Dr. David Samadi has extensive knowledge in performing prostate surgery. He performs an average of five hundred robot assisted prostate operations per year with him performing over seven thousand operations in total.Dr. David Samadi is known for promoting his SMART prostate surgery techniques. He has a television show that live streams Sunday afternoon on SAMADI TV. He also has an extensive collection of videos on YouTube where he discusses issues related to prostate health. Dr. David Samadi has a blog under his name along with being present on various social media platforms.

Jos Auriemo Neto Carries the Auriemo-Dream into the New Age

The JHSF CEO, José Auriemo Neto leads the company in its ventures to construct commercial and residential structures in Brazil. The CEO is also charged with the demanding responsibility of presiding over and overseeing the interest of JHSF in hotels and other public properties. JHSF Group also happens to have extensive interest in shopping and retail business. Mr. José Auriemo Neto schooled at Fundacao Armando Alvarez Penteado, also commonly referred to as FAAP. It is a respected University in Sao Paulo.

José Auriemo Neto Aims at the Sky

Soon after he was installed as the CEO, José Auriemo Neto initiated a project in the services department of the group. He built a company for managing parking lots and named it Parkbem. As a result of the service department success, he was given the green light to establish the first shopping destination for the group. Shopping Santa Cruz was a success within the first few years of its launch. It was such a favorite with the locals because it happened to be the first mall ever to come interweaved into a subway station. Thus far, JHSF Group has evolved into a market leader in the construction industry and other sectors in Brazil. The company was started way back in 1972. The company has grown over the years with the founders incorporating two more partners in the dream to establish a leading construction company.

Background Brief about José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto became the CEO of JHSF Par in 2003. He had been working for the company in senior positions. In 1997, he opened up the companies horizons by venturing into the service industry. Parkbem, as it was called was an instant success. He later was allowed to invest the companies resources in the shopping and retail niche. He succeeded in that too. He served as the CEO of JHSF Participacoes SA for 8 years since 2006 until 2014. He attended FAAP University in Sao Paulo. José Auriemo Neto took over the mantle of the company at the age of 27 years. He is the first son of one of the founders Fabio Jose Auriemo.

Dr. Rod Rohrich: The Very Best In This Business

Rod Rohrich, M.D. is different from the rest; he carefully listens as you talk and express your requirements without interrupting. He knows the drill, and that is why he is successful in the following areas.

Procedures Performed

Rod Rohrich, M.D. performs several plastic surgery procedures. The following are some of the services he offers:


  • Rhinoplasty:

The surgeon reshapes your nose. Successful plastic surgery makes your face look a little you desire and boosts your confidence and emotional health.

Blepharoplasty/Eyelid lift:

  • Blepharoplasty/Eyelid lift:

The doctor removes excess skin and fat around your eyes to give your eyelids a better shape.

Breast Augmentation:

  • Breast Augmentation:

Rohrich increases the size of your breasts using breast implants and fat grafting.

Non-invasive procedures:

  • Non-invasive procedures:

These allow your surgeon to reshape your face as well as remove wrinkles, making you look better and younger. He uses Botox and injectable fillers to perform these procedures.

Pediatric plastic surgery:

  • Pediatric plastic surgery:

The doctor performs safe procedures that treat ear and nasal deformities, hemifacial microsomia, and cleft lip among other conditions.

Breast Reconstruction:

  • Breast Reconstruction:

Have you been diagnosed with the big C? Dr. Rohrich offers breast reconstruction for cancer patients. The operation helps them regain their confidence, enjoy enhanced emotional well-being, and have improved body image. This procedure follows mastectomy.

Complex Wound Reconstruction:

  • Complex Wound Reconstruction:

If you have severe wounds that expose major structures such as joints, bones, nerves, or tendons, see Dr. Rohrich. He does skin grafting using skin surrounding the affected area to treat the wounds. He might also perform microsurgical reconstruction; a procedure that uses tissue from other body parts to solve the issue.Whether you want rhinoplasty, adjacent tissue transfer, or breast reconstruction, look for an expert. Dr. Rod Rohrich, M.D. is undoubtedly among the very best plastic surgeons in Dallas, TX. You will love the results.

Southridge is Building a Better Business Future

Southridge has currently been able to celebrate being established for over 20 years. This is an achievement that the company is extremely proud that they were able to reach. Throughout these 20 years, the company has been able to make a lot of impacts on people, along with also achieving a lot more than they have ever thought would be possible.

According to PR Newswire, since first being established the company has been able to achieve doing $1.8 billion in growth for companies all over the world. They have stated that the way they were able to achieve so much was by customizing each financial plan to fit their clients perfectly. This allowed it to where their clients were able to see better results in less time.

At Southridge Capital, they are able to offer a large variety of services to their clients. One of these services happens to be credit enhancing. Southridge is able to help companies increase their credit by helping to work with the company’s creditors to eliminate any possible debt that they may have that would work in favor of the company’s common stock.

Another amazing service that Southridge Capital happens to offer is financing solutions. Each of these solutions is tailored to fit each company perfectly and allows the company to be able to get help with a large variety of issues that they may be having. Southridge is also widely known for having Equity Purchase Agreement. This happens to allow different companies to be able to raise their capital. Southridge continues to put their customers and clients first in their company. They know that each client that they work with deserves Southridge’s best service they can get and that is just what Southridge makes sure that they deliver each time, this way the company can continue to grow along with their business relationships.

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JHSF Executive Jose Auriemo Neto

JHSF Participacoes is one of Brazil’s biggest real estate development companies, and it is currently led by Jose Auriemo Neto, who began working for the Sao Paulo-based business in 1993 and founded its services department by opening up a parking lot management division called Parkbem in 1997. He became the company’s CEO in 2003, and since then he has managed to acquire partnership deals with luxury brands such as Hermes and Jimmy Choo, which he introduced to his country by opening up a retail store that features their merchandise in the JHSF-owned Cidade Jadrim Shopping Center. The company also secured a partnership deal with the Valentino brand and opened up one of the first stores in Brazil that bears the name of that designer.

Jose Auriemo Neto has been on the Board of Executives at JHSF since 2009, and on top of the business having an operation in Brazil, it also has a presence in the U.S. and Uruguay. This part of the company is called JHSF Internacional, and it was responsible for completing real estate projects on 5th Avenue in the city of New York in the U.S., and on the condominium building known as Las Piedras in the Punta del Este section of Uruguay. Founded back in 1972 by 2 brothers named Fabio and Jose Roberto Auriemo, plus 2 other partners, JHSF was later divided into 2 companies, with one of the brothers, Fabio, taking over the real estate portion of it.

Real estate continues to be a rapidly growing business in Brazil, and JHSF has long taken advantage of the wealth-building opportunity by investing in properties that include shopping centers, hotels, retail outlets and private residences. Because of the leadership abilities of Jose Auriemo Neto, the company has grown a great deal over the years, and it is now estimated to be worth over $3 billion.

Bob Reina: Tough People Last

There is an old adage: “Don’t Take Life So Seriously. No One Gets Out Alive.” While Bob Reina believes in taking life seriously, he’s also a big believer in taking the time to enjoy the little things and having some fun. People enjoy the little things and have fun after they have put the work and the time into what is important to them. They are not afraid to go for it and they know it allows them to enjoy life, laugh, and get all they can out of it. As they say, “Work Hard. Play Hard.” Bob Reina works very, very hard.


He is in the position he is in today because of how hard he works and the level of commitment to his job. It is a job for him, and he treats it very seriously. He knows when to take it up another notch and when to push himself. He has never been afraid to push himself or his employees. He is not an evil or a mean person. He is not pushing people so hard they can’t get their work done. He pushes them in a way where they discover things about themselves they never knew existed in the first place. He knows they can give more and offer more, and he wants to see it.


It is the same with those that use Talk Fusion. They can do a lot more, offer a lot more, and push themselves more if they just see the good in themselves and they look inward at all of their talents. They have a lot of unique talents to offer to the world, but the world is never going to see them unless they keep pushing ahead and they never, ever give up. There are going to be days where they feel like the whole world is caving in on them, and they can’t get up from out of it.


However, those are what are known as character-defying moments in their life. Those are the moments that are either going to make them or break them. It is all up to them to decide how they are going to use those moments. Are going they going to use them for the right reasons? If they use them for the right reasons and if they use them to be tougher, stronger, and not a quitter, they will be better for it in the long run.


If they decide to use these moments to quit, call it a day, and take it easy, they will have taken the easy road. No one gets ahead taking the easy road. It just stops them dead in their tracks and they don’t move forward. Learn more: