ClassDojo: A Communication Platform That Connects Teachers, Parents, and Students

Over the years education technology has been on the rise and consequently, its edtech investments have been having an ascending trend from one year to another. However, there have been expected fall shorts and this makes investors and various entrepreneurs in the field be cautious in their investment while hoping things will certainly be okay. In 2017, some edtech startups like Nearpod, ClassDojo, and Introductory coding tool littleBits had a very good year hence debuting rave review kits and over 300 digital lessons.

Gamification platforms like Classcraft were also a great interest of investors which made the school course to a kind of a role-playing game. Every entrepreneur who wants to launch deeper into education market must know exactly what teachers are looking for. ClassDojo seems to have won the medal in this area by creating and building an amazing classroom community. With ClassDojo, teachers can encourage students for any skill so as to create a positive culture, give students a voice where they can showcase and share their learning progress and share moments with parents where they engage their parents by sharing the exciting classroom moments in form of videos and photos. With this toolkit, a teacher has all the classroom tools that heshe needs.

As an entrepreneur, don’t design your edtech not only to be fun to the users but also design it to solve the real problems. In other words, your tool must be necessary for creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. One of the edtech products that have been in the forefront in creating community in the school is ClassDojo. It has always listened to teachers, parents, and students whenever they are creating their product. Thanks to its co-founder Sam Chaudhary.

ClassDojo has been solving the real teacher problem and need which is communicating the progress of the students to their parents without necessarily having a conference. This has made the communication platform to be used in 2 out of 3 schools in the United States which makes 90% of K-8 school districts using ClassDojo. The fact that the edtech is tested and proven by various accelerators and it has plans for being implemented and being adopted has made it very popular in many schools recently.

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