ClassDojo Gets $21 Million to Build an App for Parents and Teachers

ClassDojo recently announced that they have received $21 million funding to build an application that will bridge the communication gap between teachers and parents. Once it is successful, the app will make parent and teacher physical meeting a thing of the past. The funding is part of the Series B round of financial assistance to the tech company that is seeking to create a technological revolution in the country’s education sector.


The app forms a communication platform that enhances the connection between teachers, parents and students. This means that the new tech will make it possible for parents to have a real-time experience of their children’s daily learning activities without going to school physically. Through the app, teachers will now be able to post pictures of classroom activities to parents. The teacher can also record videos and share it on the app’s platform easily.


The round B Series of funding ended last year, and the company will now use the money collected to develop a team of experts to figure out additional contents and features the app should have. According to ClassDojo co-founders, the app will have a lot of features that enable parents and teachers to communicate not only during the school days but also when they are at home.


About ClassDojo


ClassDojo is a technology company that provides technical solutions to the education sector. The idea behind the formation of the company was to change how parents, teachers and students communicate by introducing applications tailored for each party. The company was co-founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don in 2011. Since its inception, ClassDojo has made milestone achievements in American education sector. The company now offers services to 2 in 3 American schools. Over 85,000 schools are already in its client database.


The company is not only a domestic education tech provider but a multi-national entity. It has diffused in more than 160 countries, and the number is expected to increase in the next few years. ClassDojo prides itself on a mission to reinvent classrooms in order to improve learning experience. In a bid to expand its territories, the company struck a partnership deal with Stanford University to teach students about the “Growth Mindset.” It has come up with series of videos available to students that put across new concepts of intelligence. The firm has received over $30 million in total equity funding since it started operating.


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Multiple Facets of Virtual Communication


Talk Fusion, led by CEO Bob Reina, works worldwide to strengthen businesses through patent-pending video technology. In addition, the company cooperates with Independent Associates to market products in 140 countries and distribute them between person-person.

The services offered by the company includes the following:

1. Video Email- Market products/services in the form of video content

2. Video Newsletters- Boost reputations with news, promotions, coupons, announcements, etc.

3. Sign up forms

4. Live meetings- Create online meetings that include webinars, corporate presentations, workshops, board meetings, training sessions, and video seminars.

5. Video Chat- Allows employees, clients, managers and business to video chat from remote locations.

Video Chat

Since 2007, Talk Fusion had much of its success upon the release of its communication apps, particularly the Video Chat.

Several benefits to the application include its compatibility on multiple devices. Devices that run on Android, Apple and Mac are prime examples. Despite the price of the app, users can install a 30-day trial that’s free. The availability of the free-app builds and attracts international web feed on the main webpage of the company.

In order to access Video Chat, the app has to be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play. Once the app is installed, the option titled “free-trial should be selected. All users can create an account on the main site

As Video Chat continues to thrive, it will “Have success as a foreshadowing of the greater impact free trials will soon have on the market.” This is expressed by VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts.

SKOUT Gets the World Involved in Giving.

Recently, SKOUT, the global app meant to provide a safe way to help you find friends and make meaningful connections, polled almost 3000 of its users in regards to random acts of kindness. Participants were asked how often they perform these types of acts and how often they receive them. How the recipients feel and the perceived value of some of the more common acts was even taken into consideration. The survey revealed that among college students, these types of ‘brotherly love’ gestures are quite common. Just over half stating that they perform one such act on a daily basis, and almost all (93%) say that they have extended themselves in kindness to a stranger at least once.

SKOUT asked the group of students to rank common acts of kindness on how meaningful they are. Meaning, of course, is subjective, not objective. The rankings of the acts would, of course, be based on personal needs and values rather than on measurable data or statistical fact. Not surprisingly, number 1 on the college student’s list of meaningful acts was “pay it “backward” at a coffee shop or drive-thru.” Most students are broke and struggling for food other than ramen noodles and use caffeine as fuel for those all-night study sessions. Number two involved texting nice things to a friend while number 5 on the list took us to the gas station to fill a friends tank with fuel. Number 10 was rather benevolent. It said to take flowers to a nursing home and ask that they be given to someone who does not receive many visitors.

February 15-20 is random acts of kindness week. During the week, SKOUT asks the world to step up to the plate and apply the age-old adage to ‘do to others the way we would want them to do to us.” SKOUT has also gotten involved in applying the rule, hosting a food drive to benefit the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank while employees perform other random acts of kindness all over the city. But SKOUT is not just limited to the California area, they are all over the world. The app boasts 16 languages and users in 180 and countries. Their goal is to make a better world through connectivity, safety, and random acts of kindness. Get involved.
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Spending A Rainy Night At Home Helped Me To Find The Skout Network

It was a rainy evening outside, and I was very bored, but all the electricity was out because it had been storming earlier. The power company said they would have the electricity back on within a couple hours, so I turned on my smartphone, which has a very long-lasting battery. I played a few games, and then I started to look at the applications. I didn’t have any socializing applications, so I chose to go to the App Store and try to find something fun to download. I came across the Skout dating application, and I was going to pass it up, but then it said could socialize on the network too.

I downloaded the application and created an account to use the network. I liked creating an account because it only took a minute, and I had so many pictures on my phone that I uploaded a few of them to my profile. I wasn’t familiar with and Skout at all, but I quickly got the hang of it. I started looking for someone that lives in New York City because it’s the same place that I live. I found so many people that came up from the area that I couldn’t possibly go through them all.

I took my time and weeded out the bad ones from the good ones, meaning I chose to pick the ones that I thought I would have some interest in. I found so many cute guys that my head was ready to spin. Just as I was about to pick a guy to talk to, the lights flickered on, so I was going to get up and put the phone down, but then the lights shut right back off. Although I was disappointed about the lights, I sat back down and turned to my phone again.

I picked a couple of guys that I liked, and I messaged them and started asking how they were doing. I even got some people messaging me as well, and they all lived in my area. What I like about Skout is that it has a location service that allows me to find people who live very close to me, and it’s surprising how many people that I could find in New York City on the network. One guy, in particular, wouldn’t let up, and said he really liked my pictures, so he wanted to get to know me.

The guy and I talked for at least a couple hours, and I didn’t even realize that the power had come back on because I was so into my phone. We talked, and he even wanted us to meet, but I wasn’t ready to get into that yet. I must have spent a good four hours on the Skout network talking to one person or another, and I really got into it when I found the shake to chat feature. I’ve never been on a dating network that was so much fun, and I look forward to using the Skout network again soon.