Wengie’s Travel Beauty Routine and Skincare

Wengie first shows us the best kind of travel pouch to bring (a gorgeous one, from MOR), as well as how to pack it. From there, she starts in on the actual products that she uses for her routine. Although there are still a fair amount of products, she has it pared down nicely for travel.

The first important product she brings out is a moisturizing mask to counteract the effects of air conditioning. She also points out that once the mask is off, the excess lotion can be used to give yourself a face massage.

Next up are toner-soaked cotton pads, which she uses to freshen up her face in the morning instead of washing. She follows that up with two products by SK-II, an essence and a cream. Then comes a light sunscreen from Hada-Labo.

Then she launches into some makeup instruction, beginning with a powder cushion and some blotting powder. She moves from foundation to eyebrow care next, using a brow pencil and brow mascara combo to really make her brows pop. Her eyeshadow is next and comes from The Balm Travel Palette. She then shows us how to apply that to our eyes, and finishes with a pen liner.

On her cheeks, she puts Bal Cheek Blusher by A’pieu in a lavender color. Also by A’pieu, is her lip tint, which she then finishes with a glossy balm.

Wengie wraps up the video with some gorgeous shots of the finished makeup and an adorable shot of her pretending to be a seal.


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