Why Brian Bonar is a Decisive Figure in Finance

Dalrada Financial Corporation’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Brian Bonar was recently named the most influential personality in the financial services industry. Bonar was named Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance.

This is a high-status mention because only two female and male professionals from each discipline are honored every year. The selection committee of The Cambridge Who’s Who selects the honorees by virtue of their career and academic accomplishments, and leadership abilities.  Read more: Brian Bonar / People / MG2

Brian has three decades of professional management experience within the financial industry. This has given him the ability to oversee the operations of the Dalrada Financial Corporation. He has successfully served in this position for more than ten years. His work at the firm is to oversee a wide range of employer and employee benefits.

The company supplies its clients with numerous employee programs whose aim is to increase business efficiency. These programs include risk management insurance, employee benefits, business management, and financial management. Bonar’s role at the firm is therefore to ensure that all client mandates are fully met.

Brian Bonar in Brief

Brian Bonar is a widely recognized business executive. During his illustrious career, he has played a role in the success of numerous corporations. He is particularly renowned for the creation of business structures that have the ability to withstand turbulent market forces.

Brian trained to be an engineer at James Watt Technical College. He received his postgraduate mechanical engineering degree from Stafford University. Mr. Bonar begun his career at IBM, where he was a procurement manager. He later proceeded to QMS, where he served as the director of engineering, overseeing over 100 departmental employees.  Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.spokeo.com/Brian-Bonar

Brian Bonar made his first foray into entrepreneurship when he formed Bezier Systems, a firm that has gone on to be a huge success. While managing his firm, he continued working as a Sales Manager at Adaptec. The experience garnered during this time greatly contributed to Bezier’s success.

According to Whitepages, Brian Bonar worked for a host of other companies before being brought on board by Dalrada. He has gained specialty in mergers and acquisition transactions. He has similarly become notable for his highly personable and creative approach to business. His acclaimed approach combines an engineer’s technical genius with a financial analyst’s creative power. This has endeared him to his employees and fellow executives.

Apart from his work at Dalrada, Bonar sits on the boards of numerous organizations. These include Solvis Group Inc., Greenland Corp., Truecept Inc., Smart Tek Automated Services, Tradeshow Products Inc., American Marine LLC, the Alliance National Insurance Company, and Warning Management Services among others.

Besides this, he holds an honorary title in the United Kingdom, Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff. Away from his engagements, he enjoys playing golf, going for boating trips, and spending time with his family