How Waiakea Water is Giving Us the Most Pure, Healthy Water That Has Ever Been Available

Waiakea Water was recently highlighted by Premier Gazette due to the fact that the company is making global waves as the first bottled water company to ever produce a bottled water that not does things like hydrate us or provide electrolytes, but one that can actually combat things that attack our bodies every day. Waiakea has been stated to have benefits that have been quoted as “life altering.’ It was also named to the annual list of Ten Best Water as the best Volcanic Water Bottle on the market today. To date, volcanic water and its many benefits has been a highly niche type of water, typically used by people that have very strict views or careers that focus on healthy lifestyles. However, Waiakea Water is looking to change that and to help make the benefits of volcanic water and its incredible, almost magical Hawaiian powers available to a more mainstream group of people.

To date, Waiakea Water has already become available through high-end delivery services and is now slated to roll out at some of the country’s most elusive health food boutique stores as well as more mainstream health-focused stores such as Whole Foods all within the 2018 year. The water comes from just one, completely pure source: a live volcani in Hawaii. As the water rolls down the volcanic rock it picks up natural elements that no other water on the market can compete with.

Volcanic water and its health powers aren’t a simple trend or fad that will fade with time. The power of volcanic water, especially due to its ability to affect the body’s pH level, has been proven to be a water that goes beyond simple hydration or the provision of additional electrolytes. The water does wonderful things for the body that go beyond eating as healthy as possible. Waiakea Volcanic water is located with not only electrolytes but natural calcium, magnesium and multiple other minerals that can help to do things like eliminate free radicals in the body, naturally heal minor ailment in the body and even to prolong your life while increasing your quality of life.

Southridge is Building a Better Business Future

Southridge has currently been able to celebrate being established for over 20 years. This is an achievement that the company is extremely proud that they were able to reach. Throughout these 20 years, the company has been able to make a lot of impacts on people, along with also achieving a lot more than they have ever thought would be possible.

According to PR Newswire, since first being established the company has been able to achieve doing $1.8 billion in growth for companies all over the world. They have stated that the way they were able to achieve so much was by customizing each financial plan to fit their clients perfectly. This allowed it to where their clients were able to see better results in less time.

At Southridge Capital, they are able to offer a large variety of services to their clients. One of these services happens to be credit enhancing. Southridge is able to help companies increase their credit by helping to work with the company’s creditors to eliminate any possible debt that they may have that would work in favor of the company’s common stock.

Another amazing service that Southridge Capital happens to offer is financing solutions. Each of these solutions is tailored to fit each company perfectly and allows the company to be able to get help with a large variety of issues that they may be having. Southridge is also widely known for having Equity Purchase Agreement. This happens to allow different companies to be able to raise their capital. Southridge continues to put their customers and clients first in their company. They know that each client that they work with deserves Southridge’s best service they can get and that is just what Southridge makes sure that they deliver each time, this way the company can continue to grow along with their business relationships.

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Successful Startup’s With Mike Baur

Everyone dreams of being their boss. Although, they may have a good idea or what seems to be a perfect plan some things don’t always turn out the way that they imagined. What they thought to be a breeze is suddenly a lot of hard work, trial, and error. Too many mistakes and failures turn out to be the reason a company doesn’t succeed. Statistics have shown that 80% of businesses fail in the first two years and 96% fail within ten years. Mike Baur created the Swiss Startup Factory to create a support for companies that were starting.

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur from Switzerland. He started as a banker and became the co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory. Before beginning the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur gathered over 20 years of experience in banking. The was a beloved banker at the Union Bank of Switzerland and Clariden Leu. Mike Baur gave up banking to begin helping new businesses have an unbeaten start. The Swiss Startup factory was started by Mike Baur, Oliver Walzer, and Max Mester. He not only wanted them to have an auspicious start he wanted the companies to last long. His goal was to increase the rate of successful businesses.

Baur, Walzer, and Mester put together their previous work experience to help create sustainable companies. Mike Baur worked as a banker since the age of 16. He was a banker at the Union Bank of Switzerland. He was so good at his job that they made him an apprentice and gave him a lifetime outline of his time working with the bank up until it was time for him to retire. The bank began facing trouble, and he left UBS to work for Clariden Leu. He was kind and offered jobs to his coworkers from UBS.

A recession hit and made bank unfavorable to Mike Baur. In 2014, the Swiss Startup Company began. Mike Baur’s experience with advising Swiss investors helped him advise Swiss companies that were getting ready to start. His knowledge has aided in the Swiss Startup Factory helping companies excel and maintaining profitable relationships with CTI and the Goldback Group. Mike Baur also started a company called Think Reloaded. The Swiss Startup Factory has been very successful and continues to thrive along with their customers. Many companies have lasted long and rebranded themselves thanks to the Swiss Startup Factory.


How Betsy Devos Courageously Stands Up For The Future Of Children In Schools In America

Betsy DeVos’ philanthropy has a long portfolio indicating her passion to reform an educational system that limits the success of children in the United States by their ZIP codes. Betsy went to Calvin College for her bachelor’s degree and it is there that she gained an insurmountable passion for the American education policy. Betsy indulged herself into philanthropy immediately after graduation and presently has an invaluable experience of thirty years under her belt. She has active involvements in political campaigns that share her vision for education and parties such as the Michigan Republican Party.Betsy DeVos works closely with her visionary husband Dick DeVos to implement strategies that progressively better the lives of American children and ultimately the nation’s future. The two cofounded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to collectively address issues facing schools in relation to finance and the actual education system.

The foundation is a recurrent donor to established and emerging schools that indicate a potency to put out competitive candidates into the American job market. The earliest educational philanthropy by Betsy DeVos is the Potters House Christian School where she and her husband committed to alienate the finance problem plaguing the children.She narrated that when she first visited the institution, she was overwhelmed by the student’s learning enthusiasm, the teacher’s commitment and the school’s convenient tuition environment. However, her spirits were quickly downed after learning that a majority of the kids cane from below average income families striving too hard to send them to school. Betsy and Dick contributed funds to pay for tuition fees and some of the school’s expenses. The motion went to freeing up some of the money that parents had to spend to keep the system running.

Betsy’s first foundation to sponsor students with scholarships began operating in 1990 by supporting children from low income homes afford education. She graduated to reforming the system at the core level by joining the American Education Reform Board and Children First America whose sole intentions were to elect able candidates into office. Her first campaign to pass the Michigan school charter bill had the strong backing of her husband Dick and was set to allow use of tax credits and vouchers in scholarship programs. The bill faced an unprecedented failure but Betsy did not stop at the hurdle and moved on to start Great Lakes Education Program to effect change nationally.Betsy DeVos and Dick both come from actively philanthropic families and have nurtured their nuclear family to continue the tradition. Their first born son got a mention by the Forbes Magazine as one of America’s top donors in 2015 due to his annual contributions which was in the millions. The family maintains a stronghold on their movement by explaining that financial contribution go a long way in slowly transforming the lives of individual kids across America.

Bob Reina On The Progress Talk Fusion Has Made

Bob Reina often writes about the importance of video marketing and how it’s become key to promoting brands and connecting with customers. He’s the founder of video marketing phenomena Talk Fusion and is a regular contributor to the HuffPost and MarTech Advisor. He was interviewed by Inspirery not long ago to talk about how Talk Fusion began and who the company reaches regularly.


Reina said he’s marketed Talk Fusion to all kinds of clients that include small business owners, large corporate leaders and non-profit groups. He said it’s become successful because multilevel marketing truly works when done right and is all about helping everyone succeed in making money. In fact Reina says the stories of those who join the Talk Fusion associates program and find success doing so are what inspire him to build the company even bigger. Learn more:


Bob Reina is from Tampa, FL and was a police officer there for over 10 years. Over time he grew tired of the routine and decided he needed to try a new line of work in direct sales. After working for several different direct selling companies, he found an idea for his own when he was on vacation and wanted to send videos through email. Most communication companies at the time said his idea wouldn’t work, but in three years he and his friend Jonathan Chen were able to develop a video email app. That was the start of Talk Fusion’s products.


Bob Reina decided to make the Talk Fusion associates program even more appealing by adding bonus incentives that included expensive jewelry, sports cars and exotic vacations. Reina also decided to allow customers to try all of Talk Fusion’s products for free for 30 days through the free trials program, and to do so you don’t even need a credit card. Reina is also a philanthropist who has volunteered at local animal shelters and given over $1 million to the Tampa Humane Society. He introduced a giving back program at Talk Fusion that allows associates to give a monthly access account to any charity they choose. Reina has also won Product of the Year awards for his company. Learn more here:


Tony Petrello: from Math Whiz, to J.D. holder, to Top Executive

Anthony G. Petrello, often referred to as Tony by his employees, plays several important roles in Nabors Industrial Ltd. Nabors is one of the world’s largest natural gas and geothermal drilling contractors. Based in Hamilton, Bermuda, the company operates in the United States, Middle and Far East, and Africa.

Tony, who was instrumental in the development of Nabors Industries, is the President, Chief Executive Officer of the company, he is also the Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee.

Petrello holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School and both BS and MS degrees in Mathematics from Yale University. Tony Petrello started career at the law firm of Baker and McKenzie in 1979, he then became the Managing Partner of firm from 1986 to 1991. Soon after in 1991, he joined as the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors, he then became President the next year. He became CEO in 2012. Outside of Nabors Industries, Petrello is the Director of Stewart and Stevenson, LLC, and Hillcorp Energy Company. Previously Tony was the Director of

Tony is also the current Director and on the Board of the Texas Children’s Hospital and is an staunch advocate clinical programs and research on children with neurological disorders, a cause that is close to his and his wife, Cynthia’s hearts. Tony’s daughter Carena, who was born prematurely, developed cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder, which impacts movement, muscle tone, and motor skills. The couple donated a total of $7 million aimed at finding a cure.

Petrollo made around $27,513,000 in 2015, between his annual salary, bonus, stock payments and other compensations. While he held the title of best paid CEO in 2013 that was not the case for 2014. Nabros changed compensation policy in 2014, limiting the severance payments and splitting the CEO and chairman roles, while also giving a chance for 5% of the compensation to return to the shareholders. With these changes, Tony was not names as top paid CEO.

Tony’s college roommate remembers him as n extremely smart young man and math whiz. Likening him to Will from the movie Good Will Hunting. He recently called Tony up for advice, after learning of his amazing success.

Nine9 The UnAgency Believes That If You Seek You Will Find

Nine9 is the UnAgency and has some advice to those wanting careers in acting and modeling. The majority of people that follow their dreams to the entertainment industry in California quit. According to the Nin9, everyone leaves too soon and have ignored the adage of hard work and perseverance as the key to entering Hollywood.You will not be found if no one knows where you live. That statement seems so simple, but it is true. Those who are employed in the entertainment profession, at any level, are preoccupied, like most people. Every rock should be overturned and network.Before you knock on doors every day, make sure you have something to say. Learn your trade. Take acting classes and workshops. Find a community theater. Commit yourself to bettering yourself and face criticism.

If a door does open, you must give the person something about yourself. You must go to all agencies that will permit you to leave a headshot and some introduction to yourself and your talent. The head shot must be your best image. There are some costs you will have to pay.Do not ignore Nine9’s recommendations and quit. Look at sources such as which publishes casting calls for actors. Stand in line at every auction. If offered work at the audition, do not refuse. Take any work offered which is your best form of networking.

The Founder and CEO of Nine9 Anthony Toma is eager to hear from you. Nine9, the UnAgency, is not a talent agency and does not take a fee. However, Nine9 will provide you with guidance such as books, materials, photographer referrals, and places where there are casting calls to help your quest. Nine9 will point they way because it follows the advice it gives to the acting and modeling dreamers.

How Hussain Sajwani is Redefining Entrepreneurial Success

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most recognizable Arab billionaires. He is the brains behind the world-renowned DAMAC Properties, a premier real estate development company. Besides this, Hussain serves as the Chairman of Al Jazeira Services Co. SAOG, DAMAC Holding LLC, and Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co. these roles have elevated him to a senior status not only in Dubai but also the globe at large.


Hussain’s Career History


Mr. Sajwani was raised in a middle-class family in Dubai. He attended the University of Washington from where he holds a degree in finance. From an early age, he stood out due to his incomparable business acumen and enterprising mind. His aggressiveness saw him successfully partake roles that were beyond his job description early in his career when he was a clerical officer.


Hussain embarked on his corporate career in 1982 with the formation of DAMAC Group. The company grew rapidly, and was recording huge profits within the first few years of existence. This growth is mainly owed to Hussain’s ability to form partnerships across the corporate domain. After realizing the need to diversify his interests, he founded ZDICO Invets, a venture capital firm in 1992. He also established Al Jazeira Services Co SAOG, a company whose annual revenues exceed $125 million.


Relationship With Donald Trump


Hussain is a close business associate of US President, Donald Trump. His company, DAMAC Properties has partnered with the Trump Organizations in numerous occasions since they are both involved in luxury real estate development. The two buddies even spent New Year’s Eve together. Their respective families are equally close to each other. His close association with Trump is likely to strengthen economic ties between the US and the UAE. Read more:


Philanthropic Activities


Hussain is involved in different charities across the globe. He has donated millions to different charities. His donations mainly focus on helping deprived children. His companies also have strong CSR efforts, which have led to the improvement of livelihoods in different parts of the world. Hussain acknowledges that a giving hand receives. This explains why he has been actively participating in philanthropy for more than 30 years. Through DAMAC, he also runs a clothing campaign, which helps clothe over 50,000 children every year.

Don Ressler’s Life in Business

Don Ressler is a well-established business person. He is famously known for his success in establishing startups. Don is the man behind successful businesses such as Intelligent Beauty and its subsidiary companies. In 2001, Intermix Media purchased Don Ressler’s company; FitnessHeaven. The sale resulted in a partnership between Don and 19-yaer old Adam Goldenberg. Adam has a history of starting up his company at the age of 15; Gamers Alliance which he later sold to Intermix Media in 1999. Together, they formed Alena Media which generated hundreds of millions revenue and profit for Intermix Media. However, in 2005, Intermix Media was acquired by News Corp which left Don and his partner with a little market for their e-commerce business.

Don and Adam became close allies since they had a passion for business and shared a common innovation mind. Driven by a common goal, they both set out to ensure success for their company. In 2006, they established an e-business brand incubator which Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler named as Intelligent Beauty. In this platform, Don and his partner introduced various brands. Their business idea drew much attention to the people who began enjoying the amazing experience of online shopping. While most companies in the industry are known quietly, Intelligent Beauty received quick attention because of their pleasant way of service. The favorable environment led to the company recording billions of dollars in revenue annually.

Read more: Former Intermix COO Raises $33M For Fashion Brand JustFabulous

Driven by the urge to merge social interaction with forefront fashion, the two partners set out seeking for new opportunities. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg wanted a platform where they could deliver their products at an affordable price to their clients. Their ideas saw them creating a personalization platform with the aim of expanding Intelligent Beauty. The two went out hiring designers and style consultants who would in return deliver attractive and affordable models. It is from this establishment that JustFab was born, an affordable model which offered customized handbags and accessories to their customers on a monthly basis.

Don’s company JustFab emerged with a dream of ensuring that they changed the way people shop through delivering on-trend fashion at an incredible price. With time, their subscription model changed. The company aimed at ensuring that their engagements remain high. The company has remained faithful to their goals. As a result, the company has become a powerful brand-building platform. Previously, the online platform just held JustFab, but due to their good reputation, the company now operates on multiple brands such as Fabletics, FabKids, Shoedazzle, and JustFab.

Their success stories attracted many successful business people, the likes of Kimora Lee Simons who saw the potential in JustFab. Without hesitation, Kimora joined the company and was appointed as the president and creative director. Later on, Matrix’s Josh a fruitful and seasoned entrepreneur acceded to the company and the together with their team of investors, JustFab grew big and their subscriptions increased magically. The great changes experienced in the brand platform saw it change its name to TechStyle Fashion Group with the aim of expansion. TechStyle Fashion Group Headquarters are located in El Segundo, CA because Don viewed the location as cost effective regarding operations.

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Mike Baur Helps Entrepreneurs Start in the Right Direction

There are millions of entrepreneurs that look for a chance to get their businesses off the ground. Some may have a solid idea that could really do well if they have the right business plan to enter the market. This is where a lot of people find themselves looking for help. Mike Baur and his team at Swiss Start up Factory are helping these entrepreneur grow their businesses by providing some helpful coaching and 1 on 1 sessions.


The Swiss Startup Factory was co-founded by Baur. He has a team of experts that are specializing in things like funding businesses,marketing, coaching, product promotion and constant growth strategies for businesses. People that are trying to get on the fast track to building better businesses will sign up for the accelerator program.


Mike Baur has been able to carve out this type of plan for businesses because he has been in the banking industry for more than 20 years. He has experienced in financial matters and business building. This has made him someone that is worthy of listening to when it comes to business matters.

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Most entrepreneurs start with a business plan where they estimate what certain things are going to cost. They are eager to get the business into the mainstream. These business owners will ultimately find themselves wrestling with more things as the business goes on. There will be bills that will need to be paid for the operation of the business. There will be marketing costs. A lot of different things that the entrepreneur may have overlooked can arise and take business owners off their original focus.


What Mike Baur has done is gather a team of experts and develop things like the accelerator program and the 360 services to help business owners stay focused. His team is in place to give a business a fighting chance to actually survive. The pressure can be great for entrepreneurs to prove that the business can thrive against the competition. This first impression that is made on customers is everything so Mike Baur makes sure that participants in the accelerator program are ready to go.


The Swiss Factory Startup is an important stepping stone for entrepreneurs. It is a coaching process that helps lots of eager business owners jump the hurdle. It minimizes the chance of being caught off guard. Baur makes sure that entrepreneurs are fully prepared to run their businesses.