Squaw Valley Issues Statement About Water Quality On Upper Mountain Water

Recently, E.coli and coliform bacteria was found in Squaw Valley’s upper mountain drinking water. The company released a statement, but they recently released an extended statement.


Early November was when the potential health issue was reported to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. Since being reported, the water has been treated on a regular basis. It is also showing improvement. Currently, three out of four wells that serve the site are showing no E. coli present and low levels of coliform.


However, restaurants are still closed and visitors can’t drink the water due to the issue not being fully resolved. With that said, a few weeks ago, the company’s public relations director, Liesl Kenney, has released a statement.


The statement discussed how a number of water systems in Placer County were affected by unusually heavy rainstorms, which led to an inundation of a water system installed over Gold Coast and High Camp. This caused a contamination in that system.


It continued to say the company detected the issue during a routine test. Once they discovered the issue, the appropriate authorities were contacted and notified about the problem.


The spokesperson said they also met with water safety experts and then they took steps to take care of the issue. In the statement, the spokesperson said the company will do what it takes until everything goes back to normal. The water usage at Gold Coast or High Camp will remain limited until the issue has been fully resolved and when they’ve been assured by the appropriate authorities.

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