End Citizen’s United Talks About The Russian Support For President Trump

Much has been made about the divisive talking point and whether or not President Donald Trump’s election campaign was directly run or influenced by Russian government officials. It’s likely to be a case that’s not resolved for some time, but in the meantime many political activists have come to the understanding that big money and foreign governments should have no influence in the US Elections. Fighting for this cause is End Citizens United, a grassroots activist group whose mission is to end corporate corruption in US Elections and a group that’s spoken up about the Trump campaign and possible financial ties to Russia.

Much of End Citizens United’s focus on this issue has been how the Russian government purchased Facebook ads that they believe directly influenced the 2016 election. Just how much of those ads were purchased and how much they were tilted towards then candidate Trump is still unknown, but End Citizens United would like to see a change in how foreign governments can intervene in campaign ads. They would also like to see a change in the way candidates can receive funds including some that they say are received in private donations. End Citizens United supports a bill that’s currently sitting in the House known as the DISCLOSE Act which would require 100% disclosure of all campaign finance money.

End Citizens United is completely run by grassroots people who would like to see an end to politicians reaching office completely under the influence of the large corporations and single billionaire donors. Their foundation was founded in 2015 in reaction to a decision made the US Supreme Court in 2010 that favored Citizens United over the Federal Elections Commission and brought about more big money spending in local and federal elections. End Citizens United has since come out and sought to get politicians in office who can get more fair election laws passed and restore political power to the people.

End Citizens United is run by several notable activists including President Tiffany Muller who is recognized as growing the PAC from a small non-profit into one that now has millions of members from around the US and relies on individual donations usually as small as $10. Some notable candidates End Citizens United has supported include Senators Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire, and Catherine Cortez-Masto in Nevada, but most notably they backed 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders who’s seen as the ultimate champion against big money. End Citizens United has also recently spoken up about attempts to repeal the Johnson Amendment, an act set forth by President Lyndon B. Johnson that prevented the influence of church money in political elections.

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John Kasich’s Presidential Campaign Acquires Major Funding from George Soros

The political climate is getting warmer after John Kasich (Ohio Governor) received a record $488,375 from a group associated with Forbes billionaire George Soros. The Soros fund managers consisting of Stanley Druckenmiller and Scott Bessent termed the funding as “soft money”. This means that the Ohio Governor will still be in the Republican presidential primaries. This funding has caused mixed reactions among the conservatives.
Funding pattern

Being an active participant in bloomberg politics, Soros is a strategist who plays his cards well. He has been funding both republican and democrat candidates. This has created confusions since most people do not understand his stand. He has spent an enormous amount of money in creation and funding of organizations like MoveOn.org, Pro-amnesty association, and ACORN. After heavily funding Congressional Democrats, He supported Hilary Clinton’s company with over $8 million.

George Soros opinions

Soros is an advocate of an open society. He believes in the fair treatment of every individual in the society. He is opposing the over emphasize on border security, an agenda present in the manifesto of candidates such as Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Despite the idea of funding Kasich causing speculations from the conservatives, Soros believes that the presidential aspirant has an agenda tailored towered addressing the needs of the American people. Kasich is also receiving support from Senator Marco Rubio.

Soros has topped the list of funders pushing for the opening of America’s borders. His team is reported to have given over $100 million dollars to support organizations that champion ‘immigrant rights’ in the US. Organizations that benefited from the funding include La Raza, Amnesty International, Immigration Equality, as well as Immigrant Legal Resource Center. The original article was published on political insider; http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/major-gop-presidential-candidate-took-588375-george-soros/

George Soros, the terrific Investor

Born on August 12, 1930, George Soros is a self-established billionaire running successful business and funding established organizations that support human rights. He is a national of both United State and Hungary. Academic wise, Soros holds an undergraduate degree and a Master’s degree in Philosophy. He is an alumnus of London School of Economics. Considering he started as traveling salesperson and rose through ranks to an established and respected investor, Soros is admirably well spoken. He is the Open Society founder as well as the chairperson. Open Society consists of a group of connected foundations, projects, and partners in over 100 countries.

After establishing Open Society, Soros began his active humanitarian activities in 1979 targeting youths in South Africa that were under apartheid rule. He helped most of them to turn their higher education dream into a reality. He played an integral role in helping Eastern Europe to transition peacefully from communism to capitalism. Being a champion of quality education, George Soros founded the Central European University to create a pool of independent thinkers in the society. He has expanded his humanitarian activities to Asia, United States, and Africa. George Soros has spent over $8 billion funding networks associated with Open Societies across the globe. The Open Society has offered tuition fees for thousands of talented students such as those originating in areas associated with armed conflicts, marginalized groups, as well as young Roma.