Billionaire George Soros Will Hit The $13 Million Mark Donation Soon With The New Latino Strategy.

 Big time political funder and billionaire George Soros, is expected to hit the $13 million donations soon with the new strategy to will Latino support for the Republicans in place. The billionaire is expected to give an estimated $5 million to Immigrant Voters Win PAC. This is a super PAC that concerns itself to rallying immigrant voters such as Latino and Asians to vote. This will mark George Soros first 8 figure donation totals after his 2004 donation of $20 million. In this year, George Soros was supporting campaigns against the then President George Bush reelection. This $5 million donation by George Soros will bring home the Democrat hero of massive political spending.

George Soros has also pledged to donate another $5 million to fund legal campaigns against restrictive voting laws. This campaigns are lead by Democrats and touch on voting laws in states like Ohio, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. George Soros $5 million donation towards Latino campaigns is among the $15 million donations scheduled by other liberal donors towards the same campaigns. They plan to use this funds to mobilize Latinos and other immigrants in the coming November elections to vote for Democratic candidates for both Presidential and Senatorial seats.

According to statistics, this will be largest voter turnout mobilization campaign in the history of the Democrats. Latino and immigrant voters are thought to make for up the coming elections. This campaign will mainly target voters in Colorado, Florida and Nevada and states with huge numbers of Latino and Asian populations. This voter group is considered the win determinants for the presidential race. The Democratic campaigns hope to win over 400,000 new voters to support them in the November elections. Most national pro-immigration or Hispanic-oriented groups are against Donald Trump and his Republican policies that would see to it that immigrants are deported and restricted from the country.

George Soros had already endorsed Hillary Clinton as his Democrat presidential candidate of choice. He already has donated over $8 million to fund Hillary Clinton’s campaigns through her campaign super PAC like the Priorities USA Action. George Soros has also been quoted saying that he and Hillary Clinton have been great allies, and he likes her open forum policy approach. He says that leaders like Hillary Clinton, who are mindful of the well-being of others despite their economic status, race or origin is what America needs. He says that the country is currently made up of more than three races, and none of the should feel more privileged in the country than the other. The Open Society Foundation founder also said that he will continue being a proponent of good leadership and governance. He strongly criticized Donald Trump and other Republicans enemies trying to personalize the country. He says that he hopes the entire American voter population will choose leaders who foster national unity and growth and not those who focus on divisive politics.