FreedomPop Goes Unlimited for $20

What more could FreedomPop offer its customers? How about “everything”? FreedomPop has launched a new $20 “Everything Unlimited” plan. FreedomPop originally launched as a free service. The company has expanded its offerings to include inexpensive boosted options. The new $20 plan means users can make all the calls and texts and use as much data as they wish. The brilliant new plan, a plan detailed on CNet, should draw even more customers to the FreedomPop fold.

FreedomPop has grown by proverbial leaps and bounds in a very short period of time. The Los Angeles startup’s ability to deliver tremendous deals to consumers has absolutely contributed to the incredible growth. After making a huge splash in the United States, FreedomPop moved onto other territories where it did well. Both mobile service and Wi-Fi hotspots have played significantly into FreedomPop’s success. Per TechCrunch, FreedomPop has released a $5 unlimited Wi-Fi plan in the United States. The Wi-Fi plan – based on a similar one overseas – allows users to connect to 10 million hotspots in the U.S. They number of hotspots is going to grow substantially in the future.

In recent months, $50 million was raised in investment funding to further plans for growth and new projects. Based on how the company has performed in the past, the new endeavors planned by management and developers are sure to yield further success.

The $20 “Everything Unlimited” plan is sure to appeal to FreedomPop’s customer base. People who want to save money on their phone services are absolutely going to find this deal an exceptional one.

The company has even chosen to sweeten deals for new and existing customers by offering fantastic new smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and Victory are just a few of the awesome phones available. With these excellent phones, the total FreedomPop experience is going to be a positive one.

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