GTL has acted improperly in Louisiana

Securus is a leading name in the prison communications industry. They are proud to work with prison officials, investigators, prisoners, and prison family members to provide the best possible communication services. They believe that calling your loved ones and your attorney is a fundamental right, and they are proud to offer prisoners this opportunity. Securus has always run their company with honor and integrity, but they know that several companies choose not to operate with honesty. Recently, Securus found that a major competitor was acting improperly.

GTL is a major force within the prison communications field. They provide prisoners throughout the country with phone calls. Unfortunately, GTL uses several sneaky business practices to maximize their profits. GTL regularly charges customers for time they do not use. They also double bill some customers and charge more than the price they quoted. These misdeeds really add up. Recently, investigators found that GTL had overcharged prisoners in Louisiana by more than a $1 million dollars. People should be shocked by these horrible actions, but many people do not know about GTL.

Securus is shocked that another member of the industry has acted so poorly. When they discovered the depth of GTL’s actions, they knew they had to act. Recently, Securus issued a press release. Within the press release Securus stated that they knew GTL had wronged the people of Louisiana, and they knew about other states where GTL was doing wrong. Securus intends to fully investigate every action GTL has taken in recent years. Every time Securus makes a new discovery, they will issue a new press release to reveal GTL’s actions. They feel that the public has a right to know, and they will keep issuing new press releases to fully inform the public.

GTL’s actions are shocking, and they require action. Hopefully, people will demand action against GTL.

FreedomPop Takes European Market

FreedomPop is the well-known service that provides free voice, data, and text plans to their customers. Of course, the amount is limited. Heavy users will usually upgrade to one of their paid plans. However, those with light usage are happy with the free plan. Watch out European mobile phone carriers. FreedomPop is invading your shores. A recent article appeared in FierceWireless about FreedomPop’s plan to launch their service in Europe with 25 carriers. This reach across the ocean is due to the extra funding that the company acquired. Nicholas Constantinopoulos, is the man that is watching over the European expansion. He states that the FreedomPop model really works. They are making profits.

Freemium or the free plan is a way to introduce the service to potential customers, stated Constantinopoulos. Once they are on board, the customers usually like to sign up for a plan with wider options. European customers have access to a sweet free plan. They receive 200 MB of free data in the supported countries. The plan is easily accessible on any smartphone. Of course, the free plan users are offered the option to buy more data, for a very affordable price. FreedomPop is also launching a hotspot service along with a SIM card available for purchase on the FreedomPop site.

The good news for FreedomPop is that most of the people that come on board with the free service, eventually switch over to the premium services. However, a small percentage remain with the free service. Still, it is a very small percentage and price to pay for gaining ground in various markets that were dominated by other traditional mobile services that did not offer free plans. The good news does not stop there. FreedomPop also has plans to expand to Asian markets, South American markets, and eventually world-wide.


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