Andrew Rolfe – Helping Spread the Reach of Ubuntu Education Fund

The world is suffering from many different crises, and while there are many organizations, private as well as non-profit groups, working hard to reach out to people who are suffering or are underprivileged, an extra helping hand would always come in handy. It is where the Ubuntu Education Fund comes in. It is a well-known fact that Africa is amongst the most deprived nations across the globe and the population of people who are below the poverty line is massive. However, apart from the financial crisis and social collapse, there are other problems like famine, malnutrition, HIV, epidemic, lack of medical supply, lack of hospitals, lack of education, and more.

Ubuntu Education Fund aims to rehabilitate over 400,000 people in Africa, and for kids, the Ubuntu Education Fund has a program in place that takes care of their health and education until the time they are ready to start their career. It is an excellent thing that Ubuntu Education Fund is doing to help people in need. When the organization first started, they came to realize after just a brief while that only deadly diseases and lack of medicine are not the problems. Jacob Lief, CEO of the fund said that he realized that education, health, medical, food, and other aspects of lives are also not available in full to the population. It is why the Ubuntu Education Fund was started to help empower the children, the next generation of the African population so that the country can revive on its own.

The Chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund, Andrew Rolfe has played a significant role in spreading the reach of the fund across Africa and raising considerable funds for the organization through many different events, including the Ubuntu Education Fund Charity Gala that was held in London. Andrew Rolfe helped in raising funds over 600,000 GBP through the gala event, which was the initial target set to expand the fund’s campus in Port Elizabeth and to improve its pediatric center. Andrew Rolfe holds MBA from Harvard and has done the undergraduate program from Oxford. Apart from being the Chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund, he is also the managing director of the reputed investment firm named TowerBook Capital Partners.