Combating Ransomware Issues

Cyber security has become an issue of much concern over the last decade. With the increasing use of internet, the existence of ransomware becomes a harsh reality to all users including the government, individuals, and companies. The severity of cyber attacks is increasing at an alarming rate. The frequency of occurrence is also high thus most businesses are investing in software to minimize its adverse effects.


The exposure of ransomware to data causes damage of information creates room for embezzlement or theft of intellectual property. Other possible dangers are fraud and corruption of vital information among other severe effects to businesses. In governments hacking leads to negative headlines or the exposure of sensitive information which causes negative publicity and hence questions the credibility of the person whose information is leaked or altered.


With increased ransomware, relevant stakeholders such as the government and major companies are investing in the cyber security industries. Rubica is one such company whose primary aim is to restore and maintain safety to its client in digital world.


In partnership with the US Navy, NSA, and the Scotland Yard, Rubica uses special intelligence to stop human threats. It uses a sophisticated personalized and private system to fit and meet the needs of each of its clients. Rubica, owing to its strategic steps against cyber assaults is the only antidote to ransomware.

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