Spending A Rainy Night At Home Helped Me To Find The Skout Network

It was a rainy evening outside, and I was very bored, but all the electricity was out because it had been storming earlier. The power company said they would have the electricity back on within a couple hours, so I turned on my smartphone, which has a very long-lasting battery. I played a few games, and then I started to look at the applications. I didn’t have any socializing applications, so I chose to go to the App Store and try to find something fun to download. I came across the Skout dating application, and I was going to pass it up, but then it said could socialize on the network too.

I downloaded the application and created an account to use the network. I liked creating an account because it only took a minute, and I had so many pictures on my phone that I uploaded a few of them to my profile. I wasn’t familiar with and Skout at all, but I quickly got the hang of it. I started looking for someone that lives in New York City because it’s the same place that I live. I found so many people that came up from the area that I couldn’t possibly go through them all.

I took my time and weeded out the bad ones from the good ones, meaning I chose to pick the ones that I thought I would have some interest in. I found so many cute guys that my head was ready to spin. Just as I was about to pick a guy to talk to, the lights flickered on, so I was going to get up and put the phone down, but then the lights shut right back off. Although I was disappointed about the lights, I sat back down and turned to my phone again.

I picked a couple of guys that I liked, and I messaged them and started asking how they were doing. I even got some people messaging me as well, and they all lived in my area. What I like about Skout is that it has a location service that allows me to find people who live very close to me, and it’s surprising how many people that I could find in New York City on the network. One guy, in particular, wouldn’t let up, and said he really liked my pictures, so he wanted to get to know me.

The guy and I talked for at least a couple hours, and I didn’t even realize that the power had come back on because I was so into my phone. We talked, and he even wanted us to meet, but I wasn’t ready to get into that yet. I must have spent a good four hours on the Skout network talking to one person or another, and I really got into it when I found the shake to chat feature. I’ve never been on a dating network that was so much fun, and I look forward to using the Skout network again soon.