Online Reputation Management For Business Success

Are you worried about what people think about your business or your products? Do you want to make sure that only the best content about you or your company is shown to Internet searchers? Want to hire a professional online reputation management team?

Just like any other instance, having a good online reputation is equally crucial so as to build healthy business relationships and improve profit margins. Especially in present time, when the world is largely compressed to internet, every information spreads faster and it puts an organization’s business at risk if the reputation is not in a good light.

Online credibility and Reputation Defender review management approaches are increasing in global acceptance, in response to impending dangers to online privacy and people’s good names. Many people go online to research companies and various products before making a purchase. That is why you need to be sure that your company has a good image online.

Depending on the amount of your time and energy you invested in social media sites marketing or advertising, you may discover that there are forces at play that are out to get you. Business rivals, former co-workers, even complete strangers are regularly trolling social media networks and other online sites looking for ways to make you look bad.

So what can you do to safeguard yourself against this cyberspace reality? One solution is to go the experts and have them manage your online reputation. However, if you are a modern entrepreneur, not using online promoting and marketing methods to produce leads and grow your business is increasingly impractical. Take steps to set up a system that can protect your online image and help you to build a good brand.

Reputation management professionals will guide you in setting up the right reputation management system for your company or organization. The use of social media network sites and related resources have proven to be a fabulous way to convey an impressive image about your brand or business. Consult with reputation management firms who can help you set up a suitable systems at these sites.


Huffington Reports How One Company Was Able To Repair Their Online Reputation

Status Labs is highly regarded for helping people manage their online reputation. Unfortunately, one department executive threatened to tarnish their online reputation and Founder and CEO Darius Fisher decided there was no need to hire a professional because this is what Status Labs was made for and he applied his companies techniques to repair his online relationship. Status Labs is based in Austin, Texas. They have successfully helped over 1,000+ companies build or repair their relationship as a crisis reputation repair management consultant company. Status Labs decided there was no other man fit for the task of helping them repair their online relationship other than themselves.

During the national snowball effect of what the executive had done Status Labs to the relationship with their online clients they decided to apply the change in behavior method as their first course of action. This is one Status Labs most popular advice options. It is believed that a changed positive behavior pattern will allow your customers to still believe in your brand. For example, according to this situation that Status Labs faced a positive changed behavior resulted in dismissing the executive. They also advise being active in the local community. Status Labs have techniques to help you successfully engage with the public. There PR representative was there to backed them up all the way during their crisis. Status Labs also offers high end professional PR relations to their customers.

Status Labs incorporates a team of professionals willing to assist you in removing negative comments, negative articles, or bad press. They lost a few good employees because of the actions of one executive, but they were determined to use this as a time to build. During the rebuilding stage they used this as a time to strengthen their team. They continued to let their employees know it was a rough time, but they are an important part of the companies success. Status Labs admits that valuing your team is a part of repairing your online reputation. After the numbers came back Status Labs had did a successful job of professionally repairing their online reputation.

3 Tips on How to Increase Employee Job Satisfaction

If you’re a business owner, one way you can keep the business running smoothly is to have happy, hardworking employees. If employees are happy, they will work better and have less turnover.

Darius Fisher, Co-founder and the President of an online reputation management company, Status Lab, gave us some tips.

Darius Fisher offers his employees incentives for reaching quarterly goals. He uses incentives such as tickets to a music festival, gadgets, home cleaning service, and an oversea trip.

To have a successful incentive program for the company, Fisher says that it is crucial to find out what the employees like. If they are offered something totally irrelevant to their interests, then budgeting for those incentives may not be such a good idea.


Who doesn’t like receiving awards? Who doesn’t like being recognized for doing something good? People like positive encouragement and recognition, and your employees will like it too.

Even if it is something as simple as a thank you note or an email, they will feel appreciated if someone acknowledges their hard work.

Employees want to feel like they are part of the company because, in truth, a company cannot exist without employees! Employees want to know what is going on in the company and stay in the loop.

What Fisher has done for his employees at Status Labs is he has created a monthly company newsletter to keep his employees up to date on things such as new hiring, big accomplishments, and any other important changes or events that has happened. He also holds monthly company meetings to keep his employees “in-the-know” and answer any questions or comments employees may have.

Darius Fisher is the Co-founder and the President of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm. He helps companies with public relations and digital marketing that will boost their search results and sales.

Fisher has graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in economics.

More information for Status Labs:

Twitter: @fisherdarius

The Tried and Tested White Shark Media

Any other company or business entity will take pride in its clients’ satisfaction. Besides aiming at making impressive profits and balance sheets at the end of the business year, a company must aim at first of all satisfying its customers. White Shark Media Complaints is not any different and its core commitment as it takes the lead in Adwords management is to at all times leave its customers at most satisfied with its service delivery which will go a long way in establishing long term business relationships together with helping its clients improve in their respective business’s performance.

White Shark Media has met the stringent regulations, eligibility and training requirements set by google, and the company equally takes pride in having proved AdWords expertise. All its staff is certified by internal and external standards. Among its staff, it’s got 81 AdWords certified individuals, 57 Bing Ads Accredited and 52 google analytics certified.

The company has always valued its clients’ feedback and has always taken in the complaints positively and endeavored to improve on them. At the start of its business, it recorded quite a number of complaints from its customers who were in one way or the other unsatisfied with its services. The company took in the necessary steps so as to remedy on the same. This has at length helped in the end of the day improving its service delivery.
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White Shark Media values their Clients and their Employees
White Shark Media – Facebook

One area that White Shark Media Review had initially received complaints on and has improved on it is with regards to communication with its clients. To improve on this, the company has first of all allowed its clients to directly call its contact persons at any time together with putting up scheduled monthly status call with GoTomeeting with its clients which is an online conference tool. Another complaint was that after a client has signed in, one ended up with a contact person who did not understand their needs. The company has improved on this by ensuring that there is a smooth transition phase and the Senior SME consultants actually track every client right from signing in through to optimization process.

As a result of taking in its clients’ complaints and building on them, the level of customer satisfaction has tremendously improved. The testimonials from the company’s satisfied clients will tell it all. Among its clients is Master Jeff Wade who said that White Shark Media Complaints has outperformed any other company he has dealt with. Another client who is a practicing attorney said that the conversion rate ever since he started engaging with the company is what had impressed him. In the end, the service delivery at White Shark Media has really improved and this is owed to the commitment of the company to better service delivery and constantly improving on its clients’ complaints.

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Multiple Facets of Virtual Communication


Talk Fusion, led by CEO Bob Reina, works worldwide to strengthen businesses through patent-pending video technology. In addition, the company cooperates with Independent Associates to market products in 140 countries and distribute them between person-person.

The services offered by the company includes the following:

1. Video Email- Market products/services in the form of video content

2. Video Newsletters- Boost reputations with news, promotions, coupons, announcements, etc.

3. Sign up forms

4. Live meetings- Create online meetings that include webinars, corporate presentations, workshops, board meetings, training sessions, and video seminars.

5. Video Chat- Allows employees, clients, managers and business to video chat from remote locations.

Video Chat

Since 2007, Talk Fusion had much of its success upon the release of its communication apps, particularly the Video Chat.

Several benefits to the application include its compatibility on multiple devices. Devices that run on Android, Apple and Mac are prime examples. Despite the price of the app, users can install a 30-day trial that’s free. The availability of the free-app builds and attracts international web feed on the main webpage of the company.

In order to access Video Chat, the app has to be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play. Once the app is installed, the option titled “free-trial should be selected. All users can create an account on the main site

As Video Chat continues to thrive, it will “Have success as a foreshadowing of the greater impact free trials will soon have on the market.” This is expressed by VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts.