Mikhail Blagosklonny – a futuristic and breakthrough scientist

A trailblazing drug that has positive potential to be a breakthrough in reversing ageing and a pharmaceutical agent in cancer-related issues as follows:

  • anti-rejection drug that works after an organ transplant,
  • a drug that keeps renal failure obsolete,
  • a drug that cures patients with rare lung disease,
  • a drug that protects coronary stents,
  • a drug that promotes tumor regression,
  • a drug that cures facial angiofibromas,
  • a drug that has a high potential to increase longevity by combating diseases like Alzheimer,
  • a drug that is a potential cure for muscular dystrophy,
  • a drug that develop resistance to immunosuppressant drugs.

This amazing formula is called ‘Rapamycin,’ also called ‘Sirolimus.’ In the pharmacology market Rapamycin is called ‘Rapamune.’ Touting the benefits of this drug is Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny, a present professor and contributing scientist of Oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York.In addition to his professorship in Oncology and its many medical branches, he is a renowned physician, scientist, researcher, and author. To his credit, he has published hundreds of medical reviews, research articles, papers and has attributed to thousands of publication citations. To support his publication prowess, Dr. Blagosklonny holds an h-index of 83 which is the number of cited papers that is published and recognized by peer publications.

Dr. Blagosklonny is now the Editor-in-Chief of ‘Oncotarget’ which is a leading, twice a week publication on oncology issues that is published online and in other media formats. He is also the journals contributing editor and submitter of cancer findings and articles. Blagosklonny is the Editor-in-Chief of ‘Cell Cycle’ which is a bi-weekly peer-reviewed journal of high priority research from all areas of cellular biology.Dr. Blagosklonny is also a citation contributing editor of journals highlighting findings and theories of research and clinical scientists. The journals, to name a few, include the Cell Death and Differentiation, Cancer Biology/Therapy, the Autophagy Journal, and the International Journal of Cancer.

Mikhail (Misha) V. Blagosklonny, M.D., Ph.D., graduated with a degree in Internal Medicine and a PhD in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology from the prestigious First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg, Russia. Much of his studies at First Pavlov involved cancer modalities, including Biogerontology or anti-aging research and theories, among which involves molecular damage that he believes contributes to growing older.Prior to Dr. Blagosklonny’s appointment to Roswell Park Cancer Institute, he advanced in different medical career advancements, including Associate Professor of Medicine at New York Medical College in Valhalla, New York. He was also one of the head scientists at the Ordway Research Institute, Albany, New York, which was his gateway to Roswell.With the advanced tools and vigorous channels supported by Dr. Blagosklonny in the field of cancer cellular research, simply put Mikhail believes that cancer can be cured, which is why he adamantly believes in Rapamycin to give humanity a disease-free life.

Jason Hope: The Entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona Making a Positive Impact with Philanthropy

Jason Hope FuturistJason Hope is an entrepreneur out to build an excellent reputation for himself. Apart from running a successful business, Mr. Hope is recognized for his extensive philanthropic contributions and passion for technology. With an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business and finance degree from Arizona State University, Hope has managed to capitalize on several investment opportunities. By doing so, he has significantly widened his social circle that includes prominent personalities.

Hope and Biotechnology Rejuvenation

Mr. Hope is an avid supporter of Biotechnology and has openly declared his support for the field. As an entrepreneur, he has deemed it necessary to enlighten professionals in the biotech industry. Hope recently grabbed the headlines by pledging $500,000 donation to the SENS Foundation, a California-based charity that focuses on developing, promoting and ensuring the unlimited access to rejuvenation biotechnologies. Such a worthy cause is aimed at addressing age-related conditions and their treatment.

Hope has hailed the impressive efforts exuded by Dr. Aubrey and the Foundation in the advancement of human medicine. Through their painstaking commitment, the Foundation has made significant strides in addressing aging diseases such as Atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s. Not only is biotechnology essential in healthcare advancement but also in anticipating medical conditions, and developing suitable treatments. The creation of the SENS Foundation was based on the need to create a unique biotech industry that promoted credible change and research for biotechnology interventions.

Read more about the SENS Foundation’s efforts on Jason Hope’s blog.

Jason Hope and Philanthropy

Jason Hope attributes philanthropy as a monumental part of his life. By partnering with several organizations, he has undoubtedly made a positive difference in the lives of many individuals. For instance, his involvement with the SENS Foundation is based on the need to create a better quality of life. Their proactive approach to preventing diseases as opposed to treating them has blended with Hope’s philosophy on life. As an experienced entrepreneur, he encourages aspiring philanthropists to adhere to 4 vital principles; discover your passions, the level of change, money and research. Such guidelines work in harmony to simplify the decision-making process.

Hope’s Grant Program for Students

Mr. Hope has taken the initiative of offering scholarships to high school and college students to simplify the implementation of tech ideas. Selected students are slated to receive $ 500-$ 5000 depending on the complexity and viability of the concept. However, students are expected to present a concrete plan for review as a requirement for grant issuance. He also intends to guides students on the appropriate ways of generating revenue from their ideas.

For more information, find Jason Hope on Facebook.