Twenty Three Layers Tips on Hiring an Event Planner

Planning a special event is time consuming, and sometimes hiring an event planner is the answer. What questions or information do you need to provide an event planner with before you hire them?

Start by writing down the reason for the special event and the purpose of the special event or party. Once you determined the purpose decide on a theme for the event and perhaps the type of decorations and food that you want to feature.

What type of restaurant or catering venue do you want to use? Do you want to have it at your home and need some special decorations and food made? Design a budget for this event so the event planner can help you plan it better.

Look for an event planner with experience that has organized events for companies and friends that you know. Experience and education is important to successful event planning. Word of mouth is a good way to get the name of a good event planner .Check professional associations, chambers of commerce, or local colleges with hospitality programs for recommendations of successful event planners.

It is suggested that you interview three planners before deciding. Give them your budget and details of the event. They should ask you questions to find out what you want and need. Try to meet with the event planner in person and check references of the work they have done. Read information about their business.

Listen to their ideas about your event and be sure to get a written estimate of the costs of the event before making a decision. Review fine print and work out the cost and details with the event planner once they have been hired.

Twenty Three Layers is an upscale event planning and design company in New York that caters corporate events and personal celebrations. They help with venue selection, catering, flower arrangements, decorations, entertainment, photography, lighting, printing, and workshops. Some of their clients are Prudential Real Estate, Douglas Lynch Foundation, Time Out North America, Jaguar, and Rare Bar and Grill.

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