Wengie Shows Her Audience How To Trick School Mates

In a recent video Beauty and Lifehacker blogger Wengie shows us how to make edible school supplies pranks that are convincing and tasty. She gives 8 different scenarios and projects that you can try that will convince your classmates that you have lost your mind by eating your school supplies. Some of the ideas that she gives include making edible crayons, edible flavored markers, edible erasers, edible glue, and edible pencil shavings.


The edible crayons are created using flavored gelatin and then pouring it into a straw mold. She cuts the wrapper evenly off of a real crayon and tapes it to a gelatin straw that has been shaped to look like a crayon. She says that it will surprise your friends when you eat it. She also shaves Brazil nuts in a pencil sharpener to replicate real pencil shavings that are delicious and nutritious. The most realistic trick that she shows her audience is an edible glue stick. She removes the glue and cleans the tube with warm water and soap. Next, she twists the base all the way to the top. She unwraps Starburst candy and presses hard in the middle. She repeats using three different flavors. They perfectly form to the tube and look like real glue stick but taste much better. Her edible school glue trick is the most simple of the bunch. She pours out the clear glue and cleans out the container thoroughly. She then replaces the glue with glucose and it is a perfect match. You can trick your friends into thinking that you are really eating your glue.

Wengie always has great hacks and tutorials, which is why her fans love her videos so much. She is fun and friendly and always entertaining. She also has a popular Instagram and facebook with millions of followers.

How Technology And Fashion Work Together

If there is one mix that people don’t necessarily expect, it is the mixture of fashion and technology. However, fashion and technology has always been together. For one thing, there are gadgets that people wear in order to help them tell time, or monitor their health. As a matter of fact, wearable technology is becoming popular. As a result, people are more able to protect themselves and plan according to what their technology is telling them. A lot of fashion comes from filling a technical need. For instance, there is a need to be warm and protected from harsh elements. Fashion provides people with the warmth and protection.

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Chris Burch is also a good writer. He provides a lot of insights with his well written and research articles. In this case, he is especially able to give people the type of information that they need so that they can move forward with their goals. He is also able to provide information to people on some of the best wearable technology they can use so that they can live the best life that is possible. Chris Burch is someone that loves helping others.