Fabletics’ Strategy to Concur Retail Fashion

The window shopping experience is currently facing a downward trend. Emerging trends in the fashion industry require the typical brick and mortar retail stores to look for new alternatives to attract customers. With the rising trend in internet usage, more customers tend to shop online from the comfort of their homes. This means fashion brands have to move to an e-commerce platform to prevent themselves from losing out. While you may also acquire an online platform, the fashion brand may face the challenge of having to compete with already established brands that control large shares of the industry and the market.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics brand is one brand that found success in the fashion industry in less than four years. The uniqueness of their online strategy has enabled them to navigate through the tough challenge and raise over $200 million in sales.


Fabletics have been able to achieve success due to their reverse showroom strategy. The technique is based on the customer’s shopping experience whereby the customer can quickly window shop on the company’s online platform for a good deal before making a decision. Through a subscription model, customers can get workout clothes they desire for their gym activities once every month by browsing through the displayed photos. Once the customer is satisfied, they then proceed to do the real buying at Fabletics physical stores. This model incorporates both the online and the traditional purchasing method.


Fabletics’ focus was that purchasing an apparel for women was more of a psychological process to achieve reverse showroom technique. By taking the lifestyle quiz, you may be able to identify an apparel that will fit your needs. This will help build satisfaction and concurrently grow their sales revenue. This method has seen an overall increase in Fabletics members, additionally increasing brand loyalty and forging better customer relationship.


Under Kate Hudson, Fabletics is capitalizing on content marketing to build their brand. Her transition from her famed role in “Almost Famous” was a swift one. The 38-year old actress established the name with the help of TechStyle Fashion Group to fill the gap in the athleisure apparel market. Her understanding is that by engaging consumers on popular social media platforms will quickly translate into increased sales projections. Although Kate is proud of her accomplishments with Fabletics, she insists that she intends to remain an actor throughout but will play a vital role in Fabletics success.

How Fabletics Is Leading The Athleisure World

How do you build a successful ecommerce brand in 2017 while giving Amazon a run for its money? You gamble big on brand and on customer experience like the fitness apparel company Fabletics. This is the ingredient for success for Fabletics which is opening new brick and mortar locations as much larger and older retail companies like Macy’s are closing their physical locations. Fabletics is a fashion company that was born online and that won over its customer base by offering something that many other players in its field were not: well-designed clothing that would not put a large dent in their customer’s pockets. The company’s founders, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler of TechStyle Fashion Group and starlet Kate Hudson, were able to clearly envision an opportunity to become a leader in the growing ecommerce marketplace. According to analysts at Morgan Stanley the athleisure trend is more than likely here to stay and to get larger. Athleisure largely refers to fitness apparel that is versatile enough to be worn in settings outside of the gym such as to the office or out and about on the town. Athleisure wear tends to be a bit more stylish than the usual workout fare of heavy sweats and a hoodie. Athleisure is growing in markets like the United States where young people are interested in living more active lifestyles and having a wardrobe that is conducive to that. According to Morgan Stanley the athleisure wear trend is also growing in international markets in China where nearly one-third of the population works out three times each week. This represents a wealth of business opportunities that Fabletics has positioned itself to take advantage of.


Part of the reason that Fabletics has been able to be so successful is that it has allowed actress and co-founder to take the helm for its marketing. Young consumers are now more than ever enamored with the idea of authenticity and relatability and Hudson delivers this in droves. In many ways she is her target market: young, female, interested in using fitness to enhance her quality of life. Seeing Hudson in Fabletics’ clothing seems very believable and does not feel like a stretch of the imagination that often accompanies some ill-matched celebrity-brand partnerships.


Hudson told CNBC that one of the elements involved in building a strong ecommerce brand is understanding the value that big data can bring. Hudson and her colleagues look to data to help them understand which items they should be producing more of and which items are not connecting with their customers and need to be shelved as a result. They don’t play important business decisions but look to the data to them how customers are responding to their products. Fabletics success shows that this approach is paying off.


Another key to Fabletics’ success is the emphasis it places upon online reviews. Fabletics treats online reviews as a kind of qualitative market research where they can gain valuable insights about how to move forward based on the way that customers are reacting to their business. The company reportedly spends lots of time one the website Trustpilot monitoring and responding to the countless number of online reviews that customers post there. Fabletics also offers their customers the chance to take a short quiz to better understand their needs.

Wengie Shows Her Audience How To Trick School Mates

In a recent video Beauty and Lifehacker blogger Wengie shows us how to make edible school supplies pranks that are convincing and tasty. She gives 8 different scenarios and projects that you can try that will convince your classmates that you have lost your mind by eating your school supplies. Some of the ideas that she gives include making edible crayons, edible flavored markers, edible erasers, edible glue, and edible pencil shavings.


The edible crayons are created using flavored gelatin and then pouring it into a straw mold. She cuts the wrapper evenly off of a real crayon and tapes it to a gelatin straw that has been shaped to look like a crayon. She says that it will surprise your friends when you eat it. She also shaves Brazil nuts in a pencil sharpener to replicate real pencil shavings that are delicious and nutritious. The most realistic trick that she shows her audience is an edible glue stick. She removes the glue and cleans the tube with warm water and soap. Next, she twists the base all the way to the top. She unwraps Starburst candy and presses hard in the middle. She repeats using three different flavors. They perfectly form to the tube and look like real glue stick but taste much better. Her edible school glue trick is the most simple of the bunch. She pours out the clear glue and cleans out the container thoroughly. She then replaces the glue with glucose and it is a perfect match. You can trick your friends into thinking that you are really eating your glue.

Wengie always has great hacks and tutorials, which is why her fans love her videos so much. She is fun and friendly and always entertaining. She also has a popular Instagram and facebook with millions of followers.

How Technology And Fashion Work Together

If there is one mix that people don’t necessarily expect, it is the mixture of fashion and technology. However, fashion and technology has always been together. For one thing, there are gadgets that people wear in order to help them tell time, or monitor their health. As a matter of fact, wearable technology is becoming popular. As a result, people are more able to protect themselves and plan according to what their technology is telling them. A lot of fashion comes from filling a technical need. For instance, there is a need to be warm and protected from harsh elements. Fashion provides people with the warmth and protection.

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