Goettl the family legacy in Arizona

Article: Goettl Tells All: Even Though You Live In Norcal, I Bet You Didn’t Know This Trick about Your HVACs System

In this article, HVCA leader Goettl advises the reader on the tricks they need to know to keep their home cooler during summer. The tips are:

  1. Weatherize your home- replace the old insulation in the home and seal all the cracks and gaps with weather stripping and caulk. This will ensure that none of the conditioned weather escapes outside.
  2. Keep the weather conditioning unit under shade, as the air in shady areas is cooler there than it is in other places. The unit will not have to work so hard to keep the air cool
  3. Keep thermostats away from heat. This can be attained by ensuring that the thermostat is not subjected to direct sunlight or sources of artificial heat. When the thermostat faces heat, the system is tricked to assume more heat is needed, taxing it more.
  4. Applying window films_ invest in low- emissivity windows or apply tint film in your windows to deflect the sunshine from inside the house.
  5. Turn up the temperature: for every degree below 78 degrees that the temperature is turned down, there is an 8% rise in the energy used. To save energy keep he thermostat set at 78 or close to 78.
  6. Check the air filter at least once per month, as during summer they are subjected to dust, allergens, and other particles. In case you need to replace it do so.


Goettl is a HVAC industry leader that help shape the air conditioning and heating industry. The company provides the best HVAC services to its customers who are mainly based in Arizona and other communities.

Goettl brothers, Adam, John, and Bill, began the company back in 1926 in Ohio. The brothers then moved to Arizona during the great depression, Goettl Air Condition was then founded, and it became a pioneer in the production of coolers and other facilities in heating and cooling industry. Adam and Ted the grandsons of Adam Goettl also founded the Goettl High Desert Mechanical. The company continued the family tradition of serving businesses and homes in Arizona