The Role of Martin Lustgarten in Investment Banking

Investment Banking is a banking division that specializes in raising capital for individuals, corporations and governments from private investors. This type of banking involves underwriting equity securities and debts. A bank that facilitates this process is known as investment bank. Other than accepting liabilities for individuals and entities in need of investment capital, investment banks help facilitate reorganization, spinning off, amalgamation and acquisition. Additionally, the banks aid in trading of derivatives. The banks are regulated by Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC. Unlike commercial banks, investment banks are not allowed to receive deposits from any person or entity.

Investment banks hire financial specialists, in this case known as investment bankers, to ensure efficiency and professionalism in this division of the banking sector. Every investment banker is required to earn Bachelor’s in a banking related field and a Master’s in Business Administration from government-approved institutions. The investment banks ensure that all their workers adhere to specific code of ethics and sign confidential reports. These reports help protect interests or privacy of clients.

Investment bankers identify, evaluate and analyze investment projects, and then advise individuals seeking capital and private investors accordingly. Moreover, they help buy stocks and bonds, and price and advertise the securities before selling them. This means that all investment bankers must have extensive knowledge in stock market.

Martin Lustgarten, who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lustgarten, Martin, is one renowned investment banker. The 1959-born investment bank has been in the banking sector for about a decade. The headquarters of Lustgarten, Martin are located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. One thing that makes Martin Lustgarten stand out is his ability to find alternative sources of capital from an array of private investors. Together with his company, the experienced investment banker and philanthropist serve clients throughout the United States of America and overseas.

Martin is also a lover of vintage items, including vintage watches, which he trades at reasonable prices. Currently, he donates to Florida Little Dog Rescue, a project that helps raise awareness and funds for puppies that are abandoned or mistreated by irresponsible individuals. Martin is active in Social Media where he freely interacts with people of all kinds. Follow him on Twitter for more information and news.