The Relationship between Fashion and Technology with Chris Burch

Chris Burch has been a billionaire since the year 2012. He is well-known for co-founding Tory Burch LLC and Burch Creative Capital. One of his earliest investment is at the Guggenheim Partners. Chris Burch was born in a middle-class family in Wayne, Pennsylvania and discovered his love for fashion and technology at a young age. He went to college at Ithaca College where he founded his first business known as the Eagle Eye Apparel with the help of his brother. They would buy sweaters at $10 and resell them at $15.


On his insight about fashion and technology, Chris Burch says that there is so much commonality in fashion and technology. The two experience a lot of changes but the good thing is that they grow together. He says that looking into the past, present, and future of these two industries is the only way we can understand them. Chris Burch talks about the way technology and fashion have influenced each other in the field of music. In the 70s, there was the boombox that was less fashionable. It was then replaced by the cassette come the 80s.On the onset of the 90s, the Walkman replaced the cassette. Later on, as technology continues to advance, the whole music industry has been revolutionized by the iPod.


Integration of technology and fashion is happening today. This is according to Chris Burch who says that designers are coming up with products that sell. Funny enough, the only way to tell whether a product will sell is through the use of technology. One fashion designer compared technology with a playfield where fashion designers get to experiment their inventions. Technology and fashion can work hand in hand to protect humanity. For instance, he talks about the airbags that have been developed by designers to help replace the bike protection. The airbags will only pop up in the case of an emergency. On the same issue, Chris talks about the hand groves that have been developed for firefighters. The gloves are fashionable and allow the firefighters to communicate with each other while doing their work.


Technology, on the other hand, has been used to develop amazing fashions. For instance, recycled material has been used to develop t-shirts and fabulous jackets. The two can also be used in the generation of electricity. Other than technology, Burch has invested in the real estate as he owns the Nihiwatu Resort. He is also a shareholder at the Voss Water.