Can Norka Luque Just Sing?

Norka Luque is one of the most popular singers who sings in the Latin genre and comes, originally, from Venezuela. She is a Latin singer who has many influences on her singing life and who has music that comes from many different parts of the world. She always makes sure that she is getting the most out of her career and that she is working to make sure that she knows all of the ins and outs of singing. She has many other talents, too, that come from the years leading up to her music career because of the way that she wanted to choose different things in her life.

Starting out, she wanted to be in business. She went to a business school in France because of the way that it allowed her to learn more about business. She excelled in school. She eventually graduated from the business school with a degree in business. She quickly learned, though, that she would not be comfortable in the business environment. She knew that it would not allow her to be as creative as possible. She wanted to do something different in her life because of the creative side that controlled a large part of her.

Since she knew that she was going to want to do something creative, she decided to do it in the kitchen. She went to culinary school. Unlike in other countries, culinary school in France is a huge deal. This is something that is difficult to get into and even more difficult to pass. She dedicated all of her time to the school and she wanted to be able to graduate. She graduated despite the challenges that were put in front of her. She learned, though, that the culinary world wasn’t quite right for her.

With many different things under her belt, Norka Luque wanted to do something different. She was found by a band who could hear her sing and wanted her to be a part of them. The band needed a female singer who could bring something more to the table. She made the decision to work with the band to help her learn what it was like to be on the stage and be confident in the way that she acted on the stage. She used this experience to be able to sing on stage. She took the experience and went solo with her career.

Norka Luque: A Rising Star in Latin Pop Music

Writing music that resonates with everyone in the audience is often a difficult task for songwriters. These talented musicians show all their vulnerability and present music from their heart and soul. Maybe that is why even though Norka Luque has been in the music scene for a short period of time, she has fans from all over the world. This Venezuelan songbird uses her musical ability for positive results. Since she is so tired of the evils across the land, she wants to inspire her fans with her voice and lyrics. Even though she has humble beginnings, she is well on her way to becoming a music sensation.

She has always had the support of her family for a career in music. When she was a child, she took voice and piano lessons. In 2011, her first album debuted and she was soon to be discovered by talent scouts. Luis Miguel, who has worked with big names like Shakira, noticed the young Luque while working in his musical productions. While Luque sang with Shakira, she got the ambition to start out on her own. She started as a lead singer for a night club band called Bad Moon Rising.

She was a rising star in Venezuela; however, she decided to move to Miami, FL to broaden her musical horizons. She soon met big stars like Emilio Stefan, Jr., who was impressed with her singing abilities. He knew what it takes to be a star in America and became her mentor.

Luque started her own label called Norka Music Production, LLC. Her first single, “Can I Do It, Tu” was a big hit. She was nominated for Female Pop Artist of the Year for this single, which stayed on top of the charts for several months. Some other Latin musicians remixed the song and helped land her on the Number 11 Slot on the Latin Billboard Chart.

Norka Luque says that she has been influenced by many great names in the pop music business, such as Ricky Martin, Geogre Michael, and Jay-Z. Luque is true to her musical roots and listens well to the veteran stars who she admires. She also gives high-energy concerts that are fun and positive for everyone. Luque is gracious to her many fans and has music that speaks to everyone. She is presently working on other music projects and is expected to become a big name in Latin Pop.