Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah has been in the investment business for many years and has much experience when it comes to running companies. As he is responsible for founding over three dozen companies across the world, he has most definitely conquered the entrepreneur business side. He started Solo Capital after successfully working for different banks throughout the region and decided he was going to resign from his everyday job and start his own business. Solo Capital is a finance Services Company located in London and Dubai. He founded and started the company in 2011. It is regulated in the United Kingdom but its headquarters are in London, England. He started with just one office with a few people to help him get the business started. After five years of hard work he has many locations spread out through the region of Dubai and London. His business creation model applies to the companies that he owns in a way that has allowed each company to gain success from the next company. Many of the companies he has started are to help benefit the company before and then the company after. One controls the business aspects of Solo Capital, and another control that one. Clever business practices have helped him achieve a lot of success. Solo Capital has entered into the million dollar market, allowing Shah to retire and enjoy some other aspects of his life he is passionate about.

One passion of his that he has been working really hard on is his charity called Autism Rocks. He has recently hired two of his buddies back from the university days to help him manage the financial side as well as the music industry side. Autism Rocks is a charity invite only concert that helps raise donations as well as awareness for the communities and families dealing with the neurological condition. It has become an epidemic in the world today, as more and more people are diagnosed with the condition. With studies today and the help of Autism Rocks, the research that is being conducted will be of great value to many trying to cope and understand the condition. There is no cure for autism, but there are certainly ways that specialists and researchers can help. Shah has been able to donate much of his donations to universities and their research projects as well as their programs that are geared towards helping patients and their families cope with the condition. Shah understands that not every family or patient has the financial stability to get the help that they need, and hopes that Autism Rocks can help with that. He has many more future concerts that are set up to collect more donations to aid in the research process.