Alex Pall on The Chainsmokers’ Past, Present, and Future

When Alex Pall began to DJ, he approached the vocation as a hobby, or a side job. He played a few shows here and there on weekends, and gradually his interest in disc jockeying overcame his other jobs and interests. Once a mutual acquaintance suggested he team up with Andrew Taggart, Pall, along with Taggart, realized their potential as a DJ duo. Their gigs became more than just a job or a way to fill a bank account.

Pall talks of his work with Taggart as a very accurately mutually understood partnership. The pair work on all their songs together, and while they each bring something individual to the table, their song creation happens through collaboration. Pall’s depiction of The Chainsmoker’s work extends even so far as to their album art, which what it says about the songs they have created.

Pall also discussed his perspective on the genre or category of the music he and Taggart produce. Pall acknowledges the similarities between different types of electronic music, and even admits to playing into the trend-following aspects that sometimes occur in the electronic music industry. However, at a certain point, Pall says he and Taggart realized that their eclectic music interests should be applied to their creative production.

Pall’s awareness about his music is practical and accurate. He says his intentions were to genre-mix, and the product of such a combination shows in songs like “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down.” In doing so, The Chainsmokers bring together likable characteristics of different genres. Their music is something new made up out of old musical relationships.

Pall also discusses his awareness of the public’s interest and take on his music. He knows that there’s a certain appropriate period of time to wait between releasing songs so that everyone can hear the first song and appreciate it, and then move on to the next one in a way that recognizes Pall and Taggart’s development as an artist team.

Pall speaks to his and Taggart’s collaboration with Halsey on “Closer.” His appreciation of Halsey as an artist reflects his own work: confident and new.

The Chainsmokers Sick Boy Is Bringing Out New Prespectives

On January 17, 2018 the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, celebrated their released their highly anticipated 2018 album, “Sick Boy” with a fiesta dance-rock vibe. They have had some very successful albums in the past, and are well-known for bringing their listeners what they want.

“Sick Boy” is a type of album that will have your mind on a journey, enabling you to create your own personal experience in what you envision. The whole intention behind the Chainsmokers creating this album was to bring to light how social media exposure can alter the way people view themselves. So what this album does is give the listener the opportunity to create your own point of view of yourself in a positive light, and not being who other people expect you to be.

Both Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers, are grateful to have a platform of getting their music out to the masses, and are able to have a positive impact on society by setting the stage for anyone listening to their music, to choose who you are as person, is more important that how you want others to perceive you. “Sick Boy” has made it to the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, and featured on the top radio stations all over the world, taking responsibility for who they are as celebrities, and stress to its listeners that before you worship a celebrity, you should understand everything that it entails to actually be one.

This new music from The Chainsomkers is the darkest music that they have made before, by taking you down a path, that the listener might not of been aware of befor, but at the same time gives new perspectives on traits that are labeled in today’s society, that are misunderstood. Working as a duo, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are having a positive impact on seasoned fans and new, throught France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada and more!

How Desiree Perez and Roc Nation are Changing Gears

We have seen Jay Z blossom into one of the biggest titans within the music industry. Jay Z’s come-up with Roc Nation has been inspiring to watch and it has been in large part due to his savvy business dealings with the coveted 360 Deal. In 2008 Jay Z and Roc Nation signed a 360 Deal with Live Nation that amounted to a 10 year contract worth about $150 million in total. This deal, as most can realize by now, is about to expire. Now Jay Z and his Roc Nation crew, including business partner Desiree Perez, have to scope out the next deal to keep Roc Nation growing.  Check

We are looking at Jay Z and Roc Nation potentially completely changing the paradigm of their deal with Live Nation or scrapping it entirely. The 360 Deal has triggered a ‘buy-sell’ option where both parties can renegotiate or choose to completely let the deal dissolve.   Related article on  Live Nation has already quietly implied that they are no longer interested in representing recorded, studio music anymore. The focus of the team at Live Nation is to cash in on the live performances by major recording artists — such as those found on the Roc Nation roster. For Jay Z’s part, he may be unwilling to do a deal that doesn’t include his recorded music — and for good reason.  More to read on

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Desiree Perez and Jay Z were spotted in downtown Santa Monica, CA meeting up with Sir Lucian Grainge in order to ostensibly discuss a new deal. Universal Music Group, the company that Sir Grainge runs, is of intense interest to both Jay Z and Desiree Perez. UMG could bring Roc Nation to the next level. Does Jay Z and Roc Nation choose to stay with the team they are familiar with? Or do they go to test new waters?  To know more about Dez, click this useful link.

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Why Desiree Perez is a Key Player in the Success of Roc Nation

Shawn Carter, popularly known as Jay Z, recently ended his $150 million partnership with Live Nation. Jay Z is currently focusing on the management of Roc Nation, a music label that he founded. The Live Nation deal is expected to lead to a “buy-sell,” which means that either Jay Z or the company could sell their Roc Nation shares to the other. The “buy-sell” also means that one of them could buy Roc Nation’s shares.

Multiple sources say that Jay Z seeks to continue his touring partnership with Live Nation even though he is ending his recording deal with the brand. Other sources say that the deal will not be extended because Live Nation purchased the recording rights of Roc Nation’s artists. Roc Nation boasts high profile artists, such as Shakira, Meek Mill, Rihanna, Jay Z, and Fat Joe.  More to read on

Desiree Perez’s Involvement in Roc Nation

One of the reasons music released by Roc Nation’s artists top Billboard charts is because of the music label’s executive team. Desire Perez is one of those top executives who have facilitated the growth of singers, such as Beyoncé and Rihanna. She was a signatory when Rihanna sealed her contract with Samsung. Desiree recently accompanied Jay Z during his meeting with the CEO and chair of Universal Music Group, Sir Lucian Grainge. The meeting took place in Lucian’s Santa Monica, California office.

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Desire Perez and other top executives of Roc Nation have always been focused on finding resources to nurture new artists. She is part of the famed Hov Circle, an executive collective that comprises of Jana Fleischman, Ty Ty Smith, and Jay Brown. Other members include Desiree’s husband, Juan Perez and Chaka Pilgrim. The Hov Circle is like a strategic think tank for Roc Nation. Members of this collective frequently meet to discuss the future of the music label regarding signing new artists and managing tours.  Additional article on

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