Beneful and High Quality

Beneful is the brand by Nestle PurinaStore that can be counted on and trusted by every dog owner. Beneful provides a large variety of nutritious and tasty dog foods for every dog. Beneful has a professional team who will stand behind their products. This is a team who enjoys serving your pets high quality meals with a touch of taste in every bite. If your dog has a special diet need, you will find the right food to feed your beloved dog. Special dietary needs are taken into consideration. Dog food is made with care at beneful. Pride is placed in all meals. Beneful is a brand that believes in researching all of the ingredients. Beneful has a nutrition research team in place. These are experts who are informed of safety.
Delicious Dry Foods
If your dog is a dry food lover, then you will be excited to discover the large selection of delicious and nutritious flavors that are available on Wal-mart for your dog to enjoy. Every meal will be delightful with Beneful Dry Dog Food served.

Real Beef in Every Bowl
Antioxidant-rich dry beef food will offer a crunchy mixture of healthy and delicious beefy bits that will be devoured by satisfied dogs. If your dog just cannot resist the flavor of beef, you can choose Beneful Dry Dog Food with real beef in every bowl and bite

Real Chicken Choice
Your dog may prefer foul over beef products. Your dog will love antioxidant-rich chicken nutrition in this crispy and crunchy dry dog food with the real chicken included

A Playful Life the Beneful Way
There is a Beneful Playful Dry Dog Food that provides 100 percent of needed nutrients. Your dog will enjoy dining and added variety in their bowl. Real beef and egg mixed in one meal will be most tasteful. This is Beneful Playful Life Dry Food that will keep your dog playful and energized

A Healthy Weight With Beneful
If your dog has a weight issue, you will be glad to know that there is indeed a dry dog food option. Your dog can be fit and trim with Beneful Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food.

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Adding Some Extra Natural Flavor to Dog Food

People’s view of food has changed quite a bit in the past few decades. Convenience had been king for quite some time. And as a result the fast food industry suddenly became one of the most popular options around. But over time the results of this kind of lifestyle began to become apparent. This shifted society’s view of food into a healthier, tastier and more natural direction. But a report by the Daily Herald shows that people are starting to apply this to a different area in life as well. Just as people are looking after their own health, they’re looking after the health of their dogs as well. The article focuses on a new trend in dog food. This high quality gourmet food on Amazon is far closer to how people would cook for themselves than it is to older styles of dog food. One of the biggest changes is that it shows more of a focus toward the ideal of meals rather than flavoring. For example, early on in the article the reporter was given a tour of a dog food facility. The people providing the tour took a quick break at the end to bite into the chicken and turkey dog food. And the reason they were able to do so is because the dog food really was made with chicken and turkey. Nothing different than what people would make for themselves. Of course while this is new to most companies, it’s hardly new to them all. In fact, one company known as Purina Store’s Beneful has been putting together similar meals for dogs since around 2001. Beneful’s mission statement has always been centered around the meaning of their name. They wanted to create high quality dog food which could provide the full range of nutritional benefits to pets. Beneful by Purina knew that the best way to make nutritional dog food was by using fresh, natural and healthy ingredients. So they devised recipes which would use the same kinds of fresh foods that canines love in the wild. In fact, one can simply open up a bag of Beneful dog food and see the chunks of real chicken, beef and other fresh ingredients within it. And this makes dog food that’s not only healthy, but delicious as well.