Alex Pall on The Chainsmokers’ Past, Present, and Future

When Alex Pall began to DJ, he approached the vocation as a hobby, or a side job. He played a few shows here and there on weekends, and gradually his interest in disc jockeying overcame his other jobs and interests. Once a mutual acquaintance suggested he team up with Andrew Taggart, Pall, along with Taggart, realized their potential as a DJ duo. Their gigs became more than just a job or a way to fill a bank account.

Pall talks of his work with Taggart as a very accurately mutually understood partnership. The pair work on all their songs together, and while they each bring something individual to the table, their song creation happens through collaboration. Pall’s depiction of The Chainsmoker’s work extends even so far as to their album art, which what it says about the songs they have created.

Pall also discussed his perspective on the genre or category of the music he and Taggart produce. Pall acknowledges the similarities between different types of electronic music, and even admits to playing into the trend-following aspects that sometimes occur in the electronic music industry. However, at a certain point, Pall says he and Taggart realized that their eclectic music interests should be applied to their creative production.

Pall’s awareness about his music is practical and accurate. He says his intentions were to genre-mix, and the product of such a combination shows in songs like “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down.” In doing so, The Chainsmokers bring together likable characteristics of different genres. Their music is something new made up out of old musical relationships.

Pall also discusses his awareness of the public’s interest and take on his music. He knows that there’s a certain appropriate period of time to wait between releasing songs so that everyone can hear the first song and appreciate it, and then move on to the next one in a way that recognizes Pall and Taggart’s development as an artist team.

Pall speaks to his and Taggart’s collaboration with Halsey on “Closer.” His appreciation of Halsey as an artist reflects his own work: confident and new.

Entrepreneurial Prodigy Billy McFarland Has Come A Long Way In Little Time

Billy McFarland has become a huge success today, managing to start up two highly successful companies by the age of 25. While this is young to most, it was actually a long time coming for Billy, as he had a strong focus on business while he was still barely a teen. He even managed to started a small business when he was 13 years old to help outsource work for businesses.

According to INC, Once Billy McFarland had finished his basic education, he went on to college, studying at Bucknell University under a computer engineering major. It wasn’t long, however, before he was spending more time on his business ideas and ultimately started off his own company while in college, a company known as Spling.

Spling is primarily an advertising and reputation enhancing company that helps businesses spruce up their ads and the image of their brand. To date, Spling has working with some big names, such as Universal, Warner, and Discovery.

Billy’s most significant accomplishment and company is Magnises, which he started up back in 2013 within the Washington DC and New York City locations. Magnises functions as a social club and meeting ground for successful millennials of the generation.

The black card that Magnises released in 2014 allows all members to take advantage of special discounts and rewards for using the card around the city, including special access to events.

In order to obtain a membership in this elite club, an individual must fill out an application online to be approved by management. The target audience for Magnises is young hard working millennials, or typically individuals between the age of 21 and 35.

The annual fee to remain a member and use the black card is $250 dollars, but the huge number of discounts and perks that come along with the membership more than makes up for the fee.

Millennials with active social lives will get some of the best that life has to offer with Magnises, and many people are beginning to catch on to this, which is why Magnises has amassed more than 10,0000 members in just a few years.

Billy has big plans for his company and plans to expand into new territory soon. the time is now to take advantage of the opportunity.