The history and success of OSI Industrues

OSI Industries has its presence in seventeen countries and with over twenty thousand employees making it one of the largest firm when it comes to food provision and distribution. The firm’s roots date back to 1909 when a German-immigrant by the name of Otto Kolschowsky established a small butcher shop in Oak Park. This area is on the west side of Chicago. He used this butcher to serve members of Oak Park. During the said time, Germans made up a quarter of the Chicago population. Chicago at the time, was an entry point for immigrants setting off to start farms. After a decade, Otto was able to expand his retail shop to a wholesale venture enabling him to move to Maywood, a Chicago suburb.

After an additional decade, the family business was rebranded to Otto and Sons, this occurred in 1928. The first McDonald’s restaurant was opened before 1955. A handshake agreement between Otto’s sons Arthur and Harry and an individual by the name Kroc enabled Otto’s sons to become the first suppliers of fresh beef. This agreement was the turnaround moment for Otto and Sons. OSI Industries grew through years alongside McDonald’s and is one of its main four suppliers. Since McDonald’s main product was hamburgers, OSI was tasked with making a product that is consistent and affordable. They also had to make sure that the product could be transported for long distances. This was solved when they came up with the invention of using liquid nitrogen to freeze the product, also known as flash freezing.

Having been one of its main suppliers, OSI Industries in the year 1973 built up a plant solely dedicated to McDonald’s. The plant built was located in West Chicago, Illinois. This progress and exponential growth led to the establishment of state of the art technology which was used to flash freeze the burger patties. With this technology, OSI Industries became a local supplier and a growing provider of fresh beef to McDonald’s making it among the largest firms in the world. This growth went on till Otto and Sons rebranded itself to OSI Industries in the year 1975. IN light of this progress, Sheldon Lavin became a partner in OSI.

OSI ventured to the international markets frontier kicking off with Germany and went on to Spain in 1980. From then, OSI has grown to markets in Mexico, Hungary, Austria, Poland and Pacific Rim. This was in the late 1980’s and 90’s. This growth went on to Taiwan, the Philippines, and even Shanghai. This has all been done under the able leadership of Sheldon Lavin as its CEO.

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